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Jackie Chan's film

Jackie Chan's film

2017-12-15 16:51:53

By Jackie Chan, Show Luo, Ouyang Nana, Karan Mary, Tess Haubridge starred in the movie "blood" of the machine will be 22 at the national release. Jackie Chan became one of the highlights of the film in the roof of the Sydney Opera House in a thrilling action scenes, he also became the world's only standing on the landmark action actor.

Director Zhang Lijia 14 in Beijing, the movie "blood" tells the machine agent Lin Dong (Jackie Chan) Leeson and the mysterious hacker (Show Luo ornaments) to uncover the hidden plot for many years together against the forces of evil story.

Along with the dangerous actions taken drama famous Jackie Chan said early shooting dangerous action scenes, not love stimulation or fearless, "Because there was no money at the time, If I want to look good, I can only jump out of the stairs. " He said, this let me injured countless.

In recent years, has been over sixty Jackie Chan through the "twelve year" "heaven" Lion "Railway" Flying Tiger "Kung Fu Yoga "Britain confrontation" and other films, trying to broaden the range, but encountered a good chance, he still did not give up the attempt to shoot the adventure.

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