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Automobile display screen is moving towards high-definition, large screen, integrated and intelligen

Automobile display screen is moving towards high-definition, large screen, integrated and intelligen

richmor richmor.net 2017-12-14 15:21:20
More and more new technologies are integrated on the display screen to display, 3D touch, and human-computer interaction, making the user better experience in driving and entertainment. Technology and market demand will stimulate the great development of the automotive display market(vehicle safety AHD mobile dvr). In the era of smart cars, the car screen will become a huge treasure. How to open this treasure and test the wisdom of every enterprise?
Many domestic and foreign auto parts enterprises have been interviewed on the trend of the development trend of the automobile display screen. They have said that HD, large screen, integration and intelligence are the future trend of automotive display. With the deepening of integration of Internet technology and automotive technology, automotive display will bring more and more convenient functions and experience to drivers.
The era of high definition and large screen integration

"One is a larger screen size will reach 10 inches, and more and more HD (1080p), and OLED laser display, touch screen, and curved screen new screen will appear in the car; two is a multi screen, mainly refers to the internal host one function; three is in addition to display the optimization, function is also more comprehensive, for example, can realize real-time online; four is the naked eye 3D, AR and other new display technology will be used." Recently, Zhu Guangwei, vice president of BOSCH's multimedia business department of China, introduced the trend of the automobile display to the China Auto newspaper.

At present, some high-end cars are using large size displays, such as the second generation of Volvo XC90 and Tesla Model S. Zhu Guangwei believes that the era of autopilot, there will be a larger display of demand, it is sure that the high-definition screen is the future development trend. But from the current user experience, large screen is not entirely a good thing, the screen is HMI (man-machine interface) of carrier, screen size and display the content and function should be matched, not to cool and the blind pursuit of large screen. Deputy general manager of DESAY west section of Yong Zheng also believes that Tesla large screen is from the aesthetic shape is very abrupt, size need to match the vehicle interior styling.
The control screen will be integrated with more control functions, and the human-computer interaction is implemented in a variety of ways, including gestures, tactile, visual and hearing. There will be a combination of many ways in the future, and in the process, the on-board display screen will play an important role. In addition, the vehicle integrated display also has a lot of advantages, is a collection of entertainment, social networking, information, navigation and other useful features, in improving the driving pleasure and also provide convenience, but also indirectly improve the safety; two is to reduce the cost; three is brought a variety of style design possibilities.

For the application of new technology in reality, Zhu Guangwei told reporters: "the current popularity of the touch screen is very high, the loaded probability is high; HUD (head up display) in the rapid promotion period, the technology has the advantage of information display in front of the driver, the driver's line of sight can not leave the driving direction, safety can be greatly improved; for human-computer interaction, different enterprises were achieved by using different methods, such as gesture, voice interaction, iris recognition etc.."