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Wireless surveillance security market explosive growth 3

Wireless surveillance security market explosive growth 3

richmor richmor.net 2017-10-11 20:40:09
From the security industry environment, network monitoring is a major trend in the development of the industry. However, the actual market share of network monitoring is still very low, the industry believes that this is the domestic network environment is not mature enough. At the same time, the domestic trend more obvious current HD monitoring, monitoring of many well-known manufacturers have already started to launch more HD 700 line camera, some manufacturers have even started in the industry launched the first million pixel camera. 

The widespread use of these high-definition monitoring front ends, the transmission pressure will become heavier. Thus, for the arrival of 4G networks, the industry generally applauded. Everyone believes that, compared with 3G, 4G is mainly in the transmission bandwidth, transmission speed up a lot, in addition, there will be a major breakthrough in stability.

At the same time, the use of the charge flow is also a lot of people concerned about the topic, due to various operators to develop packages are not the same, resulting in high operational services, the wireless HD monitoring promotion difficult. It is understood that, 4G network using a gradual introduction of the method, in the original 3G on the basis of technology upgrading, the cost will naturally reduce a lot. 

Stakeholders said that the cost of future 4G networks will be lower than the current 3G package costs. Richmor as a professional manufacturer, we focus on providing customers with the most advanced FHD Dvr video recorder 1080p.

So, if the 4G network can solve the problems of bandwidth, stability, traffic cost and so on, the impact on HD monitoring will be revolutionary. That is to say, the development of 4G network technology will make the wireless monitoring a tiger with wings added.
Applications: wireless video surveillance technology, mainstream applications
Due to the portability and flexibility of wireless monitoring, wireless monitoring applications mainly include the following categories:

Unable to deploy the application scene of cable monitoring: such as transportation (car, train, ship), law enforcement (police, inspectors), special escort (armed police, bank, hazardous chemicals), moving conditions, and not laying cable network coverage; Richmor-China Professional Dvr h264 wholesales china.

Can be deployed but the cost is too high or temporary wiring will have cost scenarios: the former such as resource monitoring (forests, rivers, oil, transformer substation, station, station, port and border area), often due to the geographical environment and work content restrictions, wide area, sparse user case, cable monitoring circuit outdoor construction cycle is very long, the maintenance cost is very high, even impossible, such as the public security investigation of temporary deployment, army field training, temporary construction sites, temporary venues, convention and Exhibition center;

Need to add new monitoring applications: such as family, community, shops, small and medium-sized enterprises, buildings, bridges, tunnels, junctions and so on, the two construction, it is best not to destroy the original decoration or work surface;
The application should not close to the scene, such as: acute emergency command (flood, fire and rescue), inflammable and explosive dangerous places, the masses of large gatherings, the important tasks of security field, disease area, microbial risk areas, need to be in a relatively short period of time to build a set of complete monitoring network.

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