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Youth! Richmor climbing Wutongshan

As Youth Day to celebrate the arrival of Rui Chi Man of young people organized a climbing activities. Shenzhen, the first peak of the target: Wutongshan! Stroke: Wutongshan crossing, Luohu, Yantian the next. From the Sha Tau Kok, crossing steep mountain road, Cheerful creek, a long stone steps to reach the large Indus Peak, then picnic at the summit, satiated, then walk to the small hilltop Indus childhood Wutongshan down, after preaching Temple, Botanical Gardens, and ultimately down to the bottom of the hill. The Through the activities took eight hours, all the way to encourage each other, help each other, work together, all the participants were completed through the process.

The event is also reproduced by Rui Chi Man who teamwork, Rui Chi Man who optimism and will to fight! Let us work together to create greater achievements are also common, and work went higher and farther!