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There is a security monitoring DIY innovation called micro-video application

There is a security monitoring DIY innovation called micro-video application

2014-07-02 17:02:05

Micro-video application is the development of cross-border security magnificent transformation, opening up a new era, that the security of the civilian era, which is a typical feature of security-based communication, sharing, caring will be integrated into everyone's life.

Budding civil security market is the inevitable result of social and economic development, people's security needs from rising. Rapid integration of security technology and Internet technology, networking technology, cloud computing technology, will drive the rapid rise of the civil security market.

From the industry to civilian

In recent years, the security industry was sustained and rapid development, largely because of security video surveillance needs highly correlated with levels of economic growth, therefore, as the most dynamic Chinese market, becoming one of the fastest areas of growth in the global security market expected over the next few years will maintain an average annual growth rate of 20%.

Achieve sustained rapid growth, mainly due to two aspects: one is security video surveillance is moving from the traditional security fields to the further development of new areas of business management, we call security into IVM (Intelligent visualization) Era, that meet the dual needs of security and business management, which lead to further growth Chiang space; Second, the security industry application market from the rapid spread to the civilian market, thus boosting the security industry to achieve a qualitative leap in the second, that in accordance with Trust in the mobile Internet small and micro enterprises and home users micro-video application (BtoC), will explode and become mainstream surveillance applications.

The value of the security of the civilian

Civilian security, in the context of the wisdom of life, based on security-based micro-video applications, is an important part of the wisdom of life is an important extension and supplement industry applications.

Civil security, based on families and small and micro enterprises as a target, ordinary people through micro-video application platform products and services, independent living to enjoy the quality of micro, specifically, "the user can care for your family anytime, anywhere via a convenient way , care of home security; business owners can always take care shops, be safe, business is correct.

In the civilian security services, as the video surveillance security functions in the armed state, if illegal intrusion, intrusion message will be pushed to the phone the first time, and alarm response measures can be taken promptly. We can Imagine boldly, home to install network cameras, video 7 through mobile landing platform for remote care, you can always see the children at home situations: whether serious homework? Whether eating unclean things? Whether Play hazardous materials?

Whether the danger zone balcony, windows, etc.? For lack of self-protection awareness of young children, they should set the alarm in the danger zone, for example, in the area of ​​the balcony, windows, etc. Mounting the camera and set to arm state, when children enter the area, parents will receive a warning video on the phone, the voice of the child timely reminder, or emergency help others. This "remote care" can regulate child Behavior in the home, greatly reducing the risk index for children home alone. Both timely reminder of the children away from danger, they can be found in the home did not notice the usual security risks. Of course, there are all kinds of adorable child states can To capture, enjoy sharing. There, you can understand the situation at home anywhere in the elderly, care for the elderly, bit by bit.

Traditional enterprise security efforts

Constantly improve the user experience will be the platform for civilian products and services should focus on the development of the center, which is the traditional security companies need to focus on breakthroughs in place. Relatively good news is that many traditional security companies, have joined in the development and design of products for civilian use in the facilitation of 'DIY' concept, reducing the threshold of technology users, make the product more convenient to use, reduce dependence on professional installation plus Key issues on convenient platform service, privacy protection, allows users to buy rest assured that with ease. In addition, the platform will continue to enrich the service capabilities and launched a personalized application services, such as addition to viewing video and human Activity detection function, cloud voice intercom, video news messages, cloud video storage, business services and other senior aides, the user will also bring more practical applications and a better experience.