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GPS Position Alarming Is Sent For Illegal Action In Public Bus

GPS Position Alarming Is Sent For Illegal Action In Public Bus

2014-11-04 10:24:58

      Vehicle Monitoring is designed for automotive design of the new field of security video surveillance equipment. It uses an embedded processor and embedded operating system that combines it. The latest field H.264 Audio and video compression/Decompression technology, GPS Global positioning technology,3G Wireless Communication Technology 

I believe that many workers have crowded bus early in the morning to catch up with the class experience, experience in the bus all kinds of wonderful people miserable, believe it will encounter a pickpocket, things are lost. But enthusiastic drivers sometimes in secret to help passengers escape the crisis. Xiao Bian crowded bus early this morning when the driver after the car has been in the ring the bell"Now is the peak travel, please take care of each other to go inside, please take good care of your belongings."Hear have some trouble, and later react, which is not a thief, right!Quickly optimistic about their own packages.

Car thief, the driver is how it found?Do not forget the bus now installed vehicle monitoring, and the clarity is also high, the situation inside the driver's driving platform glance, found"Third hand"Not difficult. Since this happened several buses all over the country after security incidents across the country on busesMonitoring SystemRequirements to enhance, not fully install vehicle monitoring, on request monitoring system is further improved.

Principle vehicle monitoring system constitutes

Vehicle monitoring system specifically composed of three parts, intake equipment, recording devices and display devices.

Refers to a pickup deviceVideo cameraAnd pickups, for picking up images and sounds;The recording apparatus refers to theVCRThe front end of the acquired video and audio data recorded;The display device refers to a display for viewing video surveillance footage and play back sound. Most of the transportation company when building vehicle monitoring system does not require the installation of a display device in the car, because the video data is mainly used for business leaders and inspectors check to use, no need to look for drivers and passengers.

Car Monitor is designed for the design of the new-car field of security video surveillance equipment. It uses an embedded processor and embedded operating system that combines itThe latest field H.264 Audio and video compression/Decompression technology, GPS Global positioning technology,3G Wireless communication technology,USB Communications technology, advanced vehicle power management technology,GIS Geographic information technology, applicable to all types of models were Twenty four Hour surveillance.

Products can be synchronized audio and video recording, GPS, wireless audio and video transmission in real time, while the reserve multiple interfaces on the host, with car display,ICCardAutomotive machine, signal priority control systems, traffic systems and other automotive equipment connection statistics, fully consider the needs of the user's extension. Product appearance of small simple, low power consumption, no noise, flexible installation, the system is stable, and can be widely used in buses, long-distance passenger transport, tourist buses, freight logistics, police law enforcement vehicles, trains, subways, ships, aircraft and other mobile traffic tool.

Car video surveillance network alarm

Kunming city buses Installation"Four magic"-Dynamic Monitoring System(Car video surveillance)Satellite positioning device, explosive devices and automatic safety glass hammer or other safety equipment, safety devices so that the four samples into a unified city of Kunming city bus safety standards for vehicle configuration.

Dynamic Monitoring System: The connection with the public security network, real-time monitoring of vehicle dynamics

Dynamic monitoring system, is through cameras installed on the vehicle, the real-time data into onboard storage device for operating the vehicle dynamics monitor the blind spot-free real-time recording, make sure the host vehicle automotive combustion, explosion, crashing and other extreme conditions data intact. The power of the dynamic monitoring system is that it is with the public security departments, industry management department, bus companies dispatching center connection. When the event of emergencies, the driver and passengers in the car can press the alarm button inside the car, identified as police intelligence, you can synchronize the wireless network will start transmitting real-time images transmitted to the vehicle dispatching platform, may also be forced to call dispatching platform Real-time monitoring of vehicle images provide an accurate basis for emergency response.

Satellite positioning system: control of the bus location, run abnormal automatic alarm

Currently, most buses in Kunming has actually installed a satellite positioning system, but did not network management. The next satellite positioning system to be installed before the system can be regarded as the upgrade. It will be based dynamic electronic map display real-time location of vehicles, speed, vehicle and line operations management and other information, you can play back the vehicle running track, an abnormal state of alarm monitoring vehicle operation, when the case of a major emergency management needs, easy emergency dispatch. According to requirements, the bus companies choose to install a satellite positioning system products and with the appropriate platform networking. GPS satellite positioning system to include at least a vehicle-mounted device and enterprise monitoring and management platform, and set aside the technical interface to access post-Kunming is planning the construction of a comprehensive traffic information center.