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Standard for purchase of on board hard disk video recorders

Standard for purchase of on board hard disk video recorders

richmor richmor.net 2017-07-25 12:09:37
Shock resistance: Although the embedded system is used as common DVR, the on-board DVR technology is more complex than the conventional DVR, and the key to the solution is different. Richmor as a professional manufacturer, we concentrate ourselves on providing customers with most advanced 4g 3g Vehicle Recorder.

Therefore, the two are two completely different concepts. Vehicle DVR application in moving vehicles, due to the different conditions of the car, road, vibration is relatively large, on the hard disk reading and writing data has a great impact on the damage to the equipment is very large. Therefore, seismic technology has become the most basic requirements for vehicle DVR. 

At present, there are some main measures, such as shock absorption of the whole machine, shock absorption of hard disk frame and shock absorption of hard disk. In the security industry, the current car DVR market is still chaotic, the user's awareness is not deep, so often found to ordinary DVR posing as car DVR phenomenon. Therefore, the specific actual effect needs to be investigated by oneself.

Voltage stabilized power supply: the stability of voltage is another important technology of vehicle DVR. Because in the process of driving, the vehicle will have ignition, braking, stepping on the gas and other actions, these behaviors will make the vehicle output voltage fluctuations in different amplitude, it is easy to cause vehicle DVR burned. Therefore, the on-board DVR must have wide voltage input capability to accommodate this voltage change. 

At present, the wide voltage of 6 ~ 36V is usually used to meet the demand of mobile transport. At the same time, it should be noted that if the vehicle collision suddenly stopped, the car power cut off, this time the car DVR should have the function of automatic protection of the power supply, to ensure that the data in the hard disk will not be lost. Richmor- China professional AHD mobile dvr system supplier.
Heat dissipation: because of the influence of the environment and weather, the temperature difference of the vehicle is relatively large. This puts a high demand on the thermal performance of vehicular DVR. Therefore, if the cooling performance is not good, the service life of the product will be reduced and the monitoring effect will be affected. 

At present, some products are cooled by fans, and some are cooled by the fuselage. Therefore, when buying, you'd better run for a while, then measure the body temperature, and watch the actual effect of the image.

Image clarity: the clarity of the image directly affects the monitoring effect, so when buying a product, it depends on what kind of processing chip the product is used, which compression format supports the resolution 

Current product support is generally CIF to D1, using D1 video, CIF transmission. To observe the actual effect, you need to record a video at different resolutions, observe the video playback effect, whether the picture is clear and whether there is delay.

For more information, please click Hd 720p 1080p H.264 Mobile Dvr.