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Highest tech World Cup: From smart football boots to jerseys

Highest tech World Cup: From smart football boots to jerseys

2014-06-20 16:08:57

Beijing on the 16th, according to media reports, from smart football to the goal line detection device, and then let the players keep cool from jerseys to improve the speed and skill The boots, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is destined to become the highest-tech history World Cup. As the war broke out, various innovative equipment full debut. Now, let us have some of them on behalf of Secret Of equipment.


Highest tech World Cup: From smart football boots to jerseys

Competition in the high-tech

Walked into the stadium from Iron Man dressed like exoskeleton armor paralyzed boy, the World Cup kick-off for the moment, the whole world had been aware of Brazil's World Cup will be a different past World World Cup. The most striking series of high-tech device will debut at the World Cup. Brazil World Cup referees will use a water-based foam can disappear sprays, placed in a special belt. When a penalty kick, the defensive wall and The need to maintain a distance of 9.15 meters between the ball. After measuring the distance, the referee will use this spray paint on the turf cordon to prevent the defensive player of the bounds. A minute later, the foam will automatically disappear, not on the court Leave no trace, and thus does not affect the next game. The technology had previously used for the game, such as 2013 World Cup in the summer of 20 years of age, the official World Cup for the first time.

In addition, the World Cup also features a club players are very familiar with technology - goal-line detection technology. Brazil World Cup goal line detection devices by the German"Goals"Company. They installed seven speed cameras in the goal department,Football move. Before the World Cup, "monitoring goals," the company conducted several tests 2000, all successful. Managing Director Dick - Breuch Howson said the technology needs connected to the Internet, can not beOvercome.

Brazil World Cup stadium have adopted every one "goal monitoring," the company's goal-line detection technology, an accuracy of 0.2 inches (about 0.5 cm). If the system detects Football across the goal line, it will send vibrations or visual "goal" of information within a second referee in smart watches. References to the gate line detection technology is a very important initiative, to avoid the so-called "ghost goal." In 2010 South Africa World Cup Germany game against England, England midfielder Frank - Frank Lampard's goal was disallowed. Finally, the German team with a score of 4 to 1 win over England. FIFA president admitted Judgment enforcement mistakes.

Boots Competition

Over the past few decades, the most important part of jerseys and shoes have undergone a revolutionary change. Shoes not only look ugly past and relatively bulky, and now the players prefer lighter, Sleek and fashionable styles of shoes. In addition, the new shoes also adopted a series of high-tech to improve their athletic ability. For the World Cup, soccer equipment suppliers have come up with special skill, a large number of innovative technologies into Their, Allowing players to gain an advantage in the game. All manufacturers are looking to prove they are the best of Brazil's World Cup.

Recently, Nike launched the shoe MercurialSuperfly. In the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo - and other players feet, we will see this Shoes. Superfly fabric weave with three needles, reduce material between the foot and the football to improve the players feel. Superfly dynamic fit collar top form in the design of a more fitting Face, feels more natural. In addition, this shoe also features support device similar to the Achilles tendon, called "Brio". Brio rope connecting the upper and heel shoes together, like a slingshot, players help push forward Jin. Nike that: "A new full length softer plate carbon more efficiently conducted to help players strength." Heel Superfly using spikes, to improve stability, while providing additional toe traction in Finally, when the player 10% vital stepping greater grip and propulsion.

In this World Cup, the Belgian team's Marouane - Marouane Fellaini and Ivory Coast Kolo - Kolo Toure shoes worn by the Wilmslow company located in WarriorGlobal Total, including one called "Gambler". Gambler front of a stack design using nylon absorption football speed, improve players ball control. Sheet instep using ergonomic, providing Greater grip and control, designed to improve the soles greater traction and comfort.

Another boots WarriorGlobal design called "Skreamer", the use of micro-fiber material, so that the players get incredibly lightweight experience. It uses An important innovative technology called "the 4D Arrow bed bottom", can stimulate blood circulation in the foot. Company general manager Richard Warrior - Wright in an interview with British media, said: "Warrior goal Shoes are designed to improve the competitive ability of our players, while helping others to improve competition in the world of football ability. "

Cool type jersey

It is expected that the World Cup will face the hot weather, the players constitute no small challenge. El Nino can lead to heat-related problems. Manaus in the Amazon region in England team On the 14th started their first battle against the Italian team. It is estimated that on race day temperatures can reach 36 degrees Celsius. In other Brazilian cities, players and fans will be subjected to high temperature test.

To help players cope with the hot weather, jersey manufacturers strive to be able to design can help players stay cool armor. Nike launched a cool type shirts Cool, the Brazilian national team jersey Is this shirt. Cool design, the Nike thermoregulation technology into the production process. 2014 56% of the air flow efficiency of the Brazilian World Cup team jerseys higher than the previous jerseys. This jersey 94% polyester fabric, only 6% of cotton, cotton comfort both while adjusting the heat has polyester performance.

Adidas jersey designed using adiPower technology, giving the left a deeper impression than other jerseys. The company designed a series of pre-cooling sleeves and vests, players can Before the game, or training wear after the game. In the design, adiPower can lower the body temperature due to the heat generated simultaneously postpone fatigue, help players better in warm climates - 24 degrees Celsius Above - the competition. Adidas jersey placed in cold storage refrigeration unit, within 15-20 minutes to reduce the player's body temperature. Their pre-cooling concept shirts with a large number of high-tech high absorbency particles region, especially in the lower arm and Upper back area. Before the World Cup, Adidas jerseys for their rigorous testing.

High-tech training

In addition to the pre-cooling vest outside, Adidas also use another one called "smart football" technology, to help bring the players training. Smart football built-in sensor to monitor the intensity of playing time, Track flight path while revealing the impact point penalty corner and when. This football Adidas via Bluetooth compatible application software coach to help players learn and master a variety of play and ball control. For example, smart football was Take the data can be used to teach the players how to play well kick, penalty kick goal to improve the chances of playing in efforts to increase while avoiding injury.

In training, England and other teams to get things done cautiously. On the first day of training in Miami, so that people glimpse England coach Roy - Roy Hodgson's preparations to deal with the high in Brazil Moderate humidity. Training ground, we can see some portable Lucozade refrigerated containers, each player's name affixed above, built-in functional beverages tailored to meet the different needs of the players.

England Football Association Dave - Reading, sports scientist Chris - Neiwei Le, Manchester United fitness coach Tony - strood Vic and Arsenal nutritionist James - Collins and Loughborough UniversityCooperation for the players to customize restore physical function drinks. These drinks electrolyte specific number depends on the player due to sweat loss of water. England's players understand the coach's instructions through the iPad, according to the coach's guidance practice how to fight with rivals. By understanding the opponent's striker iPad statistics and guard stations, to strengthen their ability to attack.

Fans of technical equipment

In this World Cup, not only because of high-tech benefit players, the fans as well. Twitter announced that fans can use the "flag" cheer for the team, is typing letters on behalf of the team of three, for example, # ENG (England). This year, fans use a lot of electronic equipment and related software applications to participate in the World Cup, the next level of participation than ever before.

Application ManagementAppDynamics The technical department head Tom - Levy said: "Over the past few years, mobile technology allows fans to experience the popular revolutionary changes make the World Cup smartphone connectivity highest in history, the most interactive. The next World Cup. Mobile device applications to change everyday life examples every day occurs. Now, they have to play in people's daily life an important role in the rapid growth of a representative of the digital economy. Hundreds Millions of fans using the application bet, watch the game or highlights, and share with your friends through social networking sites. This is the first digital World Cup in the true sense. We will see the first betting via mobile devices Times more than traditional bookmakers. "AppDynamics with Nike and other companies to ensure that their application failure does not occur.

AppDynamics company conducted a study entitled "Application Note breadth" of. They found that in the study tablet PCs and smart phones have become the new betting terminals. Tune Investigation, nearly half (48 percent) of those surveyed said they would use the mobile application bet 61% of those surveyed said they would bet through the website, only 30% of people said they would bet by betting companies, 15% said they would Bet smartphone.

Recently, PipSports company announced Applications "World Cup Edition Instagram". This application allows fans at the game site production of personalized photo, photo Adding real-time data from international sports data company Opta's. Fans can use this application and superimposed pictures of their favorite "skin" in the photo. Each layer of skin contains Opta real-time data, for example If the score, position, team and game statistics, game / event name and team logo and LOGO, create personalized images. Opta statistics can be added when taking pictures in real time, as long as the user opened Wi-Fi or 3/4G networks. Photos can be uploaded to the user's Facebook personal account or directly into PiPsports streaming, allowing other fans understand the game progress.

Wearable devices will become mainstream

Former Australian professional football player, PipSportsLarge So Lucas - Neil in an interview with British media interview that:. "PiPsports is to football, the World Cup and fans ready Instagram whether to Brazil, sand bar or sitting at home Hair and friends to watch the game, fans can capture the moment of their favorite team as well as their national team staged the most exciting and emotional. The application by adding photo effects to enhance the skin, the skin contains more than Real-time statistics tournament. If, after celebrating a goal to shoot scenes photos, pictures will appear in the score at the time, be a good souvenir. "

When interviewed, Neil also mentioned how technology has changed the face of sports competitions as well as the progress achieved in the future technology. He said: "Technology is becoming more and more commonplace and ubiquitous, enter the body Sterile field is a very natural thing. Whether fans or players have become the beneficiaries of technology. In the past, people would purposely buy a camera to watch the game. Now they just need to bring a cell phone or iPad on it. This is undoubtedly a delight fans of change, because they have more ways to interact with their support teams and players. Compared with the past, they further narrowed the distance between the teams with their support through Twitter and Facebook to interact with the club and the players. "

Neil said: "The wearable device is still in the initial stage of a small device that allows you to track a lot of games and a variety of activities, professional and amateur players or fans trends to 2022. Years, most people will use in peacetime training wearable devices, monitoring their performance, whether they are professional or amateur. Disclosure of such information if the players, the fans can be Wayne - Wayne Rooney and other players in the game The performance is compared with its own, which for them was really cool. Next few years, all the players will carry a variety of applications installed and provide a variety of data, iPad and other devices. These devices will become and As common as spikes and jerseys. "