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4G HD Car main business model is the future

4G HD Car main business model is the future

2014-07-19 12:13:55

[REVIEW] With 4G gradually, driven by the developed countries and China's construction of commercial 4G commercial network, the wireless network bandwidth to grow exponentially, telecommunications charges Awards continue to drop, vehicle monitoring have begun to enter the field of transition from the 3G to 4G transition, Car 4G monitor market size and skill level ......

December 04, 2013 the Ministry of day laborers released 4G licenses to three operators, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have received TD-LTE license, marking the 4G development will enter a new chapter in the wireless network will be fully upgraded. With the 4G network technology development and popularization of the security industry will inject new vitality, promote the application security industry upgrading and technological innovation of products, the security industry will continue to adjust the industrial structure and optimize a new round of industry change coming The new market will highlight industry.

3G wireless technology has undergone five years of commercial, in-car 3G wireless video surveillance technology to replace the traditional local automotive drive, SD card monitoring technology has become the main form of vehicle monitoring, and solve many of the shortcomings of traditional vehicle monitoring. Car 3G wireless video surveillance system can be a local hard drive and video network server storage, data integrity and security are protected effectively, managers can also video surveillance tube Management platform for real-time video viewing, vehicle monitoring and management with a real-time, greatly improving the vehicle operating management level. With the push of 4G gradually developed our commercial and commercial building 4G networks , The wireless network bandwidth to grow exponentially, telecommunications charges Awards continue to drop, vehicle monitoring have begun to enter the field of transitional shift from the 3G to 4G, 4G monitor vehicle market size and skill level will be rapidly Development of.

Development 4G vehicle monitoring security industry breakthroughs points

At present, China's construction standards and supporting infrastructure level and network coverage 4G network base stations are at a lower level. On a remote road in the town of vehicle monitoring can not be used in the short term to the 4G network, and only in some of the first-tier cities and the deployment of 4G network priority urban public transport vehicle 4G wireless monitoring be possible to get a certain degree of application, and covers parts of the city area did not reach all areas of the city bus operations.

With the lower cost base station construction and upgrades, under the influence of full market competition and national policies and other factors, 4G network coverage will also be popular and will continue to cut rates, lower tariffs, higher bandwidth will allow More and more customers choose vehicle 4G monitoring applications. So 4G vehicle monitoring will be the next major security industry trends and profit growth point.

4G HD Car Integrated Gateway is not only the main business model is the future

4G communication technology in the early relative to the current 3G applications in vehicle monitoring aspect is not much change in the system functions, the most important change is that the video quality and network transmission speed Enhance the degree of respect. In the 3G network environment, vehicle monitoring commonly used video quality D1 and CIF formats. 4G network bandwidth compared to the 3G upgrade several times, to achieve high-definition video in real time investigation Look and remote download, vehicle monitoring will promote the HD direction. Meanwhile, while the video analysis software during a crime recognized driving fatigue monitoring, flow statistics is also based on high-quality video-based application On-board video surveillance to really make intelligent level. 4G advantage of its high-speed transmission can effectively solve the real-time view vehicle monitoring screen video delay problem, download car remote video surveillance applications will become more popular.

IPCamera when the 4G network reached a level of maturity, as the popularity of the operator's network coverage, tariff reduction and other reasons, the vehicle 4G video surveillance may be provided by 4G vehicle monitoring terminal gateway to an integrated system with SD card function + The way to achieve multi-channel D1 video signal acquisition, storage and transmission. Meanwhile, with the development of in-vehicle Wi-Fi and car advertising business, more value-added services and vehicle monitoring information will likely want integration, form a set of monitoring, Entertainment, communications in one highly integrated comprehensive vehicle monitoring system, all communication with the transmission of information through an integrated system will focus on vehicle gateway. HD and intelligent vehicle monitoring system not only protect the car personnel Life and property safety, the passenger can also provide local video, pictures, music browsing and Wi-Fi internet access.