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Ten hot issues of vehicle monitoring 3

Ten hot issues of vehicle monitoring 3

richmor richmor.net 2017-10-18 13:04:52
Seven. What are the main features of vehicle monitoring system?
The main features of vehicle monitoring system are: Richmor as a professional manufacturer, we focus on providing customers with the most advanced Dual camera dvr wifi G-snesor.

(1) wide voltage, because the car's power supply is inverter, voltage range between 8-32 volts, so the host power board should have the above functions; 

(2) to multi physics, such as electronic shockproof structure; motherboard components to avoid the motherboard connector, fixed itself with shock absorbers; the latest H.264 car video series of car adopts the structure of hard disk suspension and the hanging; can be very good to avoid the bad influence effects of the vibration of the host; 

(3) professional and convenient installation interface, the car video recorder series is a standard aviation connector, so that it can avoid the installation of the car after the bumpy process, resulting in short circuit, open circuit phenomenon; 

(4) the use environment of the vehicle is special and bad, so the main host itself must have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, dustproof and anti impact. 

Eight, manufacturers in the face of customers, only to provide monitoring of individual components, or to provide a complete set of systems? 

At present, the sales and service modes of domestic manufacturers are different. At present is to provide customers with professional system solutions, not only to provide a full range of multi price system supporting products. Such as the economy, H.264, functional to meet the customer demand in various industries, but also provides a complete protection box, camera, microphone etc.. 
Nine, when the domestic vehicle monitoring began to use? What cities have installed? How effective? Richmor-China Professional FHD Dvr video recorder supplier

The domestic vehicle monitoring demand probably in 2003 has begun to rise, but with the development of the market, automotive products gradually from low-end products to the end of the MJPEG MEPG2 H.264 and high-end product transition, product stability test and maturation in the market has been greatly improved, the product applications gradually from public security, truck and other special vehicles to civilian vehicle conversion, the market is also more and more wide coverage. 

From the current installation effect, mainly play the following aspects:
(1) securicar Video: the vehicle running time and entourage, as well as securicar external environment for video surveillance, ensure securicar and the safety box, can be very good to avoid some accident.
(2) long-distance bus video: due to long-distance bus travel time, distance, and on more staff, passengers need to sleep (night bus), criminal acts have occurred; especially great influence on roadblockers theft, robbery and other incidents; and criminals who commit crimes, not easy to leave the bus monitor is evidence.

(3) the video of the tour bus: the tour bus crew is complex and needs to get along with each other for a few days. Some valuables have been lost from time to time, which seriously affects the reputation of the tourism company.

(4) the CMB bus video bus: because of a large crowd, commuting time, some even become a thief stealing powerful, dedicated staff to work, the masses are great; secondly, the bus driver and passenger service level and attitude also need to record.

(5) large truck Video: large trucks due to long journey, often stolen and robbed on the way, need to record, help to solve the case. 

Ten, from a technical point of view, how can in the similar 842 bus fire incident, as soon as possible to alarm and after the event to identify the cause of the incident in a timely manner?

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