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Changsha bus project

System Requirements

    Demand aspects of the public transport sector can be divided into the following four points:

(1) enhance public safety needs

    Public transport system and the number of people with mobility features, while the bus theft, sexual harassment and other incidents frequently, forensic detection difficult. Video surveillance used in public transport systems, to preserve evidence of a crime, help solve the case and safety management provides a powerful tool. City bus video surveillance security monitoring as an important part of the security system and public security supplement, to improve urban security environment plays a decisive role.

(2) regulate driving behavior needs

    Important role in the public transport system drivers occupied, whether the drivers are standard operation greatly affect the safety of the vehicle operations. So how does a driver in the process of moving standard operation, fatigue driving, speeding and other acts of overloading regulation, on display is particularly important. By 3G wireless video transmission, intelligent analysis and various auxiliary means of monitoring can be a good solution to this problem.

(3) Changsha bus business operations management needs

     Work carried out on passengers transported long supervision and management is also one of the purposes vehicle monitoring applications. Buses operating in them, because of the uneven quality of drivers and passengers, private closed ticket, give fake tickets, invalidated the situation around. Misappropriated and not standard fare is caused by traffic accidents, to the bus company caused great losses. Applied to transit vehicle monitoring system that can put an end to this phenomenon well, increase enterprise efficiency.

(4) Changsha bus dispatching business needs

    Changsha Bus Group also need the system to normal operations in real time position of the vehicle is located, and by way of the vehicle such as voice dispatch management. When a vehicle accident, alarm monitoring center can receive timely information, and view the scene through a wireless video, voice message directing the rescue scene. Cause of the accident and found that by storing video playback.

System Design

    Public transportation system is a complete operating system. To achieve all-round, no dead security control objectives, Rui Chi Man bus monitoring system is a set of end to end system designed specifically for the bus industry solutions, system consists of vehicle monitoring systems, scheduling management platform for the two systems. Respectively, for the needs of public transportation vehicle industry, scheduling management and design. Each system can work independently, but also can be integrated as an integrated solution.
Bus System Requirements
System Design

Vehicle monitoring system

    Connect the camera, pickups, alarms, GPS, intercom equipment, 3G/Wifi module car video capture, audio signals, alarm signals, real-time vehicle GPS information, vehicle status by monitoring the host, to achieve a local hard disk data storage and upload data over the wireless network management platform to handle scheduling. Achieve the long transport vehicle audio and video surveillance.

System Architecture

    Vehicle monitoring system, mainly through the installation of monitoring host buses car, camera, microphone, GPS positioning system, alarm buttons and other equipment, to achieve a running buses for video and audio monitoring, and complete vehicles under emergency alarm processing and so on. Vehicle monitoring system topology as shown
Monitoring system topology

Vehicle monitoring system topology

Changsha bus vehicle monitoring system can be divided into the following units:
Figure transit vehicle monitoring equipment unit
Vehicle equipment unit Figure
Changsha bus vehicle equipment installation design
Bus vehicle monitoring equipment installation diagram
Vehicle equipment layout
According to the actual situation of public transport vehicles, installed on each vehicle four infrared cameras, multi-channel alarm button, the bridge with a small car display real-time video display of the vehicle.

Scheduling Management Platform

    To achieve the centralized management of front-end equipment, audio and video streaming media storage, distribution, operations management. Scheduling management platform capabilities include system configuration, real-time monitoring, video queries, video playback, real-time control, alarm management, capture, catch records, electronic maps and other functions.

System design requirements

Systems can be realized on the front-end device management, audio and video stream storage, data transfer, business operations and management. Scheduling management platform capabilities include system configuration, real-time monitoring, playback video queries, real-time control, alarm management, capture, catch records, GPS trajectory.

Platform design requirements:

    • Through the network, allowing people around the vehicle distribution network video surveillance;
    • In the control center, bringing all of the video signal, the display device is switched freely through the display;
    • has good scalability and can easily increase the monitoring point and alarm functions;
    • Operation is simple, powerful, user-friendly interface;
    • have good compatibility with the existing bus scheduling system to facilitate docking;
    • In-depth business integration with bus scheduling, sound business management, statistical functions.
    • Provide reports to import data, export, printing and other services.

Device Features

Powerful earthquake resistance design
    Due to the different condition, road conditions, shockproof technology has become a surveillance system for monitoring basic requirement. Front-end host system to support the whole shock absorption, cushioning the hard drive rack, integrated shock absorber damping combines the hard way to reach the entire monitoring host shock treatment.
    In terms of front-end interface equipment, not falling, non-perishable air plugs, providing affordable device is connected.

Car Wide power supply design
    As the vehicle power supply voltage is extremely unstable. Professional automotive wide voltage power supply voltage should be adapted to a variety of vehicles to meet the range: 6V - 48V. With overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, short circuit protection and over-current protection; while monitoring the host using low-power design, effectively reduce the burden of the car battery, so that the circuit board system more secure, not to adversely affect the normal use of the vehicle .

High-definition video recording, video output
    • supports full D1 video encoding image real-time synchronization, playback;
    • Dual stream technology, using high-definition encoding local storage, 3G network transmission using low bit-rate coding technology, adapt 3G network bandwidth requirements, reduce traffic costs;

Excellent network adaptability
    Support wired network and wireless network access to colleagues, industry-specific requirements for passenger wireless network, from a technical point of coding, transmission, bandwidth control and other transmission needs to adapt to the wireless network. Support 3G (WCDMA, EVDO, TD-SCDMA), WIFI transmission, and can automatically switch between 3G/WIFI based on actual network conditions. Improve transmission efficiency while reducing operating costs.
    • Network Adaptive: The wireless network bandwidth is limited and unstable connection status, automatically adjust the network coding and transmission strategy, adapt to different network conditions;
    • Remote management: Multiple alarm reporting and device network settings, upgrade and maintenance management functions;
    • HTTP: HTTP support wireless download feature, the status quo is more suitable for wireless network applications;
    • Network switch: automatic switching 3G/WiFi networks, the effective use of a variety of network edge.

Integrated application management
      The system provides video, voice, GPS information for the bus industry, alarm, vehicle information, such as data access, storage, forwarding and integrated business process is a set of video surveillance, traffic safety systems, traffic scheduling information, emergency command system in one integrated management platform.  

Audio and video surveillance
    •By car drivers can display real-time monitoring the road ahead, before the door, inside the passenger compartment status;
    • Monitor driving behavior, to prevent incorrect operation, driver fatigue;
    • the driver to detect the car alarm via video informing higher authorities through the alarm button, the police union.

Vehicle location tracking
    Support GPS function, vehicle location, latitude and longitude, speed, precise time and direction of real-time reporting to the management center. Center of the vehicle can be specified based on GPS information tracking, driving track displayed on the electronic map. After the vehicle was robbery alarm, central automatic tracking.

Electronic fence:
    For a given vehicle, you can manually select a fence irregular area on the map, when the vehicle deviates from the electronic fence area, the system prompts the vehicle cross-border police information

Track playback:
    GPS information query history, full screen display, GPS playback progress control.  

GPS track playback

Vehicle state acquisition
    Before and after the acquisition of the vehicle door open, so steering, brakes, parking, and other vehicles starting status, and upload to the management platform for processing.

Vehicle Scheduling function
    • The system provides vehicle scheduling management capabilities, enabling the vehicle route allocation, the driver distribution, given the data management operation for each driving route, vehicle scheduling management capabilities to improve the long transit vehicle scheduling management department, to promote the efficiency of public transport vehicles;
    • Integrated voice intercom device management platform, there is danger in conditions such as driver and vehicle broke through the intercom contact with management, remote means;
    • car display can play text messages sent under the monitoring center, and through voice commands or amplifier broadcast message.

Alarm function
    • cross-border entry / exit boundary alarm: The system can be set to the range of the vehicle when the vehicle is leaving / entering the range of the system will automatically alert the management center;
    • Manual alarm: In case of emergency, the driver pressed the alarm switch, automatically sends an alarm signal to the management center. Passengers may also prompt an alarm to the driver through the car alarm button;
    • Real-time speed alarm: you can set the maximum speed according to the line, when the vehicle speed exceeds the speed limit to the central alarm;

Remote Management
    • Remote automatic query terminal information (terminal model; software version number), you can remotely upgrade software;
    • GPS data can be uploaded remotely set the time interval;
    • You can set the monitor remote hosts various functional parameters.


Operational feedback

As an inter-city buses pass one of the most commonly used public transport vehicles has scattered far distance traveled, the driver had been driving for a long time, passengers liquidity, the composition of complex features. Changsha Bus Group. By running the feedback period, Changsha Bus Group to run my company car to give a good evaluation system agreed that ruichi Man's solution to the vehicle system has been plagued by the company's evidence, scheduling, running routes, fare management and other daily problems.