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Wireless video surveillance in many fields to be optimistic about the future development prospects

Wireless video surveillance in many fields to be optimistic about the future development prospects

2014-07-15 18:10:57

Wireless video surveillance system is a small remote digital monitoring system, and supporting the use of network cameras, can be connected to a wired or wireless network, easy to install, does not require the user to configure a dedicated computer and gathering additional video equipment. Users can use a mobile phone or computer as a monitoring terminal device, anytime, anywhere to receive alarm messages and view the surveillance video. With the development of wireless remote video monitoring system is undoubtedly the future direction of development.

Advantage of wireless video surveillance

An integrated, low cost, more stable performance. Just a one-time investment, no trenching pipe, especially for outdoor distance and has renovated occasions; In many cases, users often due to the geographical environment and job content restrictions, such as mountains, harbors and open land, and other special geographical environment, wired networks, cable transmission cabling works great inconvenience, wired construction cycle is very long, or even impossible to achieve. At this time, the use of wireless monitoring can get rid of the shackles of cable, installed cycle is short, easy to maintain, strong expansion capability to quickly recover the cost advantage.

2, flexible networking, scalability, plug and play. Managers can quickly add new wireless monitoring points to an existing network, no need for new transmission network rollout, additional equipment, remote wireless monitoring easily.

3, low maintenance costs. Wireless monitoring and maintenance is maintained by the network provider, the front-end equipment is plug and play, maintenance-free system.

4, the wireless monitoring system is a combination of monitoring and wireless transmission technology, which can be on-site real-time transmission of information in different locations to wireless monitoring center through wireless means of communication, and automatically form a video database to facilitate future retrieval.

5, the wireless monitoring system, wireless video monitoring center to be monitored in real time to get the point, and the video information is continuous, clear. In wireless monitoring point, usually use the camera to capture real-time scene, the camera is connected via wireless video transmission equipment, and through the radio waves to transmit data signals to the monitoring center.

The rapid development of network technology and wireless technology to promote a variety of network technology, network products have emerged, wireless technology is increasingly being accepted by all walks of life. Wireless transmission of this technology has experienced a short period of time to get in today's rapid development, so that the future of technology wireless city becomes infinite possibilities.

Wireless video surveillance applications in many fields

1, cell secure wireless video surveillance

In China, residential security applications is still in a primary stage, there are many deficiencies. The first is the cell internal control issues surrounding public spaces and land. Installed in the perimeter and the main entrance camera, monitoring center within the district to implement Security 24-hour shift on duty, but we should understand that no matter how dedicated security personnel to monitor, they can not simultaneously watch multiple video images, and can not be prolonged stare the monitoring of TV watching. The majority of computer monitors only 1-2 district, polling a dozen or even dozens of surveillance cameras, making it difficult to achieve an effective real-time monitoring. Moreover, the way criminals are now implementing a crime has diversified, traditional security systems have no way to meet the demand. Secondly, residential alarm system is not perfect. Some families have access to high-end residential and detector alarm host, network monitoring center to the district, but the system is rarely true in normal use.

2, prisons, detention centers and drug addiction treatment wireless video surveillance

Application prisons, detention centers and addiction treatment center, the main used in indoor, indoor environment and environmental change relative to a single relatively stable through the analysis of a variety of intelligent wireless video analysis functions in the practical application of this environment, some important and detection accuracy high application extracted, for example: wireless video quality diagnostic, cordon, got up, area guarding, strenuous exercise, the value of the post, in order to achieve high detection accuracy (99%), low false alarm rate, reaching better assist management effectiveness.

3, high-definition video surveillance bayonet

Application of the Safe City in HD bayonet through a single camera specifications, consistent installation conditions require, fill light camera parameters specific system design, can be controlled, fixed camera scene, the outdoor section of the image during the day and night and maintaining a variety of environmental changes in good agreement, enabling the system to capture high-resolution images of moving targets and identifying characteristics.

4, bank ATM machine

Bank ATM machine generally range is relatively small, relatively homogeneous environment, and fill light conditions in general are better, it is very good conditions for the intelligent wireless video analysis. And the bank ATM machine involving sensitive money, the demand for security is relatively high, the specific application of intelligent wireless video analytics more successful, such as: face recognition, trailing, strenuous exercise, abnormal movements and so on.

5, industrial inspection video surveillance

Industrial inspection has been widely applied in the field of intelligent wireless video analysis technology, the use of intelligent industrial cameras resolution can be reached 1/10mm, over artificial vision, a special camera can achieve higher accuracy. In the beverage industry, intelligent wireless video analysis can help determine the height of the installation drinks, caps installed correctly, vendors and other signs are clear, industrial inspection are generally indoors, the camera can be fixed installation conditions, adequate fill light, relative to a single detection feature enables intelligent wireless video analysis can be relatively more successful applications. Including access to more successful applications in various fields of automobile manufacturing, tire manufacturing, logistics, machinery manufacturing, printing quality testing, wireless video processing industry, iron and steel foundry industry and agriculture.

6, the medical image analysis

In medicine, wireless intelligent video analysis also gained more successful applications, the use of modern technology equipment, can capture clear images under a microscope, the use of physical methods of analysis is the most reliable method of medicine. A typical application is the urine analysis apparatus, chemical analysis can be performed while the test strip method, etc., but as a result of the chemical changes may lead to changes in the original cell, the use of physical methods after precipitation with stirring, using high shoot camera, you can get a clear picture of stability, re-use method of wireless intelligent video analysis of different types of cells statistics, which can maintain the most realistic outcome, or when the end is often difficult to detect the cause of using this method.

Wireless video surveillance technology is expected to become mainstream in the future

With the development of wireless communication technology, and constantly improve the transmission bandwidth, real-time information processing capability of rapid communication terminal enhanced wireless multimedia applications increasingly become the focus of attention in the industry, but also become an inevitable demand. One of its main application is a convenient, flexible wireless real-time video surveillance systems, such as wireless home security, car monitoring. Based on a variety of wireless transmission means mobile video surveillance with its unique flexibility of video surveillance has become a new direction.

Wireless video surveillance includes two aspects: First, the mobile control center. Typically, the camera or the object to be monitored is often fixed, and a user monitoring system (control center) can be dynamic. Second, the video surveillance network wireless. When the monitoring point spread and with the monitoring center distance, or monitoring object is not fixed, the use of traditional wired network video surveillance technology, often costly and difficult to achieve.

Wireless monitoring and surveillance program compared to traditional, to avoid a lot of wiring work, save construction costs, relocation ability, high flexibility, specifically the following advantages: (1) low overall cost, without trenching pipe, particularly suitable for outdoor distance and has renovated occasions; using wireless monitoring can get rid of the shackles of cable, installed a short cycle, easy maintenance advantages. (2) flexible networking, scalability, flexibility in the use of mobile terminal equipment. (3) the transformation of convenience and low maintenance costs.


Wireless monitoring, wireless alarm, wireless access are important branch of wireless security, with the increasing development of wireless communication technology, the security industry will eventually follow the development trend for people to provide maximum convenience to the radio on the road, so close to a deeper people's daily life.