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Shanghai August 5 thousand units installed car video recorder

Shanghai August 5 thousand units installed car video recorder

2014-06-07 11:59:44

This video surveillance system consists of a host of video surveillance, cameras, storage media composition, by installing cameras in the car, the car can be monitored in real time situation. While the multi-channel video real-time storage monitoring host in the car, you can export the car regularly centrally stored video data.

Currently in Shanghai has opened more than 1,000 bus lines, more than 24,000 km length, bus operators have invested 18,000, the average daily passenger volume 8,000,000 passengers. Authoritative statistics show that Shanghai Company The number of vehicles equipped with pay, the total length of the bus line operators, bus transportation daily arrivals have become the world's first. Therefore, improving urban public transport disposal capacity to respond to emergencies, especially in counter-terrorism capacity buses during the Olympic Games, as The community Shanghai great attention.

Beginning July 24, take the Shanghai 92,704,718,50 public bus lines and roads have been discovered, there have been four gray circle inside the bus compartment monitoring probes to monitor every corner compartments.

Reporters learned from the Shanghai transport authorities, these probes are part of the "black box" of the Shanghai public transport system for the first time use. In order to strengthen the Olympic Games security area around the bus line counter-terrorism efforts, Shanghai began to Shanghai Stadium neighboring bus lines and bus lines originating bus via the Olympic venues to install car video surveillance systems. This involves 13 bus companies, more than 1,620 buses 68 lines, is expected to work on the installation completed on August 5.

According to reports, this video surveillance system consists of a host of video surveillance, cameras, storage media composition, by installing in-car camera, car condition can be monitored in real time. While the multi-channel video real When stored in the vehicle monitoring host, you can export the vehicle periodically video data stored centrally. Bus operating system can clearly record the status of the vehicle interior images, tips and signs, and can clearly show in real time, while providing Query playback. System is safe and reliable, practical, stable, open, advanced, standardized. The video surveillance system installed four color infrared cameras on buses, in each of the front and rear compartments Installation of two, the choice of more than 250G hard drive and four-way acquisition and storage of audio and video data 15 days to meet the characteristics of vehicles.

Previously, the Shanghai Bureau of Transportation bus also organized a series of new security measures to focus on appearance, consult the views of the community. According to Shanghai Jiaotong industry experts, the improved Shanghai buses with security facilities There are clear signs of security features, and additional emergency hammer, alarm device, configure the bus engine compartment automatic fire extinguishing devices, improved passenger door emergency controller, increasing the bus secure voice and text prompts. Among them, Ann Signs clearly indicate full bus passengers escape steps, even carefully tapping points marked emergency glazing to maximize the protection of passengers in emergency situations experienced rapid escape.

Compared with the prevention and control of local public transportation, public safety and the safety of Shanghai rail transit operators are round. Since May 10, the Shanghai Metro 161 stations have opened a dedicated security screening channels, further increase the area of ​​Shanghai Rail Transit explosive offense carrying dangerous goods and suspicious items in rooting out efforts.

Shanghai Rail Traffic Management department were set more than 250 dedicated security check channel rail stop at the barrier at the entrance gates, each station set up in addition to the People's Square station - Metro Station and the hub station Outside two to three dedicated security screening channels, other rail stations each station is generally set one up. Where carrying luggage rail passengers ride are likely to be the station staff, station security, bringing a dog out of the box security police law. Each Stations are also equipped with anti-terrorism equipment, including emergency lights, gas masks, explosion extinguishers. X-ray detectors and other devices in the near future will be the main station "posts." According to reports, rail department has established 17 class plan, currently being Train staff for the professional anti-terrorism training.

Shanghai Public Security Bureau deputy party secretary Liu Haiming track, said recently, the investigative work of dangerous goods for Shanghai rail traffic safety is a "top priority."

Liu Haiming said, according to the relevant provisions of the "Shanghai Rail Traffic Management Regulations", rail transit line operations management has the right to conduct security checks of passengers carrying goods, endanger public safety for carrying flammable, explosive, toxic or radioactive, corrosive Passengers of dangerous goods should be ordered to the station; refused outbound, will transferred to public security departments to deal with according to law.

In addition, to further ensure the safety of rail traffic, in addition to dedicated security channel open, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau will arrange adequate track patrol police, the security team and police dogs brought to strengthen the rail car Station, car patrol raids and take "time and from time to time", "sexual assault and normality," a combination of methods to stop gates and other key areas of the center, stop carrying passengers luggage, bags, Items for temporary Inspection. -