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Application Status of intelligent transportation technologies

Application Status of intelligent transportation technologies

2014-06-16 18:35:08

To develop intelligent transportation industry is an important measure to promote urbanization, and this is inseparable from the sensor boost. Whether or future traffic demand situation in China, the sensors have played a pivotal role in the performance, emissions regulations, productivity and regional infrastructure, intelligent transportation industry in China four driving forces in the fuel.

Traffic not only an important part of urban planning and land use, but also support the daily operation of the city, it is relying on people to live and work. In this year's March 16 release of "national new urbanization plan (2014 - 2020)" clearly, urbanization go smart, green, low-carbon path.

For transportation, not only need to build more infrastructure, more needs to be applied to improve the efficiency of high-tech energy saving. Therefore, to develop intelligent transportation industry is an important measure to promote urban construction.

Intelligent Transportation Society of the building is a systematic project, involving all aspects. Intelligent Transportation Systems is one of the advanced information technology, data communications transmission technology, electronic sensor technology, control technology and computer technology to effectively integrate traffic management system applied to the entire surface of an established in a wide range, all-round play effects, real-time, accurate, and efficient integrated transport management system.

Let us work together to take stock of what the latest intelligent transportation technologies:

City Cross ** Intelligent Control System

City intersection is the bottleneck caused by traffic congestion, cross ** Communication No. intelligent control can effectively improve the traffic capacity, reduce the average delay, reduce vehicle emissions caused by urban pollution. The system consists of traffic signal controller and PC monitoring software components, traffic signal controller embedded technology research and development, in line with Ministry of Public Security to develop a centralized coordinated signal standards, with 32 and 96 lamp group phase, using the touch screen user input mode, meet the requirements of network traffic signal, intelligence and reliability.

Set signal monitoring software, control software, simulation and optimization and online integration, evaluation and optimization can be achieved online traffic signal control, and support communication between different manufacturers signal signal XML-based communication protocol, point, line and area control of traffic signals.

Centralized networked intelligent traffic signal control system

An intelligent traffic signal control section 128 outputs, each signal can be detected in the normal way or not, to meet the needs of most domestic cities; detecting portion can be grounded sense, videos, forced buttons; control parameters via Ethernet Control Center software based on live video background circumstances smart regulation.

Currently intelligent signal control unit can not adjust themselves according to site traffic control parameters, not even networked with the control center, resulting in the control parameter configuration does not look at the science part-time throughout the day, not to mention the traffic jams, pass changing the control parameters to divert traffic.

The machine can detect live traffic conditions, preliminary analysis, adjust the control parameters, relevant data back to the control center, the control center of the analysis according to plan after reconfiguring the intersection of the relevant control parameters to optimize traffic.

Distributed Intelligent Transportation System data management and processing platform

Software Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is the use of information technology, computer technology, control technology and other means to transform traditional transport systems, urban transport systems in order to achieve enhanced operational efficiency, improve the reliability and security of urban transport systems, reducing energy The purpose of consumption and pollution and other aspects of the natural world. With the development of intelligent transportation systems, the use of ITS dynamic traffic data detection can greatly improve traffic management, traffic and therefore distributed data management and processing system of the project can be an important tool for traffic management.

Distributed data processing of intelligent transportation system uses Internet communications technology to solve technical problems with the handling of remote calls Advanced Client existing urban traffic data management system and common client data management system server traffic flow data sources.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is a cutting-edge transportation technology in the world currently, its development caused a profound revolution in transportation. The research team full use of international advanced ITS technology and experience, according to China's national conditions, the integrated application of advanced computer technology, communication technology, sensor technology, systems engineering and management technology, integration of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technology and e-commerce technology to system information integration, management control and optimization of integrated services as a starting point, a set of collection management, control and integration services for the framework of intelligent transportation systems, and the corresponding support system platform technology, the initial formation of a corporate standards and implementation runs in the region.