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Car video surveillance installation steps and goals Discussion

Car video surveillance installation steps and goals Discussion

Zhongguancun Online 2014-06-16 17:40:33
In order to adapt to the development of urban transport improvement and social security, modern management of transport vehicles have been put on the agenda, the establishment of a unified, efficient, smooth, covering a wide range of transport vehicles with universal 3G monitoring and dispatching system, it is very necessary.

CarVideo SurveillanceInstallation Steps

Install surveillance cameras main function is that it primarily as an analysis of the following six:

1, passengers can switch video recording or deleting data;

2, can store 30 days of video data;

3, managers can inquire about the video data over time;

4, it is important video data can be backed up to another hard disk or CD to move, the time needed to back up video tips;

5, requires a clear definition video playback is able to clearly identify the characteristics and behavior of the perpetrator can be used as evidence in court proceedings;

6, requires a power-saving features, you can not let the loss of electricity affected vehicles to launch the next day.

First, surveillance camera installation instructions

Surveillance cameras were installed in the car side mirrors, front door, back door, all of the vehicle-specific wide-angle camera, even if there is no light at night, but also to ensure to see the scene; front camera: Install the driver's seat in the upper left, The main monitor driver behavior and passengers up and down the front door, you can monitor passengers coin, card or ticketing process, to prevent fare evasion and theft of passengers ticketed behavior. Here you can configure the microphone (microphone) to achieve video while recording the conversation between the driver and passenger; backdoor Camera: The camera is mounted on top of the back door of the car, the monitoring range is the rear compartment and the back door, you can watch and record the car back door circumstances, to prevent the occurrence of accidents and passenger pinch criminals committing the crime prevention; interior rearview mirror camera side: the side mirrors installed, you can monitor the situation throughout the cabin to prevent the occurrence of theft incidents and fights to protect the safety of passengers .

Two, four-car DVR installation instructions

Car video recorder installed in the seat or luggage rack, pay attention to the following points when installing: car video recorder needs to take power from the battery, the engine may not be received; board recorders must be firmly fixed; board recorders can not be installed close to the engine ( too hot) or not heat the place, but also pay attention to the anti-high-temperature water.

Car DVR is the new field of security designed for automotive designVideo SurveillanceEquipment. It uses an embedded processor and embedded operating system that combines the latest in IT field H.264 audio and video compression / decompression technology, network technology, advanced vehicle power management technology for 24-hour surveillance in all types of vehicles. Can synchronize audio and video recording, Wi-Fi network ports can add modules to enable wireless transmission of audio and video, as well as set aside RS232 interface on the host, you can add GPS satellite positioning module or products, give full consideration to the needs of the user's extension. Product appearance of small compact, low power consumption, no noise, flexible installation, the system is stable, and can be widely used in buses, long-distance passenger transport, tourist buses, freight logistics, police vehicles, trains, subways, ships, aircraft and other mobile vehicles .

Car video surveillance goals

(1) real-time monitoring of the vehicle during transport

3G + GPS vehicle network video server enables real-time monitoring and more information, vehicle traveling data recorder terminal can be real-time monitoring or sampling at any time other vehicles traveling state information, the system automatically processing and storage of information, real-time understanding of state of the vehicle and operating environment, timely detection of environmental or man-made problems, including free parking, nothing to take and so on.

(2) during transportation information inquiry

Can always check the directory publishing and dangerous toxic chemicals, toxic chemicals production and transportation business information, involve toxic chemicals management laws and regulations. Can check consignment unit name, the name of the transport unit and transport routes, transport vehicles and transport-related personnel, the name of the transport of highly toxic chemicals, quantities and associated road transport permit expiration date.

Emergency Response (3) emergency

Including the accident scene traffic control, evacuation surrounding the accident scene, emergency incidents and other relevant information can be sent in real time to the monitoring command center to facilitate the timely processing of the accident.

(4) The information processing after transport

After the vehicle reaches the transport destination, you can download the query vehicle data recorder and video files via a wired / wireless network. Stored images and data can be printed, playback, in order to check the vehicle trajectory and system operation logs.

(5) effectively improve service, increase safety precautions

Long-distance travel between travelers, from time to time will produce some conflicts and disputes between passengers and drivers and passengers, leading companies often the subject of complaints, especially easily take someone else's luggage and belongings when some passengers to get off, because there is no strong evidence to solve unable to start, the company's image has been greatly affected. After installing the video system, you can always stop for passengers over passenger behavior embezzlement, private money, etc. to form an effective control, while improving service quality.

(6) to improve safety, accident forensics

Coach long travel time, traffic and personnel complex roadblockers are more prone to security problems. Have occurred especially during the Spring Festival peak stealing, looting, abductions, lie terrible traffic accident in the case of many drivers violations, serious overload situations. Through the network remote video monitoring and recording system, passenger transport companies and administrations at any time by the 3G network remote video instant check whether the drivers are illegal and overloaded, while the video data can be evidence of crime criminals.

(7) urging drivers to effectively operate in strict accordance with the rules and civilized driving and improve traffic safety.