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Intelligent and networked application of vehicle DVR

Intelligent and networked application of vehicle DVR

Richmor richmor.net 2017-07-07 16:18:04
The past two years, the Car DVR varieties on the market (car DVR), as the traditional embedded DVR market segments, Car DVR also ushered in many companies today. Car DVR inherited the development direction of network technology, embedded DVR Intelligent Car DVR products, also should have GPS satellite positioning and other functions in accordance with the traffic industry custom function.

Vehicle DVR intelligent
But for the DVR, the first thing to do is to narrow the dynamic voltage and current. Richmor-China professional School Bus Mobile  DVR wholesales

How to ensure the normal work of Car DVR, voltage and current stability is very important, but on the other hand, the input power equipment is fixed, by W=U*I shows that when the voltage change current also changes the direction of change with voltage current is always the opposite. So if the starting voltage is lower, the relative starting current will increase.

The macro is so simple, but can do this stable function and ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it takes a lot of effort, the first is the design of protection circuit, power supply board to know the Car DVR within 1 hours to withstand the impact of hundreds of times, the protection circuit is not good, light power plate is damaged, while direct breakdown power board motherboard burned.

Seismic design: the anti seismic design of on-board hard disk video recorder is very important. In fact, it is how to protect the hard disk.  Richmor as a professional manufacturer, we concentrate ourselves on providing customers with most advanced 4ch mobile Digital Video recorder.

Because the current hard disk are mechanical shaft disk read-write head and disk distance of only a few microns, if the naked eye, the read-write head is attached to the disk, but even if you do not understand the hard disk you should understand, 5400 RPM hard drive to rotate at least 90 times per second, if the read / write head is attached to the top, with long, the read-write head is not grinding.

So close, if the earthquake is not done well, as long as the head of a little bit of fibrillation, ranging from hard disk, while the read-write head crash (hard disk terminology). So hardware seismic resistance is very important. For more information, please click Vehicle DVR manufacturer china