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Home monitoring storage needs analysis

Home monitoring storage needs analysis

Susie 2014-08-26 11:44:34

Home monitoringStorage Requirements Analysis 

In recent years, the name of the security market with hot,MonitoringHas entered ordinary people's homes, home security has become one of the protagonist. Technology for civilian use of the Internet security market is opened to the "box" for the service side of the security services to develop the civilian market. But as the market hot, and growing homogenization of consumer products in the gem was also unable to meet the choices for families, monitored in the end how to choose?

Early've shared with everyone appearance and manipulation, storage focus here today, in fact, currently the home monitoring device similar, for the average home user needs can be met, it is often not much of a problem for the selection function .

FamilySurveillance camerasStorage classification

As we all know, the first security industry does not distinguish between the civilian and industrial applications so clear, if monitoring needs of home users, just buy some low-end devices for simple surveillance, such as throughDVRAnd analog surveillance equipment is simple link. And now the home monitoring device applications are very simple to achieve a monitor storage integration platform, and the volume is also greatly reduced, user placed anywhere in the home.

Current storage household surveillance cameras can be divided into two types, namely, local storage and network storage (cloud storage). Instead, the majority of users, home monitoring devices are implemented remote monitoring, through the deployment of the mobile terminal APP software, as long as there is a network where users can view all the loving family realized without geographical and time limitations. For the average home user, these two may be stored for your application is not too great, but for those of larger storage capacity user requirements, it should be first choice for home monitoring device cloud storage class.

Monitor storage portability

When it comes to portability, regardless of home monitoring equipment using local storage or network storage, as long as there is a network where you can achieve loving family viewing, and through home monitoring device alarm function, if there is a stranger broke into, users can first For a time receive early warning information, watch everything that happens at home through open cameras. Possibly through this perspective, the performance of both the portability is not obvious.

However, portability is not merely in one aspect, but the performance of the monitoring device into consideration. The current home monitoring device supports TF card maximum of only 32G, loving home for the realization of real-time video, may not meet the long video users. The network storage space is no requirement for the size, mass arbitrary storage space, no matter where the user can achieve anycast or video-on-demand applications more user friendly.

11 minutes 71M file size

The author had also tested for home monitoring equipment, recorded 11 minutes, resulting in approximately 71M or so video files, large dating 6.5M per minute to produce a video about, count to one day occupy the approximate size of the space around 9G, visible local storage is not suitable for long recording video.

Some localized storage of surveillance equipment, in order to reduce the space occupied by the video data, and the use of the images stored in ways that either the user or the device itself take the initiative to intercept the alarm screen shots, are manifested in the form of pictures, though in space can save a lot on, but also lost the ability to capture information on the movie screen, missed much of the important information.

Home monitoring store safety

For home users, home monitoring information related to too much personal privacy, so the security of the information it is very important. The local storage and network storage for safety and what impact, what is the manner in which more security?

Most people would probably think that the video is not enough information in the cloud storage security, after all, as in the side of the memory card to the "reality", but if you take into account that once hacking your monitoring device, the video feed is stored locally information will be displayed in front of sweeping hackers, of course, not to mention privacy problem.

Prior exposure CCTV monitoring equipment already loopholes criminals can easily monitor network into the home, not just individual users and even some malls, shops also were the "black hands." Hackers can not only view your information, but also play tricks on the monitor screen, the user can see the picture is not really home screen, the user may simply be a hacker to create the "illusion."

The cloud storage sucked video information is stored in a dedicated server, regardless of the user or others, are required to access certain privileges, and the data is stored after encryption is achieved, even if they are invading criminals, he can not see you video information, to protect user privacy is very helpful.

For both storage home monitoring devices, can not simply say that one is better, but the store's home monitoring trends, the future application of certain additional monitoring equipment cloud storage, big data, cloud storage, intelligent analysis technology must be the next big trend monitoring equipment development.