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Mobile DVR technology status and industry needs analysis

Mobile DVR technology status and industry needs analysis

Bonnie Lai 2014-09-22 17:26:09

Mobile DVR technology status and industry needs analysis
In recent years, there has been a wide variety of Mobile DVR (Car DVR) on the market, as traditional embedded market segments DVR, Car DVR (definition Car DVR's) also ushered in a lot of security businesses close friends.
Mobile DVR technology status
Mobile DVR belong to traditional embedded market segments, it is the advent of digital video and audio coding technology used in the vehicle and developed a new specific products. Mobile DVR combines digital video and audio codec, harsh environment high-capacity data storage hard drives, automotive electronics, wireless video network transmission, GPS satellite positioning and other advanced technologies, to achieve the passenger transport industry, specialty vehicles industry and other related fields of video and audio surveillance .
Hard disk shock damping technology is a key technology Mobile DVR, Mobile DVR particular function is the difference between traditional embedded DVR. Traditional hard disk shock reinforcement techniques typically use mechanical means, the hard disk suspended in a special shock absorbers, dampers absorb external hard drive vibration and impact energy, to ensure that vulnerable part of the hard disk heads, etc. are not affected by external mechanical vibration. In addition, some manufacturers use the electronic damping program, access to information through an external shock acceleration sensor, to intervene on the hard disk read and write cycles according to the intensity of vibration to protect the hard drive heads to read and write properly. Part Mobile DVR functions on the basis of the video, adding some custom functionality such as automotive transportation industry: GPS satellite positioning, driving record information, media advertising and other functions.
Mobile DVR industry application needs analysis
Mobile DVR according to the application requirements of different industries, can be customized for a variety of functions.
A passenger industry custom function analysis
Passenger demand for automotive industry in addition to the simple DVR car video surveillance functions, but also need a wireless network video surveillance (real-time in order to understand the situation inside and outside the car), GPS satellite positioning, vehicle scheduling, vehicle Voice newspaper stand, vehicle information record, multimedia entertainment advertising and other functions.
Two police vehicles customization features analysis
The main function of public security industry Car DVR are: video surveillance, wireless network transmission, PTZ control. Traffic police are more concerned about how the illegal evidence, the main demand: License Plate Recognition, blacklist than peers. Urban management and transport management and other industries have similar needs and the traffic police.
3, the financial industry custom function analysis
The financial sector require armored vehicles Car DVR stable and reliable work, and in the event of emergencies can be instantly uploaded video and alarm information to a central management platform, and can interact with the monitoring center platform.
4, automotive electronics customization features
Car DVR and automotive electronics-related functions should be combined, for example: cars with data acquisition and upload widely used CAN bus technology, Mobile DVR also should have access to the CAN bus analysis and processing functions, through hard record vehicle information , and important data analysis and processing.
5, other modes of transport Car DVR application
Rail transportation, marine, aviation and other industries also demand real-time monitoring of these industries in addition to the need to increase hard disk shock reinforcement, the need to pay attention to the difference between the power supply and the general car used in such projects, such as: train-vehicle equipment offers power mostly DC48V or DC110V, while ordinary vehicle power for DC12V or DC24V.