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Struck 4G mobile surveillance, law enforcement, or a change in the pattern of

Struck 4G mobile surveillance, law enforcement, or a change in the pattern of

2014-06-28 10:55:11

Economy, the development of technology to make people's standard of living getting higher and higher, but the social problems of frequent allows people's lives more and more insecure, and in recent years the concept of "smart city", "Green City" building has been filed, the security issue is the foundation of the city of wisdom, happiness is the premise of security, only people with the sense of security can be achieved to live and work.

Security issues attracted the attention of all sectors of government enterprises and the general public, especially when struck with a strong 4G network, development wifi wireless network communication technology; cloud computing, networking and other technology together Advance in mobile surveillance and mobile enforcement industry is undergoing tremendous changes. As big development for mass usage of smart phones as mobile Internet to promote the construction of 4G networks have also facilitated the mobile monitoring The rapid development. Mobile video surveillance either man or mobile law enforcement and PTZ network cameras integrated coupling unification fight its advantages are the traditional network or fixed monitoring equipment can not match.

First, highly mobile combat efficiency: As long as there is 3G, 4G or wifi either commuting or working days, holidays, law enforcement officers simply open the terminal will be able to see the hands of the law enforcement branch of man or other video monitor Control system under all circumstances, truly all-weather surveillance and mobile handheld enforcement. Moreover, the mobile man without huge hardware enforcement, law enforcement officers will be able to easily battle it. Faced with a complex environment or When faced with major incidents and cases, live video can be promptly sent directly to the screen as well as law enforcement patrol cars and hand terminal nearest law enforcement personnel, which can help staff to better understand the situation and made Given timely emergency measures.

Secondly, mobile monitoring adaptable: mobile monitoring without any restraint, the scattered, complex regional environment and a single point of fast-moving objects, you need to temporarily deploy more convenient environment than the wired monitoring. Through the Demand for products currently on the market research found that in order to move the carrier operating the vehicle as video surveillance and public security law enforcement system is currently moving to a larger market demand for wireless monitoring; addition, visualization logistics management, as well as various national Wireless monitoring systems industry safety inspection applications, such as construction sites, fireworks production field, forest fire prevention, border stations, wireless monitoring technology is also more common applications. Race-speed mobile monitoring the eye in the sky as public security, urban management, Transportation, construction, surveying, inspection, news, rescue, remote monitoring areas of business to adapt, reflecting stronger control and real-time audio and video capture, remote video recording, communication, truly any time, from anywhere, Any site can achieve control.

Finally, in line with people's lives more mobile monitoring habits: With the deepening development of intelligent technology, hardware and software development escalating, equipped smartphone security APP applications will be popular, ever civilian security And home of the people living in remote able to be at home and on the company's situation at a glance. Mobile monitoring means that everyone is monitored, material objects are monitored, especially in crowded public places, which is good and safe for the formation of Environmental protection of life and property safety of the people have an important role.

4G mobile licenses issued, leading mobile monitoring, a new pattern of mobile law enforcement

A good mobile surveillance products must have the following functions: a real-time monitoring: staffing through various points race speed eagle mobile monitoring equipment, the use of telecommunications & Unicom 3G 4G network, headquartered real Now unified remote monitoring and real-time monitoring, real-time recording, real-time communication, race-speed eye in the sky is more sensitive alarm system, real-time video information means less property damage and casualties. Second, individual combat functions: Under 3G 4G network environment, tournament-speed mobile monitoring equipment delicate eye in the sky, shockproof anti-pressure, can also carry the transmission of real-time information to the intelligence center, and can be recorded. You can very easily live in emergencies ministry Department, and the wisdom to build emergency center at any place, so that scene evidence lock-and-rescue command to ensure more timely and effective. Three, GIS systems and two-way audio and video communication: real-time location-based information systems and GIS Real-time two-way audio and video communication feature that allows dispatch center, real-time staff position to understand dispatching rapid response, flexibility and fast to crack down on terrorist crimes, protect the safety of people's lives.

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile security monitoring is already an inevitable trend in the mobile Internet era, with the wisdom of the city government and social stability maintenance needs upgrading, remote mobile video surveillance and mobile enforcement will continue to overcome technical and external conditions constraints for businesses to bring new impetus to the development.