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FAQ and Solutions of Richmor Mobile DVR

FAQ and Solutions of Richmor Mobile DVR

Richmor Jenny company 2014-09-15 14:57:59
For the cutomers solve the problems in time,here are for you~

FAQ and Solutions of Richmor Mobile DVR  

Q: What should do if the products problems can not solved by ourself.

A: Record the model and software versions number, report our engineers detailed
problem, more detailed will be more convenient for us to analysis and deal with. 

Q: Device cannot make a record successfully.
A: 1.Check the device if is opened. Check the device input power, Check the power
cable ,If it is right connection, if the ground wire is connect with the storage battery,
If the fuse of the power wire is no problem; and check if the red and yellow
line(device power supply) power supply is no problem, if there are only one line
supply power, the device can not be opened. 
2. Check if the monitor is powered-up, and if the monitor video is switch to AV and
corresponding channel status.
3. Check the connection state of the device video input wire and the monitor. 

Q: The device is restarting all the time.
A: 1.If the device voltage is enough or not, may it didn’t up the device starting
voltage caused restart.
2. HDD/SD Card problem caused device can not be start, take down the storage
device and starting up can judge it. 

Q: If the video input interface of the device and camera is different.
A:The DVR is using 4 needle type port, the camera is BNC port or Aviation, if it is
different, please use the X-over to connect, or connect according to the DVR Line
sequence definition 

Q: The device was opened, HDD was installed, but the device can not record
A: 1.Check the HDD/SD Card was formatted or not, the unformatted HH/SD Card
can not be used. Enter into the Main Menu – System Setup – Formatting the new
installed HDD/SD Card.
2. If the recording channel is closed, if set the timing recording, it can not recording
when it beyond the period of timing recording.
3. If the HDD is connect well, if the HDD/SD light is on. 

Q: Video files lost, or there is no video files at a certain period time.
A: 1. Analysis the lost video and ensure the lost time period.
2. Confirm if the DVR was opened at that time, such as crashed midway park,
loading and unloading ect. And the device didn’t set the delay recording 

Q: Can not control the Car PTZ, can not rotate to all direction.
A: If the agreement and Baud rate of the PTZ is setting right, if the address code is
corresponding, if the video channel is setting to max when control the PTZ. Like if is
control the first channel, then must set the first channel image to be max. 

GPS Relative questions:
Q: GPS Module exist but no GPS information.
A: 1. Check if the GPS Module exist.
2. Confirm if GPS antenna connect well, if the antenna disconnect, advise to put it
on the place that the signal is strong,attention that some of Car glass shielding film
can prevent GPS Signal.
3. If it was test indoor, GPS Signal can be shielded if the GPS antenna put indoor,
advice to put the GPS Antenna outdoor.
4. Be covered with trees, in tunnel, run near the high buildings and elevated
highway, weather and surroundings influence, these may caused no signal or
received the wrong signal. 

Q: There is bias of the GPS position on the map.
A: The signal is effective if the GPS module has been positioning, there are so
many reasons caused bias, government restriction, permissible error, GPS signal
break off, The actual satellite map error occurred for the security, GPS Correction
can solve the problem. 

3G Relative questions:
Q: If dial by 3G wireless module, what should pay attention to?
A: 1. Choose inside wireless module WCDMA,EVDO,TD-SCDMA, relative module
setting is different then SIM Card is different, please make sure the module is
corresponding with the SIM Card.
2. If the server IP and Port setting is right, if the signal intensity is enough to dial or
not, if 3G dial successfully.
3. Please check the 3G antenna connect well if dial failed, signal intensity is weak
also caused dial failed.
4. Check if there are enough flow in SIM Card, if no, dial either failed. 

Q: What should do if the 3G upload video.
A: Press F2 enter into the system information page and check if the SIM Card exist,
how’s the signal intensity and dial status, if the antenna connect well. And check if
the SIM Card have flow, if there is good signal but dialed failed,please check if the
center number and port is right, or the device number is repeated. 

Q: 3G Signal intermittent,video is easy frozen.
A: At present, signal coverage of the WCDMA and EVDO is very wide, but still
there are some mountain area signal is weak, this will influence. Then check if the
frame rate in Sub-stream setting is too high. 

Q: WIFI signal intensity beyond 60/100,but connect failed.
A: General condition, connection is no problem when the signal intensity up to
60/100 if WIFI setup are right. If the device can not be found in LAN, then you should
check if setting the SSID and password, IP Address, besides, check the Encryption
Type and authentication mode are setting according to the requires. 

CMS relative questions:
Q: Device was opened, but CMS Client can not see the vehicles and video.
A: Confirm the center registered server was opened and online, then check if
device number repeated; check the server center IP and port setting right; check if
the device is report the informations to center by built-in 3G module or WIFI, if
choose check built-in 3G,please check choosed type of 3G module is right or not, like
WCDMA and EVDO need support by relative SIM Card, check if the antenna connect
well, if data access point, center number is right or not, if it doesn’t work either,
please report the detailed data to engineer to analysis. 

Q: Device was online, but can not see the video.
A: Please set the low sub-stream convey the image, when the sub-stream rate is
too high, it will caused backed up or conveying speed changes slow due to network
limitation; network signal is `not good or network signal is intermittent will effect
the video transmission seriously. 

Q: Device works well in the Client, but cannot see the video a period time later.
A: Check if the device shows it was dialing, if yes, it may there is no enough flow in
the SIM Card, exchange the SIM Card to test; then check if revised the device
number, the device revised number need to add vehicle informations again; if it is
not work by exchange the SIM Card,then need to check if there is a problem with
device 3G module. 

Other questions:
Q: Video Lost in certain channel?
A: Possible reasons are as follows
1. This channel has no video input
2.The camera of this channel breaks down or work abnormality
3.If the camera takes an electricity power from the equipments directly, may be the
equipment’s electric voltage isn't enough to make camera work as usual;
d) The cable that links this channel has problem 

Q: Can’t playback files on PC successfully?
A: Possible reason is as follows:
1.Have never chosen a record file or document path; please choose the path that
records file first before playback.
2.Local record files was damaged; 

Q: Remote control not works?
A: Probably of the reasons are as follows:
1.The remote control didn't pack battery;
2.2.The remote control damages;
3.Device damages. 

Q: During playback, the map doesn't show?
A: Possible reasons are as follows;
1.Net cable did not connect to PC;
2.Net works, but the computer can not get to the Internet; 

Q: When SD card and HDD records, How is the record coverage?
A: SD card and HDD will record circularly for each other. When they are full, they
will delete the original video records respectively.