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How the crash-prone airport security

How the crash-prone airport security

Security Knowledge Network 2014-07-29 19:41:14

How the crash-prone airport security

2014-07-25 10:16:38 Source: Security Knowledge Network

Users have said not to fly on March 8, lost to Malaysia Airlines MH370, 239 people were killed; July 17, Malaysia Airlines MH17 was shot down, 298 people were killed; July 23, Taiwan's TransAsia Airways GE222 landing failure, 47 people were killed ; July 24, Algeria AH5017 lost contact ... 2014 can be said that the history of aviation worst year.

@ Half past six D Sunshine: Recent aircraft swollen?

@ Pork soup 520: how the death of so many people this year, how long before a missing 3 aircraft crashed?!?!!!

@ Corn grain and corn head: crash than ordinary buses also lights the fire, do not know what is the safest means of transport, and hey!

Three sheep home user 3805875558 @ Miss: Recently who would dare take an airplane crashed plane ah!

@ Na Travel: Open daily microblogging not want to see bad news. Blessing. Relevant departments to strengthen management and control it. Only one life.

Only one life, coupled with recent events bus, train incidents, our public safety issues have become increasingly protruding, what is to save our public safety, security and ability to take on this responsibility it? Answer is yes, Since the birth of the security is in order to maintain security, eliminate hidden dangers.

Airport Security Situation

Many users expressed afraid to fly, scared is there, but we can not because of fear they try to escape, the problem is still the problem is not resolved, the following small as we share the status quo under the airport's security, we take a look at the airport there What security means:

A major force: HD Monitor

Medium-sized aviation hub airports like a separate city, regional big, big airfield, terminal large passenger and cargo traffic, landing large aircraft. Throughout the airport security system, video surveillance system is particularly important, with a front-end multi-point distribution and wide common characteristics.

Airport security issue has been paying close attention to the relevant departments. To this end, in all airports have taken a variety of performance characteristics of different surveillance cameras, video monitoring and management to achieve effective for each regional airports, while the introduction of intelligent image recognition analysis techniques in the system, can be a special area of ​​the airport, a special crowd, special events to achieve recognition of early warning function, strengthen the comprehensive management of the airport's efforts to protect the safety of life and property.

Video surveillance as an important part of airport security from the application point of view on the skills presented two trends, namely HD and intelligent. HD technology is the foundation of intelligent, intelligent and can mobilize high-definition growth.

On the runway with the most rigorous and many other high-tech means and facilities to protect the operation of the aircraft, each system in the airport security systems are very seriously. In addition to the aircraft itself, the security system to meet the plane landed on the ground went on a lot of security systems. Here we take a look at these airports went to the security system.

In fact, airport security is pretty tight use a lot of high-tech means and facilities to protect the operation of the aircraft, each system in the airport security systems are very seriously. In addition to the aircraft itself, the security system to meet the plane landed on the ground went on a lot of security systems. Here we take a look at these airports went to the security system.

First of all, we are talking about under the apron monitoring aircraft movements tracked. For apron monitoring airside area or building roof Aviation Administration Aircraft tracking cameras installed in the terminal, which is to adopt high-definition video camera, through the fog, night vision, long-range day and night surveillance camera integration, not only effective monitoring of aircraft by operation bridge and back of the bridge, and can monitor the aircraft entered the runway area, aircraft landing status, and work process ground staff, traveling state airports inside the vehicle, to avoid airport interior of the vehicle and aircraft "grab Road "situation, due to human factors safety hazard airport.

Secondly, the linkage photoelectric tracking and monitoring aircraft movements. Monitoring equipment using far infrared camera systems, laser-assisted lighting systems, remote HD camera system (including HD autofocus telephoto lens), high precision PTZ airtight nitrogen shield integrated system, camera pan and tilt angles in seconds using gyro stabilization technology, the access to the airport air traffic control radar signals and radar to achieve linkage, the use of radar and camera technology remote locking and night surveillance technology for tracking aircraft to monitor access to Hong Kong.

Third, mysterious and critical airport runway monitoring. Regional Airport runway for takeoff or landing is, material use more asphalt or concrete when there screws, pieces of scrap, steel flower glass strength hard objects on the runway, as the aircraft landing on the runway taxiing process is fast, easy resulting in aircraft tires punctured, causing the aircraft overran the runway, flaps and other airports friction fire accident.

Infrared thermal imaging cameras can be monitored on the runway side of the distribution arrangement, covering the entire field of view of the distribution of suspicious runway, after the formation of a runway Taiwan camera image stitching full view of the runway clean and tidy no foreign state intercept a background image, store In the video analysis and processing databases, surveillance cameras have taken to this screen, real-time video images and image intelligence analysis, when FOD appeared on the runway, the system will automatically recognize warning, while showing the location of the area of ​​the runway FOD full figure.

2 force: Face

Face recognition technology is based on the person's facial features information of a biometric identification technology, primarily to capture images or video streams containing human face with a video camera or webcam, and automatically detecting and tracking human faces in the image, and then to detect human faces face a series of related technologies, including facial image capture, face location, face recognition pre-processing, memory, storage, and compared to identify, achieve the purpose of identifying the identity of different people. The industry believes that the face recognition technology is a mature biometric technologies have been used in many industries. For Malaysia Airlines incident, face recognition technology in the passenger authentication source can take precautions to improve the security level of the airport.

Face recognition technology company in the country, the unity of the authentication scheme Shenzhen witnesses FIRS technology has been applied in the domestic part of the airport. FIRS based technology to provide a "second-generation card reader camera," the witness unity automatic verification system for auxiliary manual inspection of its work. In normal passenger security work, trapeze-one automatic verification system also permits synchronization when suspicious witnesses inconsistent information, the system automatically prompts screeners strengthen human verification. Significantly reducing the pressure screeners checking documents, accurately and effectively prompted dozens of documents trying to hold others boarding events. Airports are also very active promotion of the system to cover all the checkpoint, and gradually extended to the entire aviation system widely used.