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Warning Will Be Sent Out If School Bus Out Of Limited Line

Warning Will Be Sent Out If School Bus Out Of Limited Line

2014-09-11 14:51:24

With the arrival of the new semester, the school bus Security Once again become the focus of public concern, not long ago, Chengdu retrograde transcend a sport utility vehicle at the school bus stop, Chengdu received the new semester are not required to give way to the school bus the first ticket.

The school bus District Neijiang City built the first school bus 3G Mobile DVR  GPS Security Monitoring Center platform.

    In the area of ​​Neijiang City, at present, the school bus 3G Car GPS Security monitoring center platform has been in Neijiang (Microblogging)First built. The platform can occur in school bus speeding, did not issue a warning when you press the established lines running, etc., while also providing the vehicle is not sufficient evidence to give way for the community to the school bus.

    [First built]31School buses to install 3G Car GPS Monitoring equipment

    Chen weigui and Ruan Daogui are Neijiang bead Road Star trench kindergarten two prestigious car driver, during the school day, they 7Points over the car to go out, take children to school. The person in charge of Zhang Yan introduced kindergarten, kindergarten, there148Kids need school bus every day. "Every morning, each school buses need to run3All times in order to send their children to nursery schools to. "

    From Sep. 2th, stars and more kindergarten school bus 3AWebcam, Were installed in the door above the cab, front. Zhang Yan said it was installed in school buses 3G Car safety monitoring equipment, installed, parents and teachers with school bus safety is more assured, this initiative has also been recognized by parents.

Reporters from Neijiang City traffic police detachment directly under a brigade was informed, to strengthen school bus dynamic monitoring to protect schools and kindergarten studentsTransportationSafety, Central City31Standard vehicles dedicated school bus (including through the open area5Units) completed theGPSEquipment installation work, the current school bus dynamic monitoring platform has been fully up and running, marking the area in Neijiang City, the first to achieve the school bus network monitoring.


Provide sufficient evidence for the social vehicle does not avoid school bus

Staff are on the school bus monitor

    31Vehicles school bus camera recorded images in Neijiang City traffic police detachment directly under a brigade3GCarGPSSecurity monitoring center platform has been focused presentation,9Month5Morning8Point too, Huaxi City Reading reporter saw several staff members are monitoring the situation on the school bus school bus dynamic monitoring platform.

    It is directly under a deputy brigade commander Guo Xiaochuan introduced after monitoring equipment installed by the platform, real-time observation of the situation inside the vehicle, the driver or without speeding, phone calls and other illegal driving behavior. In addition, the camera mounted on the front of the location can be monitored outside the school busEnvironmentAnd circumstances.

    "In the past social vehicle does not give way to the school bus, or the driver in violation of" school bus safety regulations "behavior, the existence of sufficient evidence." Guo Xiaochuan said that now by school bus dynamic monitoring platform can be readily drawn school bus inspection, video information can be savedForty fiveDays, driving records can save Years.

    [Platform] to eliminate school bus speeding warning just change lane line

    "8Month18To10Day, the group were within the jurisdiction of Langkawi town, Chaoyang Town six non-qualified nursery school park owner and school bus drivers launched a warning Education. "A brigade assigned by director Wang Wanfu Road said that in order to ensure that school bus 3G Mobile DVRs For Vehicle Monitoring Equipment Smooth installation, each squadron joint township, "said assigned" to the area of ​​all schools and kindergartens were propaganda, actively implement the requirements of each park owner City District Government documents, not installed 3G All school bus-car safety monitoring equipment will be allowed to pick children.

    It is worth mentioning that, already in use school bus safety monitoring center platform can be monitored in real-time school bus driving speed, speeding can be issued a warning once. In addition, the school bus did not follow the established line driving in an unreasonable time, the platform will be issued a warning.

    Reporters learned that the next step, Central City Board of Education as well as the nursery will also be building the platform, achieve multiple regulators school bus.