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Video surveillance, wireless transmission, advantages

Video surveillance, wireless transmission, advantages

richmor richmor.net 2017-09-28 11:29:40
There are two ways to monitor video transmission, one is based on coaxial cable or network cable, and the other is wireless transmission based on 3G and wifi. For home monitoring, wireless transmission advantage is more obvious.

Interpretation of wireless monitoring advantages
When the security industry mentions the trend of development, the highest frequency words must be high-definition, digital, intelligent, which has been recognized as the three development trends. However, in the process of achieving high-definition, digital and intelligent, video wireless transmission plays a bridge role. The convenience and flexibility of wireless transmission will closely link the three together, and realize the application in the security industry.

1, the comprehensive cost low, only a one-time investment, without trenching buried pipe, especially suitable for outdoor distance and has good decoration occasions; in many cases, users are often due to the geographical environment and work content restrictions, such as mountain, port and open the special geographical environment, great inconvenience to cable transmission cable network wiring project, the construction period, cable will be very long, or even impossible to achieve. At this time, the use of wireless monitoring, you can get rid of the shackles of cable, a short installation cycle, easy maintenance, expansion capacity, and quickly recover the cost advantages.

2, flexible networking, good scalability, plug and play, managers can quickly bring new wireless monitoring points added to the existing network, without the need for new transmission networks and increase equipment, an easy job to do to realize remote wireless monitoring. Richmor-China Professional Vehicle 3g Gps Tracking Camera supplier.
3, maintenance costs are low, wireless monitoring maintenance is maintained by network providers, and front-end equipment is plug and play, maintenance free system. Richmor as a professional manufacturer, we focus on providing customers with the most advanced hd car dvr camera system.

Wireless transmission technology has the advantages of flexible and convenient networking, rapid opening and low maintenance cost, so there is a huge market for its application. However, with the rapid development of wireless transmission technology, its security has attracted more and more attention. Although the security of wireless transmission equipment on the market through a variety of mechanisms to enhance its security, but many industry insiders found that confidentiality agreement there are security vulnerabilities of all kinds, such as he can not guarantee the data confidentiality, integrity and access to the user to realize identity authentication.

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