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Arson bus from Hangzhou to see vehicle monitoring market developments

Arson bus from Hangzhou to see vehicle monitoring market developments

2014-07-16 18:41:45

7 May at 17:00 on the 5th, a 7 bus Hangzhou Dongpo Road and Qingchun Road passing through the intersection when the car burst into flames. Accident 29 people were injured, including 15 cases of critically ill patients, no deaths. The next day the police recovered from the scene of the bus-car video monitor screen, confirm that: at 16:09 on the 5th, wearing a light-colored T-shirt, dark pants male suspect with a dark shoulder bag from 7 bus station on Lingyin car, sitting in the back door to take care of special seat, hidden under the seat bag. 17:03, the suspect got dumped fuel, and with a lighter ignited a fire inside the compartment immediately. So the police investigation found that this was arson incident. 7th arson suspect identity is determined, Hangzhou police announced the case solved.

Precisely tune the police bus accident sent the surveillance video, the picture is true to the scene. Arson occurred during the entire vehicle monitoring have been shot down on the bus, it is through this important video information, the suspect was quickly locked.

In the arson case, the vehicle monitoring system will undoubtedly play an important role in boosting the Hangzhou public security departments to solve the case quickly and announce the case to the outside world for the first time. The monitoring device through the car quickly locked the suspect in the national bus deflagration event is also the first case. Then, in the bus burning process, vehicle monitoring afraid of fire it? In the fiercely burning hot environment, vehicle monitoring systems and how we can save the data to be restored?

First, there is a fully enclosed aluminum chassis, it is a good cut off from the outside in harsh environments (such as fire and water) on the impact of the internal structure, to ensure that the hard disk is not damaged; followed by the super capacitor device can be built in this Under special circumstances play a power protection to ensure that the device before shutdown complete record of critical data. The third is the special quality of the equipment used in the cable above the normal video transmission lines, are embedded in the inner wall of the compartment when the cable is installed, reducing the failure rate of the cable. In addition, the device supports automatic backup storage mechanism, if installed on the device or SD card solid state drive, solid state disk video storage can also be achieved, ordinary hard drive automatic backup feature, you can achieve better data on the hard drive and dual protection.

Can be seen in emergencies, vehicle monitoring system can record critical data before shutting down, it is also the matter of the special needs of the arson investigation findings field screen. So long in the humid air, bumpy road, sustained high temperatures and other harsh environments, vehicle monitoring system is to protect the normal work?

1, in terms of environmental adaptability, vehicle monitoring uses a fully enclosed aluminum chassis, hard drive protection uses a hard drive shock patented technology to ensure a bumpy road in severe environments to minimize hard disk failure rate;

2, the data transmission, the device is suitable vehicle environment using aviation head interface, combined with a dedicated video transmission cable to ensure the camera images to the vehicle monitoring host;

3, in terms of protection mechanisms, equipment built super capacitor module, cycle to work up to more than 100 million times, with power protection equipment, to ensure that the equipment in the case of illegal off normal shutdown, reducing damage to the hard drive, ensuring data integrity;

4, in addition to vehicle monitoring host using 6-36V wide power input module, power module dedicated vehicle key components of electronic devices, to ensure DC power output, while the power supply module has a self-recovery with rapid electronic short circuit protection, effective Avoid over-current impact on the load transient surges and effective protection.

Vehicle monitoring technology trends

Urban transit is an essential means of transport. In recent years, due to the frequent traffic accidents, vehicle monitoring has been the popularity of government support. Important branches of car video surveillance system video surveillance security industry as its value and role is not limited to "theft recording function" on a greater role in public safety will be.

Car DVR capabilities far beyond the local video on this basis function Car DVR can achieve a lot of features, you can play a greater role in public security. For example, through the device comes with its own alarm input interface can add alarms, such as smoke alarms, smell gas alarm, high temperature alarm, etc.) in a timely manner to send alarm signals to the management center background, the management center can immediately see the video of the police vehicle, easy to control the center of the first time to grasp the situation, promptly inform the driver via the device functions to make the right voice intercom treatment measures. I believe that in the near future will be able to achieve real-time early warning risk behaviors through intelligent video analysis technology, when the blacklist recorded on public security personnel to enter the bus system, vehicle monitoring devices combine high recognition system will prompt warning information to the driver and back Management Center, an early warning threat appears.

Vehicle monitoring role in the protection of public safety, and real-time early warning function is technically no longer exists difficulty. With the wireless network coverage and enhance urban transmission bandwidth, image data can be transmitted in real time DVR car to the backstage management center, on an urgent matter and treatment can greatly improve the ability to respond quickly to public safety, and in a timely manner in order to prevent harm to expand Rescue buy time.

Vehicle monitoring system can play a greater role in public safety, which also benefited from a variety of integrated applications automatically sensing devices, such as to perceive heat, sound, smell, smoke and other devices on-board hardware collection monitoring system, This is to improve the monitoring of the same breadth, are more complete and comprehensive obtain valid data, alarm and increase accuracy.

And through face recognition, abnormal behavior, such as video analysis techniques to identify vehicle monitoring system in better implementation of crime prevention dangerous elements on public transport. With respect to the prevention of security intelligence analysis and retrieval of video face recognition cues used in public safety, there is a certain behavior recognition of the difficulty of the current technology.


Bus transportation is an important tool for people to travel, but the frequent occurrence of security incidents. Bus arson tragedy many times have become inarticulate Shame society. At the same time, we also see the popularity of public transportation vehicle monitoring has become a trend, but in technology, there are still some bottlenecks, especially in smart technology, there are many obstacles to application integration technologies. Public safety requires more joint efforts to deter criminals luck, but also the city a peaceful sky.