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4G communication technology to help open a new era of wireless monitoring

4G communication technology to help open a new era of wireless monitoring

2014-07-18 17:36:37

Wide range of wireless monitoring applications

Currently, the main use of wireless Internet access wireless transmission way, "video surveillance Controlled by the cable into the wireless access is an inevitable trend. "Whether it is 3G or just wifi or, on the current market, wireless is only a supplement to the wired, in automotive applications, temporary premises supervisor Some of the many convenient wiring environment control, emergency command, forest fire prevention, building a mobile monitoring very large market, because these environments can not be solved by traditional wired mode. With the maturity of the network, the future of 3G, 4G to And many places in the city to establish a wireless, wireless monitoring prospects will be very good.

A wide range of wireless monitoring applications have obvious advantages compared with conventional solutions

With the increasing development of wireless technology, wireless transmission technology is increasingly being accepted by all walks of life. Wireless monitoring as a special use have gradually been promising users. Easy to install, flexible, cost-effective Advanced features make more industry monitoring system using wireless monitoring mode, the connection is established monitoring points and monitoring centers. Wireless monitoring technology has been in the modern area, traffic, transportation, water conservancy, transport, security, consumer Defense and other fields has been widely used.

Traditional wireless monitoring and surveillance program, compared with the following three advantages:

An integrated, low cost, just a one-time investment, no trenching pipe, especially for outdoor distance and has been renovated occasions; In many cases, users are often due to geographical constraints and job content, such as Mountain, harbor and open to special geographical environment, wired networks, cable transmission cabling works great inconvenience, wired construction cycle is very long, or even impossible to achieve. At this time, the use of wireless monitoring can To get rid of the shackles of cable, installed a short cycle, easy maintenance, and strong expansion capability to quickly recover the cost.

2, low maintenance costs, wireless monitoring and maintenance is maintained by the network provider, the front-end equipment is plug and play, maintenance-free system.

Wireless monitoring system is a combination of monitoring and wireless transmission technology, which can be on-site real-time transmission of information in different locations to wireless monitoring center through wireless means of communication. In the wireless monitoring system, wireless monitoring center needs real The video information is obtained when the monitoring point, and the video information must be continuous and clear. In wireless monitoring point, usually use the camera to capture real-time scene, the camera is connected through a wireless video transmission equipment, And through the radio waves to transmit data signals to the monitoring center.

3, can be widely used in a wide range of distribution in many areas scattered security monitoring, traffic monitoring, industrial monitoring, home monitoring. Such as: teller machines, nursing homes, power stations, oil and so on.

Three major problems restricting the development of wireless monitoring

While traditional wired wireless monitoring and surveillance programs, compared with a low overall cost, short installation period, easy to maintain, flexible networking, scalability, and easy transformation, low maintenance costs and many other advantages, however, wireless monitoring easier in disturbed data security risks exist, insufficient bandwidth and other shortcomings, are likely to restrict the application of wireless technology in video surveillance systems.

First transmission signal interference. Because the technology is based on microwave radio, video, data transmission on the radio attached to the microwave, the existence of the air wave clutter interference is not predict early, often in practice, the signal interference is a very common situation.

To overcome the wireless signal interference, not only need to work in terms of interference from wireless technology, but also to work together in many ways, such as the ability to enhance the video coding algorithm, using efficient video compression ratio, improved video transmission re-correction capability of transmission errors Data provided resumed algorithm.

Followed by the network bandwidth issues. Obviously, the wireless network bandwidth is far better than a wired network, a wired network systems, video surveillance systems available bandwidth is very easy to reach 100Mb / s, while the wireless network system, usually no higher than the bandwidth of 10Mb / s.

For video surveillance system is characterized mainly upload large video data, while the downlink control data flow is relatively small, where the wireless video surveillance system to calculate the size of upstream bandwidth, which determines the access number of the camera. Other In addition, environmental factors also affect the bandwidth normally, while cable networks affected by the environment is much smaller than the wireless network. Only when the signal is strongest when the wireless network in order to achieve its standard bandwidth. If there are any obstacles or days Line slightly mobile, wireless network signal may occur significant attenuation.

Finally is the security issue. Reverberation open wireless transmission mode determines the wireless data transmission network is likely to have been intercepted, this will give a huge risk sensitive video data. If someone maliciously taking illegal way wireless signal interception, will be able to easily decipher the contents of the radio transmission.

4G upgrade help break the limitations of home security

Currently based primarily on wireless security monitoring domestic 3G operators for transmission, 3G network has its own limitations in achieving high-definition monitor, but 4G networks are a good solution to related problems. From pilot testing 4G Data, the rate is 10 times the 3G 4G, the download speeds of up to 100M, upload speed is 20M, and the bandwidth required for the general monitoring of the basic HD 720P between 2M-4M per channel, which can be Well positioned to meet the demand for high-definition monitor wireless bandwidth.

Through the 4G network, users can not only view the real-time surveillance video, you can also choose the transfer of video over a certain time period for historical back Put the view, and according to need access to a variety of alarms, view live or facilitate timely deal with emergencies; still remote deployment on a computer terminal, fortification, regulation camera angles for viewing, and can achieve single / multi-screen Arbitrary switching. Monitoring platform on the Internet, can also form a small command center monitoring through mobile phones and other mobile devices.

The arrival of the era of 4G wireless networks will subsequently upgraded 2nd generation or 3rd generation before network transmission equipment on the market will gradually lose upgrade old security products transformation imperative, and follow the development of communication technology upgrading to meet market demand. In addition, with the popularity of 4G wireless video surveillance applications will further expand, both in industry and home security market or civilian market prospects are worth optimistic.

With the rapid development of people's living standards improve and network technology, more and more in-depth security people. Development of children, especially in recent years to improve information technology and people's living environment, to promote awareness of people on home security to an unprecedented strengthening. Thanks to the rapid development of network technology makes remote care of children, family pets, family situation and other real-time monitoring becomes a possibility.