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2024 New AI Forklift Professional Solution

Forklift DVR System Different AI functions are supported such as Face ID, DMS, BSD, Seatbelt detection, speed and oil sensor.

Richmor new arrival mini dashcam support AI function

Product Profile RCM-BK6MJ is Richmor 4th generation professional AI -powered ADAS design dashcam with DSM option. This camera design is much better fitted (100%)front windscreen installation without reflection than the traditional 2/3 fitted design. Advanced Features: ① H.265/H.264 hardware compression, powerful AI processor, with neuronal logic reasoning engine, support for deep learning algorithms. ② Integrated ADAS camera, can expand 1-2 AI camera input. Support DSM and environmental monitoring. ③ ADAS assist driving function——Integrated with ADAS camera, advanced auxiliary driving warning function can be realized (supporting lane departure detection and warning, front-vehicle collision detection and warning, vehicle proximity warning, etc.) ④ DMS camera driving behavior analysis——It can connect the DMS camera to give alarm warning and upload to the monitoring center for dangerous driving behaviors of drivers, including: fatigue (closing eyes, yawning), distraction, smoking, talking on the phone, etc ⑤ Driver face recognition function——Face recognition attendance on the basis of management can also prevent the driver illegal substitution, non-compliance of the driver operation of the problem, standardize the driver and operation management. ⑥ Beidou /GPS positioning, support the ministry of JT/T808, JT/T1076, JT/T905, Geely, Su Biao and other platforms to report transmission.

Richmor‘s Notice On May 1st Labor Day Holiday

Dear friend , wish you all have a wonderful weekend & holiday , also take care in the trip. If you need any AI vehicle products, pls feel free to contact Richmor.

Welcom to our Booth IF. 5601 2023 IFSEC London, from 16th-18th. May.

At this exhibition, we will showcase solutions and high-intelligence products that customers from various cities like. Your participation and recognition motivates us to continue developing innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and partners around the world. Sincerely invite you to come to the exhibition. And I am very grateful for every recognition and support of Richmor Company.

Power Intelligent passenger Counting AI MDVR

has the characteristics of high integration, accuracy and easy installation, and it is widely used in public bus, coach,tour bus and other vehicles. the video link:https://youtu.be/BdD297xeDhs


Richmor 2023 Shenzhen Baoan International Commercial Vehicle Ecological Expo

Happy Valentine's Day

Love travel makes your lover and family travel safer. Richmor driving recorder will protect your lover with you

Richmor's latest product R-WATCH will be released at the end of February

Install the intelligent prompt screen in the car to provide drivers with active safety alarm types and overspeed alarm display combined with buzzer reminders and warnings. Solve the problem that the driver cannot focus on listening to the alarm voice while driving, and can reflect the current alarm type more quickly and intuitively than voice.

A large amount of goods has been packed and shipped before the Spring Festival holiday

For the large order from Saudi customers, dashcam products have been packaged and shipped. Thank you very much for your trust and support in our products.

New Platform software Hetu commercial fleet managment software

Richmor Hetu Vehicle Collecting Cloud is a data management platform, intended for commercial vehicles such as Taxi, school bus, coach, trucks etc. It ...
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Reminder of delivery plan for your product and project

Reminder of delivery plan for your product and project

Ada Lin 2020-11-20 14:40:37

Reminder of delivery plan for your product and project

Influenced by COVID-19, shipping freight increases a lot this year, especially in the 4th quarter.

Faced with increased rates and tight space, have you already made a delivery schedule for your order?

1) Freight increase extremely obviously in ocean field.
Take shipping rate from China to USA for example, rate was about USD1350/container in March.However, it increases to be USD3850/container in October, almost tripled.

2) Not only ocean fright, but also air freight increases a lot.
DHL/UPS/Fedex have adjusted freight higher from October.

1) Low capability to handle cargo from seaports and airports due to COVID lockdown.
2) Flights cancellation in the middle of 2020. Some airlines even went broken.
3) Peak season arrives. Period before Thanksgiving Day, Christmas holiday, Spring Festival is peak season for China to export.
4) Rapid-increased demand on online shipping. More parcels need to be shipped out.
1) Make a delivery shedule with your supplier or freight forwarder ASAP if you plan to place order.
2) Schedule the delivery date advanced enough.
Here we mark out some periods which will help you to find the suitable delivery date.

Hope above info. could help you some way.
Richmor is manufacturer of mobile DVR for more than 12-years.
Any chance to Richmor, we will make our best effort to provide you competitive product and deliver it in time.