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4ch h.264 mobile DVR prices Google GPS tracking maps DVR4ch h.264 mobile DVR prices Google GPS tracking maps DVR4ch h.264 mobile DVR prices Google GPS tracking maps DVR

4ch h.264 mobile DVR prices Google GPS tracking maps DVR

  • SD Card H264 DVR CCTV mobile fleet car, etc. 3 g 4 g, GPS, WIFI, G-sensor
  • A brief summary of
  • Origin: Shenzhen, China (Mainland)
  • Manufacturer: Richmor/OEM
  • Product name: Richmor mdvr-210 series
  • Professional design power of vehicles: 10 ~ 36V wide voltage, overload/short ciruit voltage reversal protection.
  • Features: support 3 g, 4 g, GPS, Wi-Fi, alarm, etc.
  • Special circuit delay off: support the LEARNING starts when you turn on the systerm of the vehicle.
  • Resolution: 720 p/D1/HD1/CIF select.
  • Protection system: saving data when you record off the hard drive support the modernisation of PTZ control: RS232 PTZ can contact the monitoring interface device: PC/mobile phone
  • Signal format: PAL/NTSC
  • Save the record: Duall 128 GB SD card

4ch SD card h264 DVR CCTV Mobile for all types of vehicles


(RCM-MDR210 series)


Characteristics of the product

4ch 720 p 3 G 4 g mobile DVR

1. H.264 Compression mode, 4CH support in real time 720 p Mega Pixel input AHD Analog standard definition input; 

Exclusive second preallocate DVR special file systerm technology solves repeatedly wipe cause the fragmentation of files, file system solution to the collapse of the SD card, data loss and cannot find the SD card, and the file is damaged, ensure data integrity. 

3 10-36V Adaptive wide input voltage, super low power consumption design; 

4. SD memory card (2SD card, each supporting the maximum 128 gigabytes) can be completely automatically resist vibration. Dust and other damage data; 

5. support for GPS/BD/G-sensor; High reliability connectors for aviation. 

6. high cost performance, stability, reliable, simple and straightforward menu control.


RCM-MDR 210 series 

The model number.



Basic recording, G-sensor, an SD card slot for a Single


GPS, G-sensor, an SD card slot for a Single


3 g, GPS, G-sensor, an SD card slot for dual


3 G, 4 g, GPS, G-sensor, an SD card slot for dual


3 G, WiFi, GPS, G-sensor, an SD card slot for dual


3 g, 4 g, WIFI, GPS, G-sensor, an SD card slot for dual

Detail photos

4ch 720 p 3 G 4 g mobile DVR


4ch 720 p 3 G 4 g mobile DVR


4ch 720 p 3 G 4 g mobile DVR

4ch 720 p 3 G 4 g mobile DVR



RCM-MDR210 parameters sheet





The language of the


video compression



Overlapping information such as the date and time the vehicle ID


The graphical user interface

Installation of the system parameters with the remote control.

Video recording system

video input

4ch AHD 720 p input/SD input/mixed video input,

Aviation plug, 1.0 Vp-p, 75Ω

video output

VGA output, 1CH + CVBS 1CH, 1.0 Vp-p, 

75Ω, aviation support 1CH full screen, 4CH


Support one channel and four channels preview.

Support manual/alarm trigger full screen preview

The difference

720 p/D1/HD1/MAX: 4 channels CIF, 720 p

video quality

0-7 level 0 is the highest level.

Video Standard

PAL: 100F/s, CCIR625 line, 50field;

NTSC: 120f/s, CCIR525 line, 60field;

CIF: 256 KB/s ~ 1.5 Mbps, 8 levels of video quality, optional;

HD1:600 KB/s ~ 2.5 Mbps, 8 levels of video quality, optional;

D1:800 KB/s ~ 3 MB, 8 levels of video quality, optional;

720 p: 4Mbps-6 MB, multi-level video quality optional

recording mode

By default, the automatic recording after switchover. 

Timer recording, alarm recording and activation 

manual recording are supported.

the sound of the

audio input

4ch, Air Plug

audio output

1ch, Air Plug


G.726, compression 8 KB/s speed

Alarm input

4ch alarm input, alarm types support care

alarm output

1ch alarm output

communication interface

1ch 1CH RS232 or RS485 for optional

The position of the

Built-in support for GPS/BD module, built-in G-sensor, 

You can play and analyze vehicle travelled the route.

wireless transmission

Supports a built-in radio transmission, 3 g/4 g 

Wcdma, CDMA2000, LTE, TDD, FDD-LTE ...


motion detection

Supports motion detection alarm. 

(You can set the duration of the video recording after an alarm on the platform).


Support G-sensor

Storage space


Dual SD card, each loop recording SD card up to 128 GB


Support SD card remote updates

file format


the file system 

Special FAT32

video playback

Search for videos

Search by time record/record type etc


Maximum support 4CH play/stop/fast/slow at the same time

Support for forward and backward play speed: x 2, x 4, x 8, x 16.

Stress and urine

power management

Wide Voltage Support timed/delay shutdown

input voltage

DC: + 8V ~ + 36V

Energy consumption

Normal working & lt; 14W Stand-by State & lt; 0.5 w

The temperature of the

-20 ° c to + 70 ° c

Working environment

Air humidity

20% to 80%


User/administrator level 2 password


The size of the

112 (W) X 36 (H) x138 (D) mm


Net weight

360 g



Richmor monitoring GUI


Online software interface


 Romo display monitoring Solution 3 G 4 g mobile DVR school bus




 Widely used in cars and buses, taxis, school bus, truck, dangerous vehicles, passenger cars and boats, etc.



purchase (G)uides




1 unit with standard accessories, such as AV cables/IO cable/power cable/etc key










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