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2014 Richmor New Release

2014 Richmor New Release

2014-12-15 15:39:45

Belated encounter, by the end of 2014 Richmor New Release
"I've been waiting for you for a long time, like the night waiting for the dawn," eight years of sword, belated encounter always amazed us. After a long time of sharpening, Richmor has recently introduced a new definition of new products in the field of vehicle control. This product is either in the user interface, or a practical function has a new definition and improvement.

Functional areas combined with the latest vehicle monitoring technological change and market demand, redefine automotive voice, video, data flow, and other functions, but also the first time FTP, telephony and other surveillance technology to the car, making it easier to remotely manage vehicles.
The new change

Whether it is from interface design to operation experience, or from the kernel to the application equipment are to overturn the previous model, a comprehensive definition of the new vehicle monitoring, vehicle monitoring equipment to make towards a more humane, more convenient, more diverse road on a big step forward, which is bound to lead to another major change in the field of vehicle monitoring.
Re comprehensive definition menu, the pursuit of the ultimate user experience
Whether it is the field of digital user experience, or a variety of applications, the pursuit of the ultimate direction of the same: it is more intuitive, faster, and easier.
The new UI settings, the new menu structure, new operating experience (big-screen experience better).
Interface color changed in the past monotonous gray color, with color screen, better improve the user's visual experience.
Tree menu mode, completely change the past embedded menu mode, so that what you see is exactly known, more convenient and faster.
Fewer keyboard keys, completely subvert the past few troublesome key operation.
The use of new technology, so the menu on faster response than in the past about the past times.
The use of new technology, new features, and more convenient to administer.

Video pre-allocated:
A comprehensive solution to the problem in the past reserve recording device fragmentation, improve reaction speed storage devices to improve video playback fluency. Rewritable storage devices to reduce the frequency and improve storage equipment life.
SMS commands:
Via SMS commands preconfigured remote to change the device parameter information, see the equipment operation, allowing you to equipment failure at a glance.
FTP remote upgrade:
A change in the past artificial upgrade, remote equipment upgrades, more important is the use of the new FTP technology has changed in the past after a failed upgrade helpless situation, to further enhance the security of remote upgrade.
Compass, the Ministry of standard protocols fully compatible, compatible expansion between the better-equipped

Along with the increasing emphasis on the Compass, I believe more and more vehicles are required to install the Beidou navigation, precisely in order to meet the market demand for the Beidou navigation, the company through a wide range of technical tests and trials, has successfully Compass navigation module integrated into the new device.
4G technology will also be popular in the future communications technology, whether it is voice, video in 4G mode has a big leap, to achieve a qualitative improvement.
Adding a variety of underlying protocols, allowing a variety of applications seamlessly extend greater richness vehicle management tool.
Fully compatible with the Ministry of standard protocols, allowing the integration between different devices more stable and flexible.
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