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Taxi Monitoring In Yantai, Passengers Are Afraid Of Privacy Leaks

Taxi Monitoring In Yantai, Passengers Are Afraid Of Privacy Leaks

Grace Tang HC 2014-11-18 11:56:18

    Recently,  Taxis will be installed the car camera in Shandong Province, Yantai. After pressing the meter, the camera will automatically take pictures of the car situation. Many taxi drivers believe that the installation of cameras can protect the safety of passengers, but some people think that the taxi install cameras infringe personal Privacy

    It is understood that in-vehicle device's camera will be installed in the cab, the camera will realize the situation inside the monitoring and recording. 

    "After the passengers on the train, the driver of a press empty lights, car camera will automatically take pictures and upload them to the car situation, monitoring and dispatching management center will be able to grasp the situation inside the car." Install on-site technicians Sun said car camera can also be subject to monitoring and dispatching management center operations, "If you need a car for a car to conduct real-time monitoring, we will be able to operate the vehicle car camera continuously photographed." 

    Public Chan told reporters that if a camera on the front of his taxi, she will feel uncomfortable, there is a being Monitoring Feeling, so she taxi to install video equipment is very offensive. "Installing the camera, just like the feeling of being stared at." She said. 

    The king, who lives Laishan waves encountered install monitoring taxi, the taxi driver that he thought could be installed to protect the camera to a certain extent Personal safety And, if a passenger lost items or faced with an emergency, you can also record the information what you want, in view of this, he supports a taxi to install the camera.

    Currently, Yantai City taxis are starting to install surveillance cameras, through the early post-installation phase, has now completed the installation of more than 800 taxis will complete the installation of more than 1,600 taxis in the urban areas during the month. 

    Open for 11 years, said Wang taxi, the taxi industry can be considered a high-risk industry, especially at night driving, driver safety is really a test, even family members also followed worry. Installation GPS After, if you encounter suspicious persons, the driver can use special ways alarm disposal in order to protect their own safety, and the installation of cameras afterwards it will help identify suspicious persons and so on. 

    For such divergent conditions, Yantai Xin Ming Shi Huang Lianhui law firm lawyers believe that people worried about privacy can understand the feelings, but Law Sense, a taxi should be a public place. He said that the installation of cameras really can effectively combat the taxi Crime And maintain social stability. Just make sure the video data from unauthorized use, and is not used for personal profit or interest group, does not constitute infringement.