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How to avoid the interference of wireless video transmission

How to avoid the interference of wireless video transmission

2014-07-22 15:32:15

With the development of wireless communication technology, and constantly improve the transmission bandwidth, real-time information processing capability of rapid communication terminal enhanced wireless multimedia applications increasingly become the focus of attention in the industry, but also become an inevitable demand. Its One of the main applications are convenient, flexible wireless real-time video surveillance systems, such as wireless home security, car monitoring. Based on a variety of wireless transmission means mobile video surveillance with its unique flexibility of video surveillance has become a new Development.
Advantages of wireless video surveillance
An integrated, low cost, more stable performance. Just One-time investment, no trenching pipe, especially for outdoor distance and has renovated occasions; In many cases, users often due to the geographical environment and job content restrictions, such as mountains, harbors and open land, etc. Special geographical environment, cable networks, cable transmission cabling works great inconvenience, wired construction cycle is very long, or even impossible to achieve. At this time, the use of wireless monitoring can get rid of the shackles of cable, there Installation period is short, easy to maintain, strong expansion capability to quickly recover the cost advantage.
2, flexible networking, scalability, plug and play. Managers can quickly add new wireless monitoring points to an existing network, no need for new transmission network rollout, additional equipment, remote wireless monitoring easily.
3, low maintenance costs. Wireless monitoring and maintenance is maintained by the network provider, the front-end equipment is plug and play, maintenance-free system.
4, the wireless monitoring system is a combination of monitoring and wireless transmission technology, which can be on-site real-time transmission of information in different locations to wireless monitoring center through wireless means of communication, and automatically form a video database to facilitate future retrieval.
5, the wireless monitoring system, wireless video monitoring center to be monitored in real time to get the point, and the video information is continuous, clear. In wireless monitoring point, usually use the camera to capture real-time scene, the camera is connected via wireless video transmission equipment, and through the radio waves to transmit data signals to the monitoring center.
The rapid development of network technology and wireless technology to promote a variety of network technology, network products have emerged, wireless technology is increasingly being accepted by all walks of life. Wireless transmission of this technology has experienced a short period of time to get in today's rapid development, so that the future of technology wireless city becomes infinite possibilities.
On circumvent the problem of wireless monitoring
Now when it comes to wireless monitoring, so that we may most easily to mind another word is: interference. Admittedly wireless monitoring has brought us convenience has become increasingly apparent, but also deepened the fear of interference, and thus, "wireless monitoring" and "interference" so innocently tied together.
Whenever we monitor the signal that there is no clear question, we will take into account the possible interference is not a problem. Yes, in today's "wireless" era, in order to completely get rid of the interference really is not an easy thing, are more or less outside interference affects our wireless transmission. So how do we avoid the interference it?
Similar equipment interference
Avoid similar peripheral devices, or devices with signal interference effect. This interference signal source is probably our normal sources within the system, may be due to the same or similar frequency, causing the receiver to receive signals or Receive the same signal to the receiving terminal illegible. For this case, we can adjust the frequency of the radio device, select a clean channel, or changing the transmitter or the receiver of the wireless device location, pulled open The distance between devices.
Building interference
    Building for the transmission of wireless signals with no small debilitating effect. When any object through the radio signal, its electrical A pilot signal refraction occurs, the occurrence of a transport direction to change, and will cause reflections and signal attenuation. If you encounter a metal object in the dissemination of the case, will also increase the attenuation of the signal. Therefore, in the selection Optional wireless devices when mounting position, try to be in the middle unobstructed, intermediate visual transmitter to the receiver, thus avoiding the attenuation of the microwave signal, the monitoring center can receive a wireless signal high strength, thereby improving monitoring Effect.
    What equipment does not have wireless interference, like Mobile, China Unicom signal tower, walkie-talkies, cordless phones, etc. These wireless microwave equipment is no effect on the. In case there are sources of interference, we can adjust the frequency of the device, or choose the installation location farther away from the source of interference, so that greatly reduces interference for wireless microwave equipment.