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Rui Chi Man July barbecue in West Bay beach camping

Thanks for everyone's efforts and pay half the company by the end of July in West Bay organized camping activities. Week 6 morning boarding company personnel and laughter departure, although starting on the road all the way to heavy rain, but did not discourage people ruichi Man a cavity passion. Day as people would like, more than half of the storm when the trip. Rui Chi Man who set goals are rain or shine again touched the spirit of God. Because of heavy rain, beach visitors just right. Upon arrival, organizing camps, according to CS hobby has conducted field also speedboat stroll lover Island.

The end of the first round of activities and everyone will have to complete the entire team threw herself into the sea! Rain wash over exceptionally blue sky, sea waves bursts, but Rui Chi Man who inspired passion!

After dark crew began the barbecue, barbecue process our number barbecue stove laughter, singing constantly. Barbecue site became the focus of attention! Wine and cooking food products! Jiuzufanbao moon for light, beach doing curtain, and held the fan club until late at night!

Sunday morning, 5:00 or so later ruichi Man camp will have them. Go to the beach or stroll the beach to watch the sunrise or stop, or walk through the reef crab catch fish! After breakfast part of the arms into the sea again, partially buried in sand.

Fleeting moments of joy are always so fast. When the head of the day hanging, Rui Chi Man who collections journey home. Excitement mixed with fatigue, by the way the song is gradually converted into the end of the event all the way to the victory snoring!