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Hangzhou Bus Arson: urban public transport security system to be upgraded

Hangzhou Bus Arson: urban public transport security system to be upgraded

2014-07-08 10:19:42

         Third Institute of Ministry of Public Security, said Wei has written,2000YearsRail transportSecurity system funding ratio of the entire communication system1O%So, to2010, This proportion has risen for the entire communication system50%About.

Up7Month7Day four in the afternoon, Hangzhou "7·5Bus Arson "Total29People were hospitalized, including15People in critical condition, with no deaths. According to Hangzhou police, this department arson incident.

Things happen in7Month5PM5Point03Points, Hangzhou Dongpo Road and Qingchun Road intersection, a license plate number for the ZhejiangA3A853Of7Bus on fire, when passengers are on board80I people.

According to published interior monitoring, incident, one sitting in the middle of the bus, near the back door of the man took the backpack from the position under the seat, the unidentified object lying on the ground, only a couple of seconds later, the man stood up and lit the fire , into a raging flames quickly spread to the entire car. Subsequently, the car was full of screaming and crying, desperate to escape in the confusion among passengers.

Police said the suspects have been locked, but the identity and motives remain unknown arson.7Month7Day, the city of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau disclosed bus arson suspect photos, and to the public for clues to verify the identity of the suspect.

Police said the suspect was found in Shandong Railway suspected "shadow", has focused its attention on tracing in Shandong, but in the end determine the identity of the suspect still takes time.

Hangzhou Public Security Bureau deputy director of 汪劲浩 at the press conference, the police at the scene found the man shoulder bag built to carry a white10Liter plastic bucket. Combustion residues on the floor of the vehicle detected by the chemical substances in this suspicious white plastic buckets residual liquid and burned on site, the main chemical components found suspicious liquids similar to "banana water", "pine fragrance."

Police said the suspects body95%Burns, pipe cutting operation has been done, the current stable vital signs.

For such events,Public SafetyExperts suggest that should strengthen the construction of urban transportation security system, and organize training, exercises and other activities to enhance public awareness of security.