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R & D strength

Richmor factory

The company has improved product planning, development, test, testing, quality control systems, and with well-known manufacturers in the field of automotive equipment have close cooperation and contact, closely tracking the latest developments in technology, accurately grasp the development direction, and continuously improve product development level, resulting in fundamental guarantee for the products and services leading position in the industry.

The company has always focused on research and development work, the company's core technology leading products are from the independent development of the company's technical staff, the company has long been concerned about the accumulation and protection of intellectual property, have complete independent intellectual property rights on the products, and development, protection and utilization in order to meet the needs of market competition, technology licensing, standards and other aspects. Implementation of key technologies, the company's complete product series, the continued development of high-quality and low-cost production has an important role, while ensuring the development in a relatively short period of quality assurance, to meet customer needs.

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