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Vehicle monitoring Market - Car DVR Test Comments

Vehicle monitoring Market - Car DVR Test Comments

asmag 2014-10-09 10:53:07
Car Mobile DVR are updated products of Embedded DVR with bright market, it achieves Video & Audio compression,larger storage capacity,3G/4G Wireless Transmission, GPS Tracking,Mobile Phone Monitor etc for easily fleet management. Richmor MOBILE DVR joined the ASMAG Mobile DVR Product Testing Activities, we are happy to 

High anti-vibration design

Car DVR / NVR applications on a mobile vehicle, due to the different vehicle speed and road conditions, bumps and vibrations is relatively large, there is a huge impact on the security of the hard disk read and write data on the hard drive great damage. Therefore, seismic technology has become the most important car DVR technical issues. Seismic including machine, disk racks, hard shock and other measures, the Senate measure Car DVR has a patented mechanical shock, electronic damping and damping integrated seismic software program, which greatly improved the seismic performance of DVR and high bumps shock applicability environment.

Wide operating voltage state

Vehicle equipment supply applicability is very important test technical indicators. Due to the process of the Central Standing Committee vehicle ignition, brakes, throttle etc, which would make the vehicle power supply output voltage and current generated significant fluctuations, which lead ** Chung, etc., can easily cause car DVR / NVR burned. Therefore, vehicle DVR / NVR must have wide voltage input and anti-surge capacity to adapt to this change volatility. Parameters measured Car DVR / NVR are professional grade 6 / 8-36VDC ( Richmor Runs 6-48V Wide Voltage with UPS Tech) wide voltage input design, with overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, power and surge current protection and meet automotive electronics supply ISO7637-2 certification requirements, able to meet with moving vehicles in complex environments. Occurs when a sudden power failure while the vehicle, then car DVR with automatic protection features, delay shutdown, ensure that the hard disk data will not be lost.

Dustproof,waterproof and heat dissipation

From the parameters measured DVR / NVR can see the shell is fully enclosed, fanless design, all interfaces are very good sealing joints, can better prevent water and dust from entering the chassis, avoiding the risks affecting the stable operation of the DVR.

General Car DVR is fitted in the vehicle of the head, and therefore its thermal performance is not good, it would reduce the product life, although the parameters measured DVR / NVR are fanless design, but they are achieved through their own body heat. Equipment aluminum shell covered metal heat sink drain, ensuring equipment has good heat dissipation within the device environment. During the test, the device running for some time, no burning sensation hands touch the cabinet only lukewarm.

Wireless transmission

Car DVR / NVR video information in a timely manner needs to be sent back to the control center, the control center can easily keep abreast of the situation on board and centralized management. Parameters measured Car DVR / NVR has adopted 3G, 4G, WIFI and dual 3G wireless transmission scheme, the test can be seen from the monitoring platform wireless clear and smooth images returned without delay sense, no mosaic phenomenon.

For satellite positioning function parameters measured Car DVR / NVR supports high-precision GPS or Big Dipper positioning, mobile vehicle satellite positioning, remote control, and can achieve positioning information display, coding overlay and video recording.

Dealers state record

Parameters measured Car DVR / NVR has a three-position XYZ gravity sensor, which can detect the state of the process of running a motor vehicle, including Jicha, rollover, a sharp turn, impact, etc., as well as recording the vehicle running speed, steering, brakes , parking, open doors, etc., to achieve full vehicle management and supervision. When the vehicle has a case that will send information to the control center, play a role in pre-alarm.

Network Performance

Parameters measured Car DVR / NVR can achieve wireless video network transmission bandwidth adaptive dual-stream encoding (with bandwidth of movements, change video frame rate and code flow), support for HTTP, remote monitoring, video downloads, e-capture, remote alarm, when the school network, network settings, remote upgrade and maintenance functions.

Intelligent Video Analysis

Is the direction of the development of intelligent video surveillance, the traditional video surveillance with video evidence after the inquiry-based, intelligent recognition is through the analysis of machine vision technology for behavior recognition. Car DVR intelligent recognition parameters measured include license plate recognition, illegal aliens, illegal lane and so on, can be customized according to user requirements.

Car Surveillance Camera

On-board camera, whether it is analog or network, clarity has been greatly improved, the new generation of analog simulation 960H became the main vehicle monitoring, network cameras places 720P, supplemented 1080P or higher pixels. Combining Car DVR / NVR, audio and video can be achieved, the power supply using the same single cable, simplifying the simplicity of installation. Functions, mainly clarity, color aspects of upgrading, and has a wide dynamic, digital noise reduction, intelligent IR infrared fill light function, the relative commercial cameras, single function and practical.