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Vehicle monitoring changes facing the industry

Vehicle monitoring changes facing the industry

2014-06-30 16:11:59

Vehicle monitoring system, using the high-speed road was extremely important. Vehicle monitoring system is generally in the field of public transport buses, long-distance passenger transport, taxis and other large applications, the system generally consists of vehicle terminal, transport networks and monitoring Center has three major components to prevent vehicle theft, anti-robbery, driving route monitoring, both inside and outside the car to transmit video images, incident response, command and other functions. zol. vehicle monitoring system, the use of high-speed roads extremely heavy To.
    What is a vehicle monitoring system? What is the purpose?

Vehicle monitoring system is generally in the field of public transport buses, long-distance passenger transport, taxis and other large applications, the system generally consists of vehicle terminal, transport networks and monitoring center has three major components to prevent vehicle theft, anti-robbery, driving route monitoring, both inside and outside the car video image transmission, incident response, command and other functions.

Embedded operating systems and processors, and effectively combines the latest video compression and decompression technology in the IT industry, 3G wireless technology, USB communication technology, GPS global positioning technology, advanced vehicle power management technology, GIS geographic information technology, can for various models in real time around the clock security monitoring. Such products for wireless audio and video transmission, recording audio and video synchronization, GPS, and it hosts a variety of interfaces aside, considering the needs of users, convenience and IC card-board, car display, traffic statistics system , signal priority control systems and other in-vehicle devices. Most of these products are compact, low power consumption, no noise, easy installation, function and stability, can be widely used in buses, bus, train, subway and other mobile transport.

When you take a bus relatively smooth road traffic speed faster, often heard Tips vehicle monitoring issue, so that the bus drivers to pay attention to road conditions, vehicle speed may be too fast warning, may greatly reduce accidents and protect public safety trip . This is the role of in-vehicle monitoring.

In recent years, the rapid development of the logistics industry, and promote the growth of the logistics team vehicle, how effective management of these vehicles has become a top priority for managers. Vehicle monitoring system can solve many problems, theft, speeding, driving directions vehicle when the situation reaches the destination, etc., can be scheduled for the first time managers to understand.

For some truck drivers secretly reselling the vehicle fuel problems, but also can play a good role in monitoring can be tank oil level sensor is connected to the monitoring system, when a sudden drop in the level, it indicates that there may be two cases tank, One is a bad tank, and another showed that drivers in reselling the fuel, the system can issue an alarm immediately.

For the application of vehicle monitoring system, currently used widely in the field of public transport, private cars for less application, how the popularity of in-vehicle monitoring Control systems still need more businesses to promote, allowing users to have intimate knowledge of vehicle monitoring system, the importance of road safety for. With the significance of modern transportation networks complicate vehicle monitoring system is no trivial matter, it does not Only to protect the safety of persons traveling, but also analyze real-time status of road traffic.

Vehicle 3G video monitoring and dispatching system is one use, understand and master the monitored area and transport vehicles dynamics of internal law and order, to make up for lack of air defense to protect life and property safety of passengers, to effectively combat crime prevention, security management has become an important means to facilitate when the investigation and evidence collection and reconnaissance projects to maximize space compression crime, strengthen deterrence and maintain stability and prosperity in the region.

3g gps vehicle network video server enables real-time monitoring and more information, vehicle traveling data recorder terminal can be real-time monitoring or sampling at any time other vehicles traveling state information, the system automatically processing and storage of information, real-time understanding of state of the vehicle and run environment, to detect environmental or man-made problems, including free parking, nothing to take and so on.

(2) during transportation information inquiry

Can always check the directory publishing and dangerous toxic chemicals, toxic chemicals production and transportation business information, involve toxic chemicals management laws and regulations. Can check consignment unit name, the name of the transport unit and transport routes, transport vehicles and transport-related personnel, the name of the transport of highly toxic chemicals, quantities and associated road transport permit expiration date.

Emergency Response (3) emergency

Including the accident scene traffic control, evacuation surrounding the accident scene, emergency incidents and other relevant information can be sent in real time to the monitoring command center to facilitate the timely processing of the accident.

(4) The information processing after transport

After the vehicle reaches the transport destination, you can download the query vehicle data recorder and video files via a wired / wireless network. Stored images and data can be printed, playback, in order to check the vehicle trajectory and system operation logs.

(5) effectively improve service, increase safety precautions

Long-distance travel between travelers, from time to time will produce some conflicts and disputes between passengers and drivers and passengers, leading companies often the subject of complaints, especially Some travelers do not be easily taken away someone else's luggage and belongings when you get off, because there is no strong evidence to solve unable to start, the company's image has been greatly affected. After installing the video system, you can always stop for passengers over Embezzlement passenger behavior, private money, etc. to form an effective control, while improving service quality.

(6) to improve safety, accident forensics

Coach long travel time, traffic and personnel complex roadblockers are more prone to security problems. Especially during the Spring Festival travel peak Stealing, looting, abductions, lie many cases of malignant accident, the driver violations, serious overload situations have occurred. Through the network remote video monitoring and recording system, passenger transport companies and administrations at any time by 3g network Network remote video instant check whether the drivers are illegal and overloaded, while the video data can be perpetrators of criminal evidence.

(7) urging drivers to effectively operate in strict accordance with the rules and civilized driving and improve traffic safety.

Market demand, vehicle monitoring, or change in the industry is facing

With the diverse needs of vehicle monitoring or threatened change in the industry. Of which there are two main factors, one is internal and the other one Is external. External transport market accidents, how to better the lives and property of the guarantor is the problem of the whole transport industry need to face. In order to strengthen safety supervision and road passenger transport particularly long-distance sleeper bus, According to "Production Safety Law" the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Communications in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Administration of Work Safety, the Ministry of Industry issued "on the strengthening of supervision of road transport vehicle dynamics," which requires sleeper bus-car video monitor must be installed Control devices. Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transport in the National Transportation Safety Production videoconferencing traffic emergency call, also made of the new regulatory requirements sleeper bus, which requires mandatory installation sleeper bus car video equipment by enterprises To monitor the situation in the car industry. In influencing national policy and driven by the potential demand for car mobile surveillance industry began to gradually appear, I believe in a couple of years there will be a focus on the outbreak situation.

Let's look at internal factors, the overall trend of the power from the internal monitoring market - and network HD, 720P, 1080P or Higher resolution monitor monitoring products have become the mainstream market, and the network is also replacing the traditional analog transmission, became the best definition of a carrier, although this time the traditional vehicle monitoring system or to die Intends to play a leading role monitoring, but last year, some manufacturers began to gradually open up the courage to pilot a new HD solutions to poor monitoring performance vehicle monitoring industry as a whole situation, as foreign and domestic Axis Suzhou Keda are very early into the HD vehicle surveillance on some domestic exhibition, HD vehicle monitoring and better image quality caused the admiration of visitors, to subvert the original vehicle monitoring system can only be seen, but The problem can not be clearly seen.

Car HD NVR IPC monitoring methods, is a traditional analog surveillance beyond, some well-known manufacturers such as Suzhou Keda, Hikvision, Shenzhen Rui Ming include Coship have launched a support vehicle access HD NVR system IPC This shows HD and networking is changing the pattern of this market.

Price factor is inevitable. HD network camera Inevitably bring about an increase of the entire launch vehicle monitoring system costs, the popularity of this section is required after making costs under control and fall; the other is 3G tariff adjustments to the current high rates of 3G, the popularity of various industries Great impact, real-time video transmission 3G traffic generated by users, especially users make use of large quantities of feeling can not shirk. This problem is not just the need to promote the industry, but also need the government and the relevant functional departments The impact of the door, and the communications industry to solve their own development.

How will the future vehicle monitoring innovation and development?

Monitoring can be seen from the direction of the market, trends are moving vehicle wireless HD monitor, intelligent, integrated, standardized, industry-oriented direction.

High definition

The traditional car industry mainly uses ordinary analog camera digital video recorder plus architecture, the advantage of low cost, while the video surveillance Others less attention. With the advent of networking and networking process, and vehicle monitoring industry is gradually to high-end development, many users have not only satisfied with manual control, intelligent monitoring is needed. And intelligent analysis Systems need to deal with the effect of high-definition images to achieve intelligent, otherwise it is impossible to achieve intelligent processing. Significantly enhance the high definition image clarity brought advantages in future vehicle monitoring is obvious. Obviously, high-definition resolution Rate image effect will inevitably become the future intelligent vehicle monitoring monitors the mainstream market, which will also push up the threshold of vehicle monitoring industry, on the whole vehicle monitoring and orderly development of the industry to play an active surveillance around.


Intelligent advantage is the ability to provide more value-added applications for the special needs of vehicle monitoring industry, such as law enforcement vehicles in the road Process, the road bumps cause image jitter occurs, the image of monitoring personnel, the image is not clear and easy on the screen is difficult to produce evidence of fatigue; however smart screen to shake these problems can be solved, but the bus line In the industry, such as traffic statistics, face recognition, license plate recognition and other intelligent systems can also give back operations to provide better help.


As more and more emphasis on industrial users of vehicle monitoring system, vehicle monitoring evolved from a single video surveillance solutions to professional direction. For example, the bus industry as a whole in vehicle monitoring and dispatching system operators have a ring in, conducting video surveillance is also necessary equipment and other various systems (GPS positioning system, electronic newspaper stand, card reader, speed radar, license plate recognition ) in synergy. System integration, which requires vehicle manufacturers and market surveillance of users work together to produce products that meet the needs of industry users of system integration products.


The current security hardware in the industry has been very mature, but the construction of software systems, there is a considerable gap. Does not match the various subsystems, standards are not uniform, not fused together. How to achieve better openness and sharing, you need to have standardization. Promote industry standardization, requires the relevant government authorities and industry manufacturers to work together.

Industry of

Not only will apply depending on the specific design of the industry to do, but also do customized for specific customer needs. For example, like buses, passenger cars, public security law enforcement vehicles, taxis, etc., there is a very good product solutions to meet.