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Celebrate the Fourteenth CPSE ruichi Cain spin and go

2013 Fourteenth CPSE on November 1st successful conclusion, Rui Chi Man in the exhibition through efforts to obtain a great harvest.

The exhibition Rui Chi Man launched at the show, a full range of high and low vehicle car video recorder, as well as car camera, car head so the whole of automotive products; including bus, buses, police cars, trucks, taxis, school buses and other comprehensive vehicle monitoring solution.

Man on a four-day exhibition booth ruichi been crowds, all ruichi Mann Hall every day people are the first to arrive, last to leave the team. No matter how hard and never say tired, often busy late for dinner, and even difficult to get time to drink. But Rui Chi Man who has been a bright smile, the state faced a constant stream of passion and understanding of customer inquiries.

Rui Chi Man of the human spirit and efforts touched another batch of customers. Many customers feel deeply, they believe more so a team with passion and sun must be trustworthy.

We also get the entire effort down the proper return. Site customer consulting volume flow of people to create the best performance pavilion.

All this thanks to the efforts of Rui Chi Man and pay. We will leave the red shirt in an important exhibition. Let us work together, I believe that in future we can create more miracles.