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Future construction investment increased security

  • Source:Security Industry Network
  • Release on:2014-06-07

For counter-terrorism, including in public places including railway station is being upgraded. The evening of 6 May 2014, the Ministry deputy minister of the night three inspections Changsha, Beijing and Shanghai, the three railway stations, checking security situation. Among them, the Vice Minister of Public Security, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau FuZhengHua Night Watch Beijing Railway Station when the gun pointed to the police on duty trained "shot enemy skills".

According to the Guangzhou police sources, at 11:30 on May 6 Xu, Guangzhou Railway Station Square, someone with a knife injury in the past travelers. Verbal warnings by police after the decisive shot, hitting a male suspect armed with a knife and uniforms. After a preliminary understanding, the event killing six people were injured, have now been taken to hospital for treatment. Currently, police are investigating.

March of the Kunming Railway Station violent incidents shadow of fear was gradually dispersed, Urumqi South Railway Station by the end of April, early May, the Guangzhou Railway Station and stabbed staged a similar accident, after the incident, Urumqi, Xi'an, Guiyang and other places in and around the railway station and other crowded locations have been deployed police to strengthen security. But these are not a permanent solution, but worth pondering is that the current status of the train station building security system is how, security products and technologies What technique played a role, but in the face of terrorist attacks, which vulnerabilities exist, resulting in such a large casualties. More importantly, the next step should be how to improve the system construction, so that the safety of the maintenance of security at the train station in Play a greater effect.

First, the policy requires

National railway stations and other public places has always attached importance Safety Management, in September 2013 the State Council issued the "Railway Safety Management Regulations", and became effective on January 1, 2014.

"Regulations" for the protection of railway transport safety were mandatory. Article 24 The provisions for hazardous chemicals and radioactive materials transport railway tankers, special vehicles and other container production and "Regulations" Testing, inspection, in accordance with the relevant laws and administrative regulations. Article 25 of the rail transport for safety testing, monitoring, protection facilities and equipment, containers and appliances, such as containerized transport equipment, special handling machine Mechanical, rigging, tarp, loading reinforcement materials or devices, and transport packaging, cargo loading reinforcement shall conform to national standards, industry standards and technical specifications. Article 26 of the "Regulations", the existence of the lack of security Trap of railway rolling stock and other special equipment to implement the recall system, the equipment manufacturer is responsible for the recall of defective products to eliminate defects.

"Regulations" further emphasizes the rail operator safety. Article 65 of the "Regulations" railway transport enterprise shall, in accordance with laws, administrative regulations and supervision and administration department of the State Council of the railway industry, for Passengers and their carry checked baggage security check. Staff engaged in the security check mark should wear safety checks, perform safety checks duties according to law, and the right to refuse passenger security checks are not accepted into the Station car and checked baggage.

Article 66 shall be subject to the provisions of passengers and railway transport enterprise with a security check at the station, the train, shall not be unlawful to carry, entrainment control equipment, shall be unlawful to carry consignments of fireworks, guns, bombs Drugs and other dangerous goods or other prohibited items. Prohibit or restrict the type and quantity of goods carried by the railway industry supervision and management department of the State Council in conjunction with the provisions of the public security organs, and published at the station, trains and other places.

Also with effect from January 1, 2014 implementation of the "People's Republic of China Special Equipment Safety Act" is also clear that management is responsible for special equipment safety supervision departments should train station and other public gathering places special Types of equipment and implementation of key safety supervision and inspection, and should regularly publish special equipment safety situation to the public. Meanwhile, the regulatory requirements for registration according to law to use special equipment to build a complete supervision and management of files and information inquiry system System, to facilitate public inquiries.

For counter-terrorism, including in public places including railway station is being upgraded. The evening of 6 May 2014, the Ministry deputy minister of the night three inspections Changsha, Beijing and Shanghai, the three railway stations, checking security situation. Among them, the Vice Minister of Public Security, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau FuZhengHua Night Watch Beijing Railway Station when the gun pointed to the police on duty trained "shot enemy skills".

Public Security Minister inspected Guo Shengkun security situation Changsha Railway Station

Strengthen security around the train station

Thus, the national security requirements, especially for railway safety in railway transport hub area is constantly strengthened.

Second, the market demand

According to statistics, China's current total of more than 5,700 railway stations, of which the principal station 51, a station 209, the second station 313, third station 826, centralized gas station 5278. These large and small railway station building security is also poor times uneven, particularly small train station basic to mention security building.

Train station around the country as an important place for the masses everyday travel, security and stability of these establishments on the stability and unity of the protection of society, people live and work played a very important role. Especially during the holidays when people travel the more intensive flow of people much more than usual train station, the station's management has become particularly important.

Station is also the most prone to place criminal incidents have occurred here Pirates stole cheat phenomenon rampant ticket brokers, but violent terrorist Easy to place the child committing the crime, station personnel, personnel complex and high traffic. How to protect personal and property safety of passengers in the past, to maintain the normal order of station operations against various criminals, unscrupulous traders, illegal car Vehicles, effectively curb illegal activities, managers and the police are all over the thorniest issues, how best to maintain the security of the station area to become the station manager urgent problem.

Station security including proof security systems, access control systems, video surveillance systems. The video surveillance system is the core part, accounting for 70% -80%, import and export system accounted for 10% -20% explosion safety Inspection system is relatively small. From the demand point of view, security, explosive detection, toxic gas detection share will increase. With the development of technology and the actual needs of security of the railway station, railway station security will be gradually upgraded. On Security In terms of anti-system, the faster development of the railway station security, security systems more advanced, the higher the investment, which will no doubt bring more business opportunities security industry.

Third, the construction of the railway station security system

(A) proof security system

Explosion-proof security is a security system at the railway station building of the first line of defense, usually installed in the ticket hall entrance, ticket entrance.

People and train staff ticket into the ticket hall and into the passenger car or pick-up of the site are to each screening. In addition to people to pass through security door, carrying parcels, luggage, etc. have to accept security by security instrument Examination. Commonly used X-ray baggage screening equipment tester, metal detectors and so on. Portable metal detectors for random checks of passengers and baggage. When the detector detects metal objects will alarm, vibration, for metals The size can also adjust the sensitivity.

It is understood that when the security, to do items each piece off the machine, all passengers get married, personal inspection by one hand, found wires, batteries, timers, three other suspicious objects linked to the device will check; discovered X-rays no Canned goods or other container law penetration must check; shape suspicious items will be checked to identify unclear; hardware and software package loaded with liquid appearance identifies discrepancies must check; imaging X-ray machine will check items like soap; found to carry large number of similar Capsule drug substance must check. Investigation of dangerous goods, such as: guns, imitation guns, explosives, ammunition, gasoline, hydrochloric acid, firecrackers, knives, etc. will be confiscated; Blade length over 8 cm with a temporary tool is forbidden items.

(B) Access Control System

Train access control system generally consists of a central-level access control system, station-level access control system, field-level access control equipment and system communication network structure, forming two-tier management model management control in three operations. Access control system is based on the station as a unit, from the control room of the station car ISCS workstations within a unified monitoring station access control equipment and related linkage; central-level access control system is responsible for the full range of access control system to configure the device parameters The number of authorized personnel, data storage, but also have the equipment condition monitoring, alarm response, the report query. Access control systems can achieve linkage fire station with alarm and monitoring the situation in a timely manner so that when the police out of the police.

(C) The video surveillance system

Station building security system with video monitoring center, the surrounding divergence. Among them, CCTV surveillance system including CCTV operators, ticketing and CCTV security video surveillance systems. CCTV operators in general for operations, real-time monitoring station traffic management, inbound and outbound trains, passengers get off on, etc., is to strengthen the operation of the organization and management, improve efficiency and ensure the safety of passengers punctual delivery of heavy To resort. When disasters occur, the dispatcher also responsible for disaster prevention or attendant to use the system to monitor disasters and passenger evacuation. Ticket CCTV surveillance system set up in the station monitors indoor and out of the station to achieve Gates, ticket booths, ticket management indoor video surveillance capabilities. Security video surveillance system mainly for rail transport at various stations for real-time monitoring in order to detect, deter and combat criminal acts, provide for the investigation to solve the case Video evidence.

(D) Other security products and technologies

1 face recognition and access control force to protect the station security applications

If a particular target populations found in the train station. Security sector, the past practice of the public security departments can only rely on manual dispatched, squat. In addition to this way than to spend a lot of police, but also because the people often Members of negligence resulting in specific target slipping through the net. Suspects after being controlled, unwilling to reveal his true identity, but they do not have any clue to prove identity. Because police officers are often unable to confirm their identity And had to be released. Confirm equally there is a similar problem in the identity of the victim.

The real-time video-based face recognition system using video image comparison, can better meet the needs of security, public security departments. Face recognition system with high-speed automatic recognition capability may be largely To the police, the security services free from the past, "human wave tactics" and out, greatly enhance the whole country, the level of social security, so as to achieve deterrence of crime and punishing criminals, maintaining social stability, safeguard national security Full purposes.

2 alarm subsystem linkage to ensure safety

Currently, there is a "heavy surveillance, alarm light" thinking the train station building integrated security systems in many cities, so the alarm system construction in general only about 5% of the total investment Station security in some places Even lower. However, as a special train traffic places, more important is to take preventive measures, advance warning is more important than after the evidence, only early detection, and to take effective emergency response, in order to avoid destructive and terrorist attacks Events, and effectively prevent the occurrence of fires and other unexpected disasters and spread. Alarm system integrated security system at the railway station, can be seen as anti-theft alarm and disaster warning two parts. The alarm will be coming by train disaster Station security focus on solving the problem.

In addition to the above system, with the continuous development of security products and technologies, the growing demand for the construction of the railway station security, there will be more products and technologies for applications.

Fourth, focus on the future construction of the railway station security

In recent years, China has made in the train station building security remarkable achievements, a number of outstanding security companies to train security made an outstanding contribution, but expansion of market scale, is a severe test security systems Experience, especially violent terrorist incidents have occurred when the current terrorist violence molecules using more diverse; the other hand, changes in the international situation and domestic environment, the world we live in unsafe, unstable factors still exist, Even more severe than in the past, the test is more prominent. This requires an iterative constantly updated security systems, continues to mature. Future of the train station should have put more security products, to ensure the safety of passengers traveling. Mainly by the following parties Face:

(A) high-definition video surveillance

Interception from television and amplified analog video system used to identify terrorists very clear image quality even worse than ordinary mobile phones to shoot images. One of the most simple digital camera images are stored Can reach about 300 million pixels, and the pixel "traditional" video technology offers just that it's 1/30, that is, only 100,000 pixels. Although there are some recorders can save the image by 400,000 pixel resolution, However, the high cost of these devices, and the clarity is not enough for face recognition. This system has still CIF format is widely used in public security system.

Why is not the traditional camera manufacturers use in their higher resolution camera image sensor? Because these systems rely on technical standards have been five decades of history, so that traditional video transmission cable handle high-resolution images, from a technical point of view is simply impossible.

Emerging digital technologies for young innovative enterprises has brought opportunity. They developed a highly functional micro-computer and appropriate software, and embed them in the camera. By integrating high-resolution camera and more Kinds of intelligence, such as video motion detection and handling, storage management tasks such as video data can be done independently by the micro-computer systems. Computer video control center to obtain a significant reduction charge.

One big advantage of modern network camera technology, users can remotely manage all network anytime, anywhere via the camera's settings, and store images in the camera while recording, remote real-time image retrieval and storage History in the camera image. Of course, these cameras should be connected to the existing corporate LAN, or a secure connection through the firewall on the Internet. Thus, if it occurs at railway stations, airports and other public places or accident Suspicious circumstances, you can immediately transfer the images taken by the network to the control center for analysis, without having to send personnel to the scene, do not abort the store records and real-time monitoring. If you have newly developed or upgraded version of the software, To facilitate loading into the camera through the network.

In recent years, high-resolution intelligent network cameras are more widely used. People not only in the United States Embassy, ​​the British airports, dams or Israel Japan Post Office to see this photo Like machines, their presence can also be found in the next pipeline in Saudi Arabia and Mecca parking. German railway company has been in many sections of the railway station and railway use of such products. Its wide range of applications, there is for the protection of trip Passenger safety, there are preferred for accurate train station broadcast time, and so on.

It is understood all over the country have built a big wave of video surveillance systems, the development and application of high-definition surveillance system to become an important part of it. Especially in first-tier cities, HD has gradually predominate.

(B) high-definition capture road monitoring identification system

A capture license plate information from the road to the monitoring system, including a car through the intersection, a driveway and a specific time, even more exaggerated, the identification system is also able to determine the color and license plate numbers.

When night road traffic, light surveillance cameras played for interfering elements. But smart surveillance cameras can weaken the car lights bring light interference, HSBLC In this show, clearly and accurately capture the license plate information.

In general, as the representative of the city in peace all over the country by the systematic construction of government-led HD, responsible for public security system.

(C) recognition surveillance technology

Face Recognition System with Face Recognition technology as the core, is an emerging biometric technology, today's international science and technology research in advanced technology. It is widely used regional characteristics analysis algorithm, the integration of computing Former machine image processing technology and bio-statistical theory in one, using computer image processing technology to extract feature points from the video portraits, using the principle of biostatistics analyze a mathematical model, has a broad development King.

Regional railway authorities announced that the station will be installed for security identification of high-tech security systems face recognition system; shading can detect human faces and automatically adjusts the dynamic exposure compensation, face tracking detection, automatically adjusts the image to enlarge;

In recent years, the application of the 1000 Qingdao HD monitoring system, most of these next-generation monitoring system is in sharp feature film and television works often face recognition systems. In the face recognition system, camera Like head can automatically capture the human front, side, and automatically with the database is looking for suspects mugshot contrast, after identifying the image, can automatically alarm. After completion of this system will be linked with the public security organs Net, and the police station, police and other departments to share information.

Face capture and tracking

Capture the face detection means in a frame of an image or a video stream separated from the portrait and the portrait background and automatically saved. Portrait tracking is the use of portrait capture technology, when moving within the range specified in the camera shot portrait automatically be tracked.

Face Match

Recognition of verifying type, and search type two kinds of matching patterns. Refers to the verification of the formula is to capture the resulting portrait portrait or specify the database object has been registered for a comparison check to determine whether the same person. Search type comparison means all portraits from the database of registered search to find whether there exists Portrait specified.

Face recognition system is actually a special camera station to determine very fast, only takes about 0.01 seconds, because the use of the human skeleton recognition technology, so even turning modification, it is difficult to mask over its eyes.

"Face Recognition System" with memory function, as long as the number of potentially dangerous "key figure" and "facial features" input storage systems, key figures such as unauthorized checkpoints, it will be within 0.01 seconds of pulling out, while to other security center "alarm."

Compared with the previous fingerprint recognition system, face recognition system has a lot of improvements. Fingerprint recognition technology is not as good as the life of the system, cost is also higher than the face recognition system. As the wet, sweat stained, soiled Ash, as well as sensors for indoor use only and other reasons, the possibility of a fingerprint recognition system in a small open-air outdoor use. The camera for face recognition can work 24 hours a day, first it is not violating human rights, and the second it It is safe, can be used either indoors or outdoors. Face recognition system means that each person's face is close to the name, outsiders can not see, but the monitoring system can be seen. Including foreigners from entering China at the moment, His image and personal data will enter the control center computer, no matter in what place, can recognize this person. And observed people do not know there is equipment to monitor him, played a tech Olympics, Olympics civilization functions.

In April 2012, the railway authorities announced a tender notice on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail security area of ​​face recognition systems engineering for public tender, Shanghai Hongqiao Station, Tianjin West Railway Station and Jinan West Station three stops security area Will be installed for the identification of high-tech security systems for face recognition systems. Face recognition technology has now entered a real stage, the technology is currently in our country's police, security, customs, financial, military, airports, border ports Shore, security and other fields have also been very widely used.

(Four) fingerprint recognition technology

Fingerprint recognition technology refers to the use of human fingerprint identification characteristics of personal identity. In all biometric technologies, fingerprint recognition technology is the most mature, is also the most widely used biometric technology.

Information technology is a major feature is the personal identity of digitization and hidden. How to accurately identify a person's identity, the protection of information security in today's information age is a critical need to address.

In life, the more common fingerprint recognition applications are: lock, fingerprint attendance, fingerprint identity verification, fingerprint recognition laptops, fingerprint online banking and so on. I believe that with the development of fingerprint recognition technology matures and its applications, more and more low cost, fingerprint recognition technology will be more widely applied to our daily lives.

Once the fingerprints and other information is entered, it can be handheld information back to the patrol car, and then copies the data to the higher patrol or FBI headquarters internal database, such as automated fingerprint identification information Other systems. These databases after the data arrives, it will immediately trigger an automatic scanner database, so you can get the relevant data for the individual, such as ticketing transactions, fines, large bank transactions, aliases, physical markers (Such as tattoos, etc.), and other series of similar information, and have no criminal history. Data and will be automatically returned within 3-5 minutes of police officers equipped with MV-100 system so that police or soldiers can be made accordingly Related judgment.

V. Summary

Train traffic is one way that people use frequently, state and relevant departments must ensure life and property safety of passengers. Railway decided to run a stable national economy, so pull in the current expansion of the railway construction Domestic demand, creating a harmonious society in the background, the future security of the railway has a broad market space. For enterprises, many video surveillance manufacturers and service providers in order to share a Fengeng in the fierce competition, we must recognize now Like, grabbed from their own products, excellent product and service possible achievement of excellent brands.