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Five sword mentality HD Smart Security

Five sword mentality HD Smart Security

2014-06-21 09:47:50

As Today, from the current situation in terms of security video surveillance, security monitoring from the past "visible", and now "see clearly", thanks to the rapid development of digital technology, millions of high-definition video surveillance for future high-definition monitor Intelligent play Under a good foundation. With the emerging high-definition monitor new technologies, new products, "HD smart" video surveillance applications development trend has become the consensus of many people in the industry.

From the beginning of 2010 for the first time the concept of high-definition monitor exposure to 2013 HD surveillance products become mainstream products in a short span of three years, the security industry has undergone major changes. Every day we are talking about in addition to "Upgrade" is the "replacement product", all topics all around this definition. Monitoring products from SD to HD From analog to digital, current objectives have been achieved.

HD surveillance cameras species Class variety, is to find a more elegant vocabulary is HD products have been diversified. In addition to a performance on the network internationally recognized definition, the fact HD-SDI, 960H and HDCVI are high-definition monitor Forms; Because the security industry lacks uniform standards, never give someone under the "HD" a definition, which is also regarded as the power industry chaos HD product innovation it.

So far, digital high-definition and analog HD surveillance products are still not out of the dispute. And this phenomenon has been appeared, exactly when to replace analog digital surveillance monitor, HD-SDI can replace the IP HD, 960H in the end whether the HD ... Whether or media industry experts, in the face of these problems, the answer can only be two word "no solution."

Products "replace" the problem persists for a year in 2013, then in 2014 whether there will be, the answer is yes. But I was more looking forward to, no matter what kind of HD products, regardless of the technical architecture based video surveillance always want to move forward, in science and technology today, security trends for future applications will be phasing out of non-mainstream products.

Ratio Products PK more significance is the future development of high-definition monitor upgrade applications, either in October or from the CPSE CPSE new dynamic in terms of major security vendors, intelligent security security market in the coming years will be issued Exhibition focuses on intelligent monitoring system can lift more manual labor, intelligent application can reduce the false alarm rate, intelligent monitoring is also facing industry segments, as different user needs, or open scene intrusion alarm, Park in front of people or traffic statistics, even though both are classified as intelligent monitoring, but its algorithms and manifestations in opposite directions.

When smart security concepts into video surveillance system, then security products will no longer appear in pure hardware, hardware powerful analysis capabilities and HD video surveillance software, video by forming a perfect partner.

With Large security monitoring systems, monitoring software platform integrates multiple security subsystems, forming a complete security solution. More vivid metaphor of view, if the video metaphor adult eyes, various sensing alarm is People feel nervous system, then analyze the information to see and feel, decision-making and response is the brain do. In a security system, platform software equivalent of the human central nervous system, plays a data collection, intelligence Effect analysis, decision support and dynamic response.

Obviously, video software plays an important role in the monitoring system. A good software should have good compatibility, functionality, and open platform, while accelerating the development of high-definition monitor, forcing monitoring software Requirements are also increasing. When a surveillance camera can hold more video information, the central nervous system is the best choice for processing information. Thus, monitoring hardware and software products combine to become the future development of wind vane.

Has entered the high-definition video surveillance 2.0 era, and this time the city is safe toSmart CityTransition phase.

2014 security market will develop for civilian and security services, especially under the operator's network-based support, so that more consumers have the ability and conditions to purchase a home network monitoring products, while supporting alarms, access control and other equipment will also be Optional integrated suite.

Domestic security companies have a firm foothold in the global security market, despite the impact of internationally renowned manufacturers, domestic security monitoring equipment (front) has leapt to the world. Property from the security industry, the government agency is still the main customers and provide systematic solutions for their future consumer market will also increase, but the contrast huge procurement projects, still somewhat difficult to cope with.

Rising domestic security market has brought another change - the product price war. In fact, security products in the domestic price war has already started, the first-tier manufacturers have introduced ultra-low-cost surveillance cameras and DVR, Has so many small businesses face closure storm; if this price war extends to the global security market, seems to have caused confusion. Domestic security products to the international cause of global security products cheap storm, it is advantageous to allow More people can afford security products, marketing channels open bottom; while the disadvantages are forced to reduce product price quoted lower security projects, but did not reduce the difficulty of construction and personnel mix, no doubt to the great engineering companies Pressure.

In any case, a single view of the current security market, whether it is to replace the analog digital security products, but also to intelligent or HD upgrade, the market dynamism. With HD video visual surveillanceProduct technology Surgery continues to mature and improve on the front end of the product's integration with the rich, more high-definition products began to be used in a variety of security projects. More and more projects and works to begin using high-definition digital monitoring. Civil security is not Off the front row, industry solutions for the most money, product innovation, the way it should be diversified; now entering a new turning point security, two years after the five-year security plan exciting.