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The different between ordinary PC hard disk and DVR-specific hard disk

The different between ordinary PC hard disk and DVR-specific hard disk

Richmor Richmor.net 2018-03-02 11:05:14
It is understood that about 60% of embedded hard disk video recorders (referred to as DVR) problems from the hard disk, the hard disk problem is very serious, every hard disk problems, contractors have to door service, it is clear that on-site service will bring increased service costs, At the same time, the project is also a loss of brand image.

For contractors, you get more profits when your hard drive installation is less of a problem, your service costs are getting lower, and your work harder to reassure customers. Engineers no longer have to worry about frequent on-site service due to problems with their hard drives, resulting in a sharp increase in service costs and even a loss to the entire project.

For end users, if there is less disk failure, then the risk of data loss is reduced and the system is more secure, allowing the monitoring system to really function.

The following is not to introduce our common home desktop or laptop hard drive, but a dedicated DVR hard drive. They primarily provide high-reliability, customizable mass storage products for users of DVR systems in the security and defense industries or for special users who need continuous operation, making it easier for users to store and manage their own surveillance videos, TV shows, videos, Photos and documents.(4CH HD Car DVR on sales)

 Although these DVR-only hard disks have no difference in appearance from ordinary PC hard disks, DVR-specific hard disks are more suitable for professional use in terms of functions and parameters, and their differences are as follows:

 First, the applicable environment
Ordinary PC hard drive

 Ordinary PC drives are designed to meet the growing trend of PC applications - more reliable system data storage, versatile application support, and faster storage response times.
More reliable system data storage refers to a hard disk (including the array) system, the hard disk system can protect a variety of system data reliable and secure storage. Diverse application support refers to the hard drive can support a variety of applications: PC desktop applications, multimedia applications and games.
DVR dedicated hard drive

DVR dedicated hard disk is designed to meet the digital hard disk recorders on the system data and digital image information storage requirements.
DVR dedicated hard drive system data reliable support is extremely stable. This is related to the system features of DVRs. The PC-based DVR system is rather single (multiple system co-existence is not possible) and the applications supported within the system are specifically tailored for digital video recorders (there are no other applications Co-exist); and embedded digital video recorders generally do not have the so-called system concept, the system is built-in, and the hard disk has nothing to do. DVR dedicated hard drive excellent digital DVR to file the way for digital image storage and playback, and for the characteristics of digital hard disk recorders input and playback of the hard drive has been optimized to fully support the streaming media support.(Mobile DVR with SD HDD)
Second, the specific differences
Hard disk life

Ordinary hard drives start up at full speed on power-up with an instantaneous current of 2 amps or more. The monitor hard drive will be slow to start when the start-up current will be controlled at 2 A or less. Because the monitoring system usually install multiple hard drives, so start-up will have a great instant start-up current, if it is a common hard disk, the power will be unbearable, or even burned.
In addition, the monitoring system on the hard disk transfer speed is generally not high, but will frequently read and write a small amount of data. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the structure of the head read and write mechanism for the read and write features of the monitoring system to prolong the head life. Monitoring the hard disk theory, the average failure-free operating time is much longer than the average hard drive, stability, reliability to be higher.

Continuous working time difference

Ordinary PC hard drive design based on 8 × 5. 8 × 5 refers to the ordinary PC hard disk working eight hours a day, working five days a week (hard disk work refers to the hard disk in read and write state. Need special attention is the hard disk power-on has two states: work status and wait state , Which work status is the hard disk to read and write work, waiting for the state is not hard to read and write work but in a standby state.)

 DVR dedicated hard disk is 24 × 7 enterprise-class environmental requirements for design and development. 24 × 7 is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (that is, continuous work). So ordinary PC hard drive is not suitable for long time continuous read and write, if required for a long time ordinary PC hard drive continuous read and write will greatly damage the hard disk, so that the hard disk abnormal noise, reading and writing errors, such as work stop and so on Cause the final damage to the hard disk.

Digital hard disk recorders are non-stop operation all year round, requiring the hard disk must be able to work continuously for a long time to meet this requirement is DVR dedicated hard disk.
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