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Richmor new arrival mini dashcam support AI function

Product Profile RCM-BK6MJ is Richmor 4th generation professional AI -powered ADAS design dashcam with DSM option. This camera design is much better fitted (100%)front windscreen installation without reflection than the traditional 2/3 fitted design. Advanced Features: ① H.265/H.264 hardware compression, powerful AI processor, with neuronal logic reasoning engine, support for deep learning algorithms. ② Integrated ADAS camera, can expand 1-2 AI camera input. Support DSM and environmental monitoring. ③ ADAS assist driving function——Integrated with ADAS camera, advanced auxiliary driving warning function can be realized (supporting lane departure detection and warning, front-vehicle collision detection and warning, vehicle proximity warning, etc.) ④ DMS camera driving behavior analysis——It can connect the DMS camera to give alarm warning and upload to the monitoring center for dangerous driving behaviors of drivers, including: fatigue (closing eyes, yawning), distraction, smoking, talking on the phone, etc ⑤ Driver face recognition function——Face recognition attendance on the basis of management can also prevent the driver illegal substitution, non-compliance of the driver operation of the problem, standardize the driver and operation management. ⑥ Beidou /GPS positioning, support the ministry of JT/T808, JT/T1076, JT/T905, Geely, Su Biao and other platforms to report transmission.

Richmor‘s Notice On May 1st Labor Day Holiday

Dear friend , wish you all have a wonderful weekend & holiday , also take care in the trip. If you need any AI vehicle products, pls feel free to contact Richmor.

Welcom to our Booth IF. 5601 2023 IFSEC London, from 16th-18th. May.

At this exhibition, we will showcase solutions and high-intelligence products that customers from various cities like. Your participation and recognition motivates us to continue developing innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and partners around the world. Sincerely invite you to come to the exhibition. And I am very grateful for every recognition and support of Richmor Company.

Power Intelligent passenger Counting AI MDVR

has the characteristics of high integration, accuracy and easy installation, and it is widely used in public bus, coach,tour bus and other vehicles. the video link:https://youtu.be/BdD297xeDhs


Richmor 2023 Shenzhen Baoan International Commercial Vehicle Ecological Expo

Happy Valentine's Day

Love travel makes your lover and family travel safer. Richmor driving recorder will protect your lover with you

Richmor's latest product R-WATCH will be released at the end of February

Install the intelligent prompt screen in the car to provide drivers with active safety alarm types and overspeed alarm display combined with buzzer reminders and warnings. Solve the problem that the driver cannot focus on listening to the alarm voice while driving, and can reflect the current alarm type more quickly and intuitively than voice.

A large amount of goods has been packed and shipped before the Spring Festival holiday

For the large order from Saudi customers, dashcam products have been packaged and shipped. Thank you very much for your trust and support in our products.

New Platform software Hetu commercial fleet managment software

Richmor Hetu Vehicle Collecting Cloud is a data management platform, intended for commercial vehicles such as Taxi, school bus, coach, trucks etc. It ...

Reminder of delivery plan for your product and project

Reminder of delivery plan for your product and project Influenced by COVID-19, shipping freight increases a lot this year, especially in the 4th quart...
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5CH 3G/4G GPS WIFI h.264 4CH 720p AHD + 1CH 1080p HD 4ch HDD mobile dvr for taxi/school bus,RCM-MDR7105series5CH 3G/4G GPS WIFI h.264 4CH 720p AHD + 1CH 1080p HD 4ch HDD mobile dvr for taxi/school bus,RCM-MDR7105series5CH 3G/4G GPS WIFI h.264 4CH 720p AHD + 1CH 1080p HD 4ch HDD mobile dvr for taxi/school bus,RCM-MDR7105series5CH 3G/4G GPS WIFI h.264 4CH 720p AHD + 1CH 1080p HD 4ch HDD mobile dvr for taxi/school bus,RCM-MDR7105series5CH 3G/4G GPS WIFI h.264 4CH 720p AHD + 1CH 1080p HD 4ch HDD mobile dvr for taxi/school bus,RCM-MDR7105series

5CH 3G/4G GPS WIFI h.264 4CH 720p AHD + 1CH 1080p HD 4ch HDD mobile dvr for taxi/school bus,RCM-MDR7105series

  • 5CH Million Pixels video surveillance, video recording and playback (4CH real-time 720p Analog HD input + 1CH 1080P  network IP Camera input)
  • 3CH video output (2CH CVBS video output,Support front and rear output; 1CH VGA output for optional )   
  • Exclusive pre-allocate DVR Special File System Technology
  • Support 2 USD ports, data backup and equipment upgrades.
  • Support 9CH alarm input (1CH Analog input + 8CH IO alarm input),2CH Independent alarm output.
  • Support OTG device upgrade automatically, , device can automatically upgrade version update, maintenance is more convenient

5CH 3G/4G GPS WIFI h.264 4CH 720p AHD + 1CH 1080p HD 4ch HDD mobile dvr for taxi/school bus,RCM-MDR7105series






Main Features


*HIS Solution,H.264 Compression,support 5ch Million Pixels video surveillance, video recording and playback (4CH real-time 720p million Analog HD input and analog standard definition camera + 1CH 1080P network camera input);

*3CH video output (2CH CVBS video output,Support front and rear output; 1CH VGA output for optional )   

*Exclusive pre-allocate DVR Special File System Technology,Solving repeatedly wipe cause file fragmentation, solving  storage file system crash, data loss and cannot find storage media and file garbled, ensure the integrity of the data. 

*6-36V wide voltage with low power consumption. Support Reverse Protection,over-voltage/over-current protection.Output max to 10Amps current, support 12V & 5V peripheral equipment power supply. Ultra low power design;

*Unique UPS Technology ensures the integrity of record when power failure occurs,even can last for 8-10s.

*HDD+SD Card Storage ( Support 2.5” HDD, max 128G SD Card) protect from Shock & Dust damage;support USB port data backup and device update;

*Support 2 USD ports, data backup and equipment upgrades.

*Support 9CH alarm input (1CH Analog input + 8CH IO alarm input),2CH Independent alarm output.

*Support HDD heating functions,can work in harsh environment.

*Support GPS/BD/G-Sensor Extension module;

*Realize real-time monitor through 3G/4G;

*Support Broadcast/Intercom/Text sent etc;can add oil sensor/temperature sensor/POS/LED Advertisement Panel; 

*Support OTG device upgrade automatically, , device can automatically upgrade version update, maintenance is more convenient

*Support IOS/Android Phone Remote monitor

*High reliability aviation connectors, high cost performance, stable and reliable. 


Item Parameter
OS Linux
Language English/Chinese/Customized
Video Compression H.264 Compression
OSD Overlays information such as date time and vehicle ID
GUI Graphical User Interface Setup system parameters with the remote control.
Video Record System Video Input 4CH 720P Analog High Definition video+1CH 1080P digital video input ,aviation connector, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω
Video Output 2CH CVBS output+1CH VGA output for optional,1.0Vp-p, 75Ω,Support 1CH Full Screen,4CH Screen view
Preview Support 1 channel and 4 channels preview, 5 channels splice preview Support Manual/Alarm Trigger full screen preview
Resolution 1080P/720P/D1/HD1/CIF, MAX:4 channels of 720P + 1080P / 4 channels of D1
Image Quality 1-4 levels, 1 is the highest level.
Video Standard PAL: 100f/s , CCIR625 line,50field;
NTSC: 120f/s, CCIR525 line,60field;
CIF: 256Kbps ~ 1.5Mbps, 8 level video quality optional;
HD1: 600Kbps ~ 2.5Mbps, 8 level video quality optional;
D1: 800Kbps ~ 3Mbps, 8 level video quality optional;
720P: 4Mbps-6Mbps, multi level video quality optional
Record Mode The default setting is auto recording after power on. Timed recording, alarm trigger recording and manual recording are supported.
Audio Audio Input 4CH Aviation Plug Input
Audio Output 2CH,headphone connect at front panel, BNC Connect on Back panel
Compression G.726 compression, 8KB/s speed
Alarm Input 7CH Alarm Input,1CH AD Input,impulse speed input,Alarm Linkage
Alarm Output 2CH Alarm Output,Support Light/Sound alarm sensor,Oil/Power cut off
Interface 3CH RS232, POS/Fuel Sensor/LED Advertisement Connection
2CH 485 Interface,Connect PTZ Camera
Wireless Transmission Support Built in 3G transmission, WCDMA,CDMA2000,GPRS, EDGE;
Built in 4G module optional, TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE
GPS Position Support Built GPS/BD Module
  HDD Max 2.5” HDD
Storage SD Card Max 128GB SD Card Mirror Recording Keep Data Safety
Update Support USB Updating, SD Card Updating,OTA Remote Updating
File Format H.264
Special FAT32 File System
  USB USB Interface on Front Panel for data back up by U Disk,Hard Disk
Record Replay Video Search Search By Record Time/Record Type etc
Playback Max support 4CH Replay /Stop/Fast/Slow at same time
Support forward and backward play at the speed of: x 2,x4,x8,x16.
Security User/Admin 2 Level Different Password
Optional Functions Voice Call Support voice call each other
TTS Voice Broadcast Support TTS voice broadcast function.
erial Expand Support LED Advertisement Panel,Oil Sensor,POS,Bus Station Broadcaster,Car OBD,ect.external device
Voltage & Power Power Management Wide Voltage.Support Timed/Delay off/ over-load/Reversing connection/voltage shortage/short circuit etc.
Input Voltage DC:+6V - +36V
Output Voltage +12V,1.5A,+5V,1.5A
Power Working <5W
Working Environment Temperature -20℃ - +70℃
Humidity 20% - 80%
Ohters Size 200 (D)* 187(W)* 62(H) mm
Weight 1.90 Kg








Product Features:

 HIS Solution,H.264 Compression,Multiple Streams record ,5CH AHD Video input, 4CH real-time 720p million Analog HD input and analog standard definition camera + 1CH 1080P network camera  input,

 High quality real time recording, 1080P/720P/CIF/HD1/D1 Optional, quality adjustable;

 Professional Car Power Design,6-36V wide voltage,Provide reverse voltage/over-load/short circuit protection, to meet kinds of car application;

 Support 12VDC output voltage,power supply for Camera/Screen etc;
 Max 2TB HDD + 128GB SD Card Mirror Recording,protect DVR from shock & Dust damage;
Watchdog abnormal restart function,protect SD Card and Record;

 Exclusive Pre-allocated Vehicle File System protect data completeness ;

ACC Delay off,can set 24 hours;

Unique UPS Technology ensures the integrity of record when power failure occurs,even can last for 10-15s.

Auto Record/Manual Record/Alarm Record etc working mode to meet different requirements;
Show Car status/Plate/Driving Route/Low Speed/Over Speed information for convenient management;
 Support GPS/BD,3G/4G Module Optional,WIFI extend;
 Strong Network,device configure via IE Web,Support SMS Get device information and configure;
Support Monitoring,Two-way Intercom, PTZ, Alarm,Over-speed,Geo Fence etc through remote control platform;
 8CH IO Alarm input(Door Open,Light,Turn direction,brake,reverse etc),can linkage kinds of alarm;

 2CH Alarm Output,Support Light and Sound alarm sensor,Oil/Power cut off;
 High level aviation interface,easily installation and better shockproof, more stable;

 Support Local Auto-photo when alarm input.

 High reliable aviation connectors input/output, easy installation,stronger anti-vibration.
Easily Smart GUI Interface, saving time in device setting;
Strong Stable Application,Support 3G/4G Real-time monitor, talk-back,playback,record,picture snap etc;
Updated through SD or OTA Remote Automatic updating,more stable and convenient;Support Phone Remote Monitor,Phone Calling etc;

Support PTZ/POS/Oil Sensor/LED Advertisement Panel etc;

Support Ministry of Transport Standard Agreement

Be Customized according your request;





PC&Phone Monitoring

CMSV6  Interface




                                                  CMSV6 In Mobile Phone

                    Have all in the palm of your hand

                                 Real-time monitoring via Mobile Phone

                                                            Support iPhone, Android, iPad system

      Video & Audio Monitoring    Online Vehicle        GPS

    Satellite  Map             Video Storage                

      PTZ control              Tracking Display                          Picture Snapshot             Voice  intercom





Q: During playback, the map doesn't show?
A: Possible reasons are as follows;
1.Net cable did not connect to PC;
2.Net works, but the computer can not get to the Internet;
Q: When SD card and HDD records, How is the record coverage?
A: SD card and HDD will record circularly for each other. When they are full, they
will delete the original video records respectively.

Q: The device was opened, HDD was installed, but the device can not record successful.
A: 1.Check the HDD/SD Card was formatted or not, the unformatted HH/SD Card
can not be used. Enter into the Main Menu – System Setup – Formatting the new
installed HDD/SD Card.
2. If the recording channel is closed, if set the timing recording, it can not recording
when it beyond the period of timing recording.
3. If the HDD is connect well, if the HDD/SD light is on.

















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