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Introduce a kind of fruit to you today - kiwi fruit

Introduce a kind of fruit to you today - kiwi fruit

2018-01-16 22:27:21

Effect effect
It is the best choice to reduce the cholesterol and eat its outer skin. The fiber contained in the kiwi fruit, 1/5 is pectin, especially the skin and flesh. Pectin can reduce the concentration of cholesterol in blood and prevent cardiovascular disease. 2. to digest the dietary fiber it contains can not only reduce cholesterol, but also help digestion, prevent constipation, and remove harmful metabolites in the body. 3. lowering blood lipid to inhibit the deposition of cholesterol in the inner wall of the arteries and prevent arteriosclerosis. It can improve myocardial function and prevent heart disease. 4. prevention and inhibition of tumor often eat barbecue food can increase the incidence of cancer, because the barbecue food Xiadu will conduct nitrification in the body, produce carcinogens. The vitamin C, which is rich in kiwi fruit as an antioxidant, can effectively inhibit the nitrification and prevent cancer. 5., strengthening kiwi fruit is also a nourishing and strong product. Nutrients can significantly improve the activity of the body, promote metabolism, coordinate body function, block carcinogens, enhance physical fitness and delay senility.

Nutritive value
Kiwi is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. In particular, vitamin C, vitamin A folic acid content is higher. The content of vitamin C is about ten times as much as that of the apple. It is known as "the king of vitamin C". 2. the rind of Actinidia is rich in pectin. 3. kiwifruit is low fat and low calorie fruit, rich in folic acid, dietary fiber, low sodium and high potassium, and so on. 4. Chinese gooseberry contains a variety of amino acids, such as glutamic acid and arginine, which are two kinds of amino acids, which can be used as nerve conduction substances in the brain, and can promote growth hormone secretion. 5. black granules in the flesh, rich in vitamin E. 6. of the top 26 fruits of the world's largest consumption, kiwi is the most abundant and comprehensive. The contents of Vc, Mg and trace elements in the fruit of Actinidia are the highest, and kiwifruit topped the top because of the heavier bananas and the potassium of citrus.