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Each part constituent elements of building a simple home security system

Each part constituent elements of building a simple home security system

Bonnie Lai 2014-10-13 18:02:56

Each part constituent elements of building a simple home security system
   With the gradual improvement of living standards and strengthen people's awareness of home security, a reliable home security systems have become a necessity of life. In recent years, the rise of smart home is to make the route to the development of intelligent home security. So for an ordinary family, build a simple home security system which factors need consideration? We simply for analysis.
Construction of home security system requirements
Concealment does not affect the appearance
For home users, the concealment is probably a little more we consider, after all, in a family environment, beautiful still is the primary factor, if the device is too big too obvious, then, not only would undermine the efficiency of the overall layout As a result, the manufacturing life of unnecessary tension. Is the effect on security and defense itself, will be greatly reduced. Therefore, installation and monitoring of choice for families, the concealment, as well as aesthetics, it is our base security performance in the shop Basis, we should pay more attention to the problem.
Essential barrier to protect fixed power
In fact, for home security, it's for our needs can be said to be rare. However, the demand is low and then builds up a working implementation. If you experience a power outage at work, or is damaged power intruder, then even the best equipment also will become futile. So, perfect power protection measures to protect our system is actually working and a focus.
Quality is the key to safe and reliable
For civilian control, its complexity may be far simpler than many industrial applications, but the same as the small but perfectly formed. Simple does not mean improvise. Only if we seize these simple and practical standards, but to be able to make our system more smoothly play our desire security needs.
Here we come under the composition of elaborate home security system can be divided into access control systems, surveillance systems and burglar alarm three:
An access control system
The so-called "man guards the pass Wan Fu Mo open", apparently, access has become the most important security tool. Now in the area are generally in the corridor intercom system installed, which should be regarded as the first line of home security. Of course, a lot of the old district of residential security management is not perfect, for such families, people are more inclined to choose the security door to defend the family as safe "Iron General."
Second, the monitoring system
For home security, the monitoring system is already catching on now, especially with the popularity of computers, home monitoring appears to be a necessity. However, the purchase of the monitoring system is like buying a phone, are subject to various According to their needs to different monitoring systems topics. Before we determine product support, should determine their own prevention requirements, understand the relevant product knowledge, product support program to determine the actual situation. When conditions The best draw simple product support and installation plan, listing each product installation location, installation, use and other accessories, in order to avoid missing the East West during the installation, the situation is affecting installation.
Here to introduce you to two commonly used home monitoring program:

Monitoring system configuration diagram

1, network cameras
You only need to buy a network camera (usually also need to add a router), the network camera is connected to the router via a network cable, you can achieve LAN monitoring. In most cases do something in the router port Mapping can be remotely monitored. At present, some manufacturers have already realized the route through the technology does not require users to router settings, truly plug and play, for computer users who are not familiar with is a good thing.
Network cameras monitoring the front end does not need a computer to fit you can achieve remote monitoring via the Internet, through the client software can not only view, but also can directly browse through IE. In addition, most network cameras also support motion detection, video, historical playback, capture and other functions.
Since the monitoring front-end embedded devices only need one, reduce costs, reduce the complexity of installation, maintenance is simple. Installation, and now many are already live network, you can directly use, if the video cable, often re-wiring and high cost.
2, camera video capture card computer monitoring software
Now all kinds of capture cards basically have their own monitoring software, remote monitoring in general can achieve, users need to buy cameras, video capture card (usually free distribution software) on their own computer plugged capture card, then the camera connection with the acquisition card, run the monitoring software can achieve LAN and remote monitoring
Third, anti-theft alarm system.
Home security alarm system diagram

   Home security systems, anti-theft system isnd also underestimated the proportion, home burglar alarm system usually consists of: composed detector (also known as the alarm) carbon monoxide gas alarm, transmission channel and alarm controller of three parts. News Police probe is composed of sensors and signal processing, to detect intruders or smoke intrusion device from the electronic and mechanical components is the key anti-theft alarm system, and sensor alarm detector is Core components. Using different principles sensors, may be constructed of different types, for different purposes, different detection means reaches the alarm detection purposes.
Typically, home burglar alarm system uses the host, various types of detectors connected via wireless or wired, to achieve anti-theft alarm. Host Connection fixed telephone line, if police intelligence, in accordance with the customer to set the phone or the phone number dialing the police.
Anti-theft alarm system is an important facility prevent theft, robbery, and fire and other accidents. Once an emergency occurs, you can quickly notify the owner by telephone, to facilitate the rapid take emergency measures to prevent accidents or disasters expand