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Is the image of the modern Santa Claus created by the Coca Cola Co?

Is the image of the modern Santa Claus created by the Coca Cola Co?

2017-12-27 19:14:31
Today, in the United States the status of Christmas, the basic equivalent of Chinese Spring Festival, its meaning and form are similar, namely family reunion, the children received the gift of love. However, in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic, Americans only celebrated Thanksgiving. No one had been celebrating Christmas. A few areas, such as Boston, celebrating Christmas were illegal, and they would be fined. It was not until the influx of German immigrants that Christmas was slowly popularized in the United States and accepted by everyone. 

Christmas is not the date of the birth of Jesus, and the Bible does not contain the exact date of the birth of Jesus. Its predecessor was the sun god festival in the Rome Empire, which was replaced by Christian culture and turned into Christmas. This is the origin of the Chinese like the Lantern Festival, the ancient India area came from the lamp for the Buddha ceremony, to replace the old Chinese local lantern festival. 

The Christmas tree from the ancient German customs, from Germanic and Nordic Ski stag wild hunting Festival, day after by all kinds of literature and constantly improve. The prototype of Santa Claus is generally known as around 300 A.D., the famous Turkey priest San Nicola (Saint Nicholas) is known for giving gifts to people quietly and helping others. When it was spread to Holland, he was called Santa Claus because of the phonetic distortion. In combination with folklore, his residence became the North Pole. 

Santa Nicola, the archetype of Santa Claus, looks like this (Russian painting at the end of the thirteenth Century).