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Vehicle monitoring system must have eight characteristics

Vehicle monitoring system must have eight characteristics

richmor richmor.net 2017-09-12 20:06:25
1. Efficient on-board power management function. Car DVR built-in power need to comply with ISO-7637-II and GB/T21437 vehicle power supply standard, with 8V~36V wide input voltage, high power voltage and power output, in order to adapt to the 12V and 24V of different models, can adapt to the vehicle starting instant low voltage and load dump when hundreds of volts of high voltage transient conditions. Provide an effective protection to the output voltage, avoid the damage to the equipment due to the extension of the audio and video lines, and even fire. Meanwhile, the utility model has the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption, and avoids excessive consumption of the vehicle storage battery when the device is in standby mode;

2. Reliable reliable shock absorption technology. Because the vehicle driving process accompanied by intense vibration, need hard disk damping technology, in order to protect the video data can be stable and complete written to disk, and good protection to the hard disk, delayed service life. The car camera needs to have the image to shake the function, avoids the surveillance picture, because the vibration causes the picture to be fuzzy or to drag the picture phenomenon;

3. Totally enclosed enclosure and no fan cooling technology. During the running of the vehicle, it is in the dust and water vapor environment for a long time. The equipment must be well sealed to prevent dust and water vapor from entering the equipment and causing damage to the equipment. At the same time, because the chip and hard disk work produce a lot of heat, it can not be cooled by the fan. It needs to rely on good structural design, can export the heat inside the equipment and ensure the normal operation of the equipment; Richmor-China Professional 8 channel dvr manufacturer china.

4.Dedicated aviation head connection. The use of aerial connectors can effectively guarantee the reliability of connections and the integrity of signal transmission, and avoid loosening or falling of joints due to vehicle vibration, which facilitates wiring and installation on the vehicle;

5. Standby power technology. The vehicle collision accidents encountered, often lead to the vehicle battery to power the device needs to use the standby power supply to protect suddenly off instantly, can put off time stored in the memory in the video data is written to the hard disk, the key moment to avoid loss of video;

6. Adaptive technology of wireless network transmission. Due to different regional coverage signal intensity of different wireless communication network, mobile DVR need according to the signal strength of wireless network, video encoding high bit rate signal provided in strong, and when the signal is weak, according to the current network bandwidth, can reduce the encoding of low bit rate and frame rate, ensure the fluency of the center platform remote preview picture; Richmor as a professional manufacturer, we focus on providing customers with the most advanced Mobile DVR with 3G.

7. Replaceable network module design. Modular design, can live without back down to the equipment, to upgrade the original 3G standard equipment to 4G standard, equipment for wireless communication network standard upgrade, reduce the cost of users to upgrade network standard pressure;

8. A key emergency alarm mechanism. When an emergency vehicle in operation, the driver can trigger the alarm button, the vehicle monitor screen by a wireless communication network, real-time back to the monitoring center platform, so that regulators to check the site, and 110, 120, 119 linkage to other relevant departments, formulate the emergency plan for the site.

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