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8 Channel Intelligent AI ADAS DSM BSD Mobile DVR with Hisilicon Single Chip8 Channel Intelligent AI ADAS DSM BSD Mobile DVR with Hisilicon Single Chip8 Channel Intelligent AI ADAS DSM BSD Mobile DVR with Hisilicon Single Chip8 Channel Intelligent AI ADAS DSM BSD Mobile DVR with Hisilicon Single Chip8 Channel Intelligent AI ADAS DSM BSD Mobile DVR with Hisilicon Single Chip8 Channel Intelligent AI ADAS DSM BSD Mobile DVR with Hisilicon Single Chip

8 Channel Intelligent AI ADAS DSM BSD Mobile DVR with Hisilicon Single Chip

  • OS: Embedded Linux
  • CPU Speed: 1.2GHZ
  • Video Input: 8 channel AHD HD analog input, aviation connection, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω
  • Video Output: 2channel composite video output
  • Resolution: 1080P/720P/D1/HD1/CIF,can be optional, max support 8channel 1080P
  • Audio Output channel: 3CH
  • GPS: Support Positioning
  • Alarm input: 6CH IO alarm input, 2CH AD input, 2CH pulse speed input; with alarm linkage function
  • Alarm output: 2CH switch output, linkage sound and light alarm, oil cut-off, etc.
  • Communication Interface:2CH RS232, can be external station announcement, oil sensor, LED advertising screen, etc.
  •                         1CH 485 interface, can support PTZ
  •                         1CH CAN interface

Main Features:

1.Integrate AI functions, such as ADAS(Front safety pre-warning system)+BSD(Blind Spot Security Detection)+DSM(Modify driver behavior system);

2.World's first one True AI Car Mobile DVR, has deep learning and analyzing ability,can optimize according to different complicated occasions.
3.New MDVR interface, support Mouse operation and remote control,easy to be made maintanance;
4.Hard disk or SD card storahe for optional.
5. Easy cost-effective Configuration via Mobile App, remote controller, or server platform remotely. And Silky intuitive and extraordinary OS system interface,
6. Gorgeous and powerful client program, providing real-time monitoring, monitoring intercom, playback, video 
recording, HD screenshot etc.

Photo Display

More Details

HIS solution, H.264/H.265 compression, multi-stream recording. Support max 8CH 1080P HD video monitoring / recording (8CH 1080P real-time AHD HD input), providing HD video effect;
◆ Real time HD video recording, 1080p / 720p / D1 / HD1 / CIF optional, adjustable frame rate of image quality;
◆ 2CH video output. Support 1CH pre-analog output and 1CH post-analog output;
◆ Professional MDVR power design, 8-36v DC voltage input; Protection circuits for overload / undervoltage / short circuit / which is suitable for various vehicles;
◆ Provide DC12V and DC5V power output, which can provide constant voltage power for cameras, small screens and peripheral equipment;
◆ SD (Max 2 Large Capacity SD ) protect data from vehicle vibration and dust etc,
◆ The prevent Watchdog abnormal restart function which can  protect the machine and video;
◆ The unique pre-allocated MDVR system can solve: file fragments caused by repeated erasure, ensure the stability and integrity of data;
◆ Stalling delay recording function (Max 24 hours); Built-in 3.7v/600mAh (Max1200mAh) backup battery. Support GPS upload after vehicle outage.
◆ Protection of car accident outage: special UPS technology can make the machine work normally for 8-11s when off the external power supply (including backup battery),so as to ensure the integrity of video and facilitate accident investigation
◆ Auto-video recording, manual video recording, alarm video recording and other video recording methods to meet different needs;
◆ Display and record vehicle driving status, license plate, routes, over speed ect for convenient management;
◆ Support GPS , 4G,WiFi;
◆ Super strong network:through IE configuration menu, support SMS configuration parameters and access to device information;
◆ Remote support for AV monitoring, two-way voice intercom, remote PTZ control, manual alarm, overspeed alarm, cross-border and route deviation alarm;
◆ 6CH IO alarm input (door opening and closing, lighting, steering, braking, reversing can be configured ), 2CH analog alarm input;
◆ 2CH alarm output, supporting linkage audible and visual alarm, oil cut-off and power-off
◆ Support local auto-photo-taking function of alarm input, and save at least 2000 pictures
Built-in POS reader, support touching IC card to record driver's login/logout status.
◆Integrated ADAS (99% efficiency alerts: lane departure detection, front vehicle collision detection and warning advanced driving assistant system).
◆Integrated DSM,driver facial recognition (99% efficiency driver’s behavior alerts: Fatigue, Distract, Smoking, safe belt...)
◆Integrated BSD blind Spot detection algorithm (99% efficiency alerts for side people, vehicles, bicycles..)
◆ Support TTS audio function Integrated 1CH pickup and 1CH loudspeaker for monitoring,
◆ Support Ministry of transport standard protocol, expandable PTZ control, oil fuel sensor, LED advertising etc;
◆ Support remote monitoring via phone and mobile phone call function;
◆ Customization functions which are based on customer requirements;
◆ Working temperature: - 30 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃ (printer and battery: - 20 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃)
◆ Software upgrade / OTA remote auto-upgrade via SD card, partition backup 



1. What is ADAS?
ADAS Front Active Safety Warning System:
Front Vehicle Collision Warning System
When closely following the front vehicle, the front vehicle collision warning function will win precious reaction time for the
driver, thus avoiding traffic accident.
Lane Departure Warning System
LDW(Lane Departure Warning). The position of the vehicle in the lane is monitored by the ADAS algorithm, and the driver is warned
when the vehicle is above the line or is about to press the line, prevents traffic accident caused by lane departure.
Fatigue driving detection
Use biostatistics to analyze.
Prevent drivers from crossing guard posts and others using vehicles.

2. What is DSM?

DSM Dangerous Driving Behavior Pre-warning System
Mainly detect unfavorable driving behaviors of the driver, such as driving distracted (looking around, smoking, making phone calls, yawning, etc) and over-speeding, bad driving behavior, etc. Once the system detecting the above behavior, there will be a sharp alarming to warn the driver to avoid accident.

3. What is BSD ?

BSD Blind Spot pre-warning System
Use BSD algorithms to analyze the driving scene, have Acousto-optic alarm to warn the driver for paying attention to the people and motor -vehicles, thus avoid the traffic accidents which caused by driver's blind area.

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