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Campus security as a top priority significant advantages monitoring alarm system

Campus security as a top priority significant advantages monitoring alarm system

2014-07-05 09:21:47

Today, China's education flourish, and expanding the number of schools, students on campus high-density aggregation, increasing openness. Faced with this form Potential, how to deal with campus safety and security, reduce school violence and security incidents, campus life campus groups to achieve "zero accidents" is the focus of our attention, the current national policy on campus security were introduced, flat On campus, the digital campus have been carrying out, more and more schools to choose a scientific and effective, saving manpower and resources security technology products as an important means of protecting the security of the campus.

Domestic Campus Security In its infancy, most kindergartens have security systems in addition to outside monitoring security system installation few other types of schools, such as the middle and high schools, technical schools, universities, three or four lines of some of the city's schools simply do not Security systems. The campus is also a security system installed rigid policy of the State Department of Education regulations, so bring a lot of investment opportunities to investors. Schools mass market demand, will activate the development of the security industry. We built Let some issues can not be ignored, it is worth attention.

Campus security problems

First, safe school Park security is a reasonable basis, strict division of security area, if preventive zoning unreasonable, it will cause a great security risk, because the school than hybrid car, the students highly centralized, large area, it is necessary to photo Camera as much as possible out into every corner of the school, requires a lot of monitoring points. In some key areas such as Finance, laboratories, computer centers also need to focus on prevention. Safe campus security should be implemented Dianmianjiege way The campus is divided prevent defense, first of all campus entrances to guard against; Secondly traffic arteries, sensitive areas to guard against the school district; then focus on building on campus, the main areas of activity are prevention; most After significant floor campus building, the key parts of prevention. Prevention in the school division for the region, should analyze the specific circumstances of the school, a reasonable zoning according to the school's own characteristics.

Second, in order to better serve the effect of prevention, safe campus hierarchical management should also be taken as a large area of ​​the school to prevent, monitor multiple points circumstances, it is generally taken for centralized monitoring, decentralized management model, can be divided Two to three. Schools can guard against a different focus, a number of regional centers set up in accordance with the management principles nearest division or department, school security control center can be set up, video transmission can be arbitrarily adjusted to ensure control center Image and any combination of the transmission network in the same circumstances, any one of the sub-control centers can be upgraded to full management control center. For example, schools can set up the Institute for unit control center, so you can institute In accordance with their actual situation, set the relevant security systems, access management in the important range of laboratory install cameras and other equipment; and school security management targets are the public areas of the school, but you can tune to see It is an image signal through this decentralized management can ensure maximum safety of the campus.

Peace-building campus security in addition to pay attention to these two, but also should pay attention to security systems Integration, as well as HD and network usage. Integrated security system that will integrate the various subsystems into an integrated platform for centralized management, so that each system can achieve linkage function, so that the whole system Function more perfect. Digital and network security products refer to the campus from analog to digital, but also fully rational use of network resources, will monitor the timely transfer of resources, so that once the occurrence campus supervisor Control centers to find the first time. Although each school has its own characteristics, but to build a scientific and rational campus security systems, or more than four points should be noted.

With the continuous development of the security industry, the security industry has entered the high-definition, networked, intelligent era characterized by a growing number of schools also hope to strengthen all aspects of campus management functions through technical protection measures. In the future, in addition to meeting security safe campus, "three", the more applications to the real go.

Now, with increasingly sophisticated and thorough application of networking technology to build a security system based on Internet of Things and thus achieve a safe campus information management becomes possible is the main goal of the anti-intrusion security management, providing real-time alerts for anomalies and quickly make the right treatment to ensure the safety of school boundaries, important places.

The whole network is divided into two parts, namely sensing system (sensor network) and communication systems, sensing systems and networking by the monitoring point modules, which each control point using a variety of sensors to monitor, capture important places abnormal Information and other useful information situation and control digital video system to quickly capture image information; All of these things can give communication modules, networking module collects monitoring points transmitted via a data transmission system according to the needs of the letter Interest rates, and the corresponding control information to monitor the completion of the corresponding control points, the current data transmission generally use a wireless transmission module can handle things all monitoring points within a one kilometer radius of the range. The Communications Department IOT module system will capture, processing the data obtained is transferred to the campus network, and connect to other public networks such as gsm through the campus network to provide appropriate services.

Safe campus building standardization

To truly safe campus management, application-aware systems to effectively collect relevant information, the establishment of the campus network-based information management platform is the ultimate goal of safe campus management, the platform according to the school management and Asked relevant departments to take advantage of a variety of information collected by analyzing, sorting, complete the corresponding function. Things security system should generate a lot of information every day, and a lot of data type information, using sqlserver database to develop and build a peaceful campus management system to meet the basic requirements, and the use of b / s structure can make the system more convenient to use. The main features of the system include:

Complete alarm function, analysis of all exceptions generated by the security things, according to the corresponding conditions are given complete set of real-time alarm. Available to the campus network, campus by campus network to the internal communications network (such as intercom equipment, etc.) send alarm information to inform staff on duty to make appropriate treatment.

Use and Internet connection functions to achieve a connection with social networks to achieve SMS alarm functions.

Data analysis, sorting and statistical functions.

Improve data query capabilities, according to require schools and departments in charge of the leadership, design appropriate query features to meet all kinds, at all levels of the system's data requirements.

Security management data, because the system can transfer the information to the Internet on campus security, information security requirements and therefore higher. Classification requires encryption and transmission of the function information to ensure the secure transmission of information acquisition and classification.

Safety management system, the system is not a simple information system, but a will live, management functions into one system, thus ensuring the safe operation of the system is very important.

For the security of peace-building campus spread of new technologies and applications in the security market offers a huge platform. Campus security market for products derived from the application convenience, the constant pursuit of simplicity, network fastball network matrix, light moments Array, wireless 3G network video server and other security devices are rapidly towards integrated development. Safe campus security technology will lead to the construction of an integrated road. In 2014, the concept of integrated security market further body Now, such as the integration of hardware and software platforms, including monitoring platform and GIS systems integration, integrated monitoring and management platform and integration platform integration and integration, monitoring system and OA system, and so on. The concept of the integrated guide Next, security equipment is no longer a single device, it is no longer a decentralized independent device, which will be presented to the user more integrated applicable professional equipment. Campus security market product line gradually rich and surplus and homogenization Under competition, how to provide customers with more convenient and efficient solutions become the focus of the manufacturers thinking.

Although domestic campus security has just started, but the strong demand for our products, to further promote national policies are, with campus security has been put on the agenda, it will further activate the development of the security industry. Future, safe campus construction is expected to become as intelligent transportation security industry and a fast growth.