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2014 Development of security video surveillance industry

2014 Development of security video surveillance industry

Mo Hui Ling Business intelligence network 2014-07-09 09:48:50

2014Factors affecting the development of the global security video surveillance industry Analysis

">Release date:2014-07-07   Source: Business intelligence network Views: 90  Editor: Mo Hui Ling

A favorable factor

(A)Continued growth in market demand

With global terrorism and sabotage continue to occur, the security risk of unrest in some areas of the world, as well as a variety of organizations face the increasing number, including terrorism, organized crime, violence, theft and sabotage, such as gangs, prompting security issues on a global scale and gradually get attention, security awareness has gradually improved, whether developed or developing countries, strengthen security awareness, improve social management level, has become the need of social development, global demand for security products is gradually increasing large, global security industry market volume continues to grow, especially for accelerating the transformation of China and Asia, the Middle East and Latin America and other emerging economies, security video surveillance market is facing rapid growth.

(Two)National industrial policy support

Security video surveillance products are electronic information products, belong to the state to encourage the development of high-tech industry and strategic emerging industries, the state has encouraged its development as a priority project and developed a series of supportive policies. Twelve Five "period," police training "strategy,"3111 Pilot project, "" Green City "," smart city "," intelligent transportation "and other large-scale projects, and comprehensively promote and government departments at all levels and the project" Strengthening Social Security Protection System "as the focus of the work, but also for China development of the security industry provides a good policy environment of China Security and Protection Industry Association has released the "China's security industry," second five "development plan", and on the security business management, technology innovation, industry self-regulation and other issues put forward a comprehensive specific recommendations to guide the development of the domestic security industry.

(Three)Technology upgrades and innovation

Security video surveillance products and technologies presented "digital, high-definition, networked, intelligent" trends. Technological change, the development of product upgrades will drive the growth of the video surveillance market, and further**Market demand, the expansion of market capacity, strengthen security market penetration.

(Four)Becoming the industry standard specification

With the development of video surveillance market, the growing video surveillance industry standard specification, ISOONVIF (Open NetworkVideo Interface Forum, Open Network Video Interface Forum)AndPSIA (Physical Security Interoperability Alliance, Security Interoperability Alliance entities)Respectively2008Was established, followed byHDcctvAlliance2009EstablishedONVIF,PSIA,HDcctvThe impact of the three standards organizations in the security industry is growing, promote the development of standardization for the video surveillance industry is significant. On the other hand, the national security alarm system for Standardization Technical Committee(SAC/TC100)Existing national standards and industry standards were completed100Multiple number of professional and technical fields, such as "video security surveillance digital video equipment", involving invasion and robbery alarm, video surveillance, access control, physical protection, explosion-proof security, security engineering, etc. In addition, product and engineering testing, the certification business also have a positive progress, industry standards, certification, testing work gradually institutionalized and standardized. Overall, the industry-standard specification release and will contribute to an increasingly healthy and rapid development of security video surveillance industry.

Second, the negative factors

(A)Restricting the upstream industry

Design, manufacture security video surveillance products codec chip and sensor chips and other core components focused on semiconductor Hass,TI, Ambarella,SONY,PANASONICIntegrated circuit design and a few other domestic manufacturers, security video surveillance equipment manufacturers may face the risk of chip cost and profit fluctuations. For some lack of core technology manufacturing companies, will face even greater pressure on the production, which is not conducive to industrial development and growth.

(Two)Market competition further intensified

On the one hand, household appliances, telecommunications,IT Industry giants such as the security industry as optimistic about the prospects for the development momentum and in recent years have begun to enter the security industry, to bring the industry a greater competitive pressures; Meanwhile, U.S. and European security companies by virtue of technology, want to seize the Chinese capital advantage and other emerging markets, China's leading supplier of video surveillance equipment in some areas have also been participating in international competition strength, the presence of two types of enterprises are facing competition from the Chinese and international markets, an increasingly competitive industry as a whole.

(Three)Limiting countries' different management practices or policies

On the one hand, with the worldwide attention to security issues gradually, gradually improve security awareness; on the other hand, due to the security industry's own characteristics, application security products and systems related to national public security, social security, etc., many of the world countries and regions have gradually introduced for security video surveillance products related to product quality certification system, management practices, or access policies, some outdated management practices and policies and constraints may limit the development of the industry.