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Vehicle monitoring guardian way home

Vehicle monitoring guardian way home

2014-07-11 17:09:48

July 10 at 5 pm, Yuhu District Xiangtan City, Hunan Jinqiao Cun ring Tangxiang Lele Wang nursery car park belongs in sending children on their way home, when dry Yuelu District village way junction of Xiangtan City, plunged into reservoir. Car three adults and eight children were killed. Although the majority of schools, kindergartens, summer holidays are also heard this is a sad news, indeed painful, remind us once again concerned about school bus safety issues.

In fact, the topic of school bus safety has been hot, shocked the nation from 2011 school bus accident in Gansu to 2012 school bus safety introduction of the new national standard, the community's concern about school bus safety has been increasing. An vehicle safety affects every child and parent's heart, is also an issue of concern to the whole society.

2012 State Council, "school bus safety regulations" and two new national standard school bus promulgated to allow the issue of school bus safety has been greatly improved over the nursery school have dedicated school bus drop In fact, exams and therefore the school bus market. Bus Branch of China Highway and Transportation Society statistics show that last year, China sold more than 27,000 school bus. On this basis, the Deputy Secretary-General of the club 佘振清 end optimistically predicts School bus sales in China this year is expected to reach 38,000, an increase of 40% over last year. However, in the first quarter of this year, more than 5 meters of a school bus sales fell 10 percent over last year. The reason for this is mainly related to subsidies, Waiver policy has not yet been out.

School bus safety regulations

According to the latest national standard, a dedicated school bus shall be equipped with tubeless radial tires, to see R flag is detected. All special school buses and other bus engine rear engine compartment shall be equipped with automatic Fire extinguishing equipment, school buses must be equipped with first aid kits. In addition, all the wheels are not allowed to use the school bus retreaded tires, the same tire size and tread the shaft should be the same. In addition to retrofit or repair of motor vehicles are not allowed on the vehicle identification Code, engine model and serial number and other destructive operations. If you need immediate rectification vehicle inspection failed to reach the standard of the vehicle must be scrapped immediately scrapped, there are security risks of the site must immediately rectification or replacement of equipment.

"School bus window glass may not post mirror reflective shade film, there is a school bus may not post any mirror with opaque and colored paper or reflective material insulation paper." According to experts, the former general vehicle windscreens Glass and glass windscreens visible outside the viewing area for the driver should be part of the transmission ratio greater than or equal to 70%, "but the more stringent standard school bus, school bus window glass all visible light transmittance ratio should be greater than or equal to 50%. Windows The inspection can not be pasted in addition, to pay high insurance and other statutory sign anything other than not block the driver's view, otherwise as unqualified. "

School bus safety vehicle monitoring essential

In 2012 school bus safety caused widespread concern, while car manufacturers have launched a dedicated school bus. Designed according to the new national safety standards, the installation of a more comprehensive configuration mirrors and cameras, while also added a Engine automatic fire extinguishing devices. The car is equipped with remote monitoring system is also important one. The system can monitor the location and number of people up and down the students are correct and meet the requirements, and can monitor whether the driver and accompanying staff Duty, and have the privilege of relevant management personnel, but also through the Internet on your computer or mobile phone related to real-time vehicle monitoring and dispatching.

RMON literally can be divided into "prison" and "control" in two parts, where "prison" refers mainly to obtain information through the network: The "control" refers to the method of operation of a remote computer over a network, remote Restart the computer, shut down other operations, but also to work on a remote computer everyday settings.

Car Upload video surveillance is designed for the design of the new car field of security video surveillance equipment. It uses an embedded processor and embedded operating system that combines the latest in IT field H.264 audio and video compression / decompression technology Surgery, GPS global positioning technology, 3G wireless technology, USB communication technology, advanced vehicle power management technology, GIS geographic information technology for various models for 24-hour surveillance. Products can be sound Video Sync Video, GPS, wireless audio and video transmission, and set aside a variety of interfaces on the host, with car display, IC card-board machine, signal priority control systems, traffic statistics, such as on-board equipment connected to the system Next, take full account of the needs of the user's extension. Product appearance of small compact, low power consumption, no noise, flexible installation, the system is stable, and can be widely used in buses, long-distance passenger transport, tourist buses, freight logistics, police enforcement French vehicles, trains, subways, ships, aircraft and other mobile transport.


    School bus safety led by the Department of the whole society's heart, do the work of school bus safety precautions must be kept in mind in mind. Vehicle monitoring provides a strong guarantee for the school bus safety, but also for society as a whole car safety seat belt. In addition, vehicle monitoring system isIntelligent TransportationBranch system, occupies an extremely important position in this huge system of intelligent transportation systems. "Twelve Five" period, the state has adopted the development of intelligent transportation plan, driven by the rapid development of intelligent transportation, vehicle monitoring will have greater application and enhancement