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Expert Viewpoint: security industry into the era of Blue Ocean

Expert Viewpoint: security industry into the era of Blue Ocean

2014-06-26 19:58:12

"Currently, the market is growing trend of product homogeneity, the competition has been toward more in-depth and professional direction, relying on a small number of several products to conquer the world has passed, which requires security vendors must have a more comprehensive system of product distribution, can respond to the complex needs of a variety of different vendors. "
"In addition, the entire industry is currently growing networking needs strong domestic major provider of security systems more focus on building their own system of systems integration and networking of intelligent networking capabilities, while the intensified development of industry specialization, no company can take - All industries, which requires different vendors need to become more familiar with their own areas of intensive vertical to play to their strengths. "
In-depth analysis elaborated Xiao Gang, president of the security industry, "Blue Ocean era", the core is mainly the following two points.
First, the so-called professional development. This specialization is not only refers to specialized products and technology, but also in-depth understanding of a vertical field. To Blue Star, for example, in product layout, Blue Star broke the previous single product to conquer the world, or the simple pursuit of "sophisticated" product development trend, and users pay more attention to global demand, forming a low front end with high school with the IPC products; backend has future-oriented definition of intelligent NVR products, and to fully develop the potential of existing markets DVR products product layout. This both reality and the future of the "blue layout" makes the Blue Star in the product side of the system has the advantage. On the other hand, Blue Star in the development process more and more focus on their own professional and financial areas Plough. Blue Star is currently in the financial end more than 80% market share in the financial system has had unparalleled experience in this specialized capability will undoubtedly irreplaceable for the Blue Star has won the industry's trade advantage in the financial sector .
The second is called networking and system integration capabilities. Networking has become the industry development trend, any enterprise security systems are no longer simply a node, but break through the information island-style multi-point networking system. In the financial sector, for example, now, the bank security system in the building, not only requires the head office and local branches to form an integrated networking system also requires its own security systems and other management systems (such as public security alarm system, internal office management system even banks queuing systems, etc.) networking, forming the so-called big networking. The networked systems to ensure efficient integration and management capabilities, security system provider needs to have a unified security management platform. This platform has excellent openness and system integration capabilities, compatible with a variety of different products, even to achieve interoperability with other platforms.
In a sense, the security industry to "dark age" of Chinese security vendors has become more demanding and more specific requirements. The so-called professional people doing professional things, increasingly meticulous division of labor in society today, the development of any industry are actually tied up the development of specialized and systematic. However, the development of China's security industry is bound to follow such a law only. The actual development of the industry on the current situation, even though there were many vendors active in the development of networking and systems integration capabilities, but the truly perfect networking, system integration capabilities of manufacturers are still the minority. In the industry, only Blue Star, and a few other manufacturers LONDON force has been recognized as the industry's success stories. Among them, the Blue Star for the bank to complete the implementation of the Beijing "video alarm network systems" is the industry's most concerned about a success story. In this case, the Blue Star relying on its own BlueStar Center video surveillance management platform, not only to achieve a national video network monitoring Bank of Beijing, but rely on their professional knowledge of the Bank, the Bank of Beijing to customize many personalized applications. Because of this, the case has won the "2013 Quality Security Project Award", and has been widespread concern in the industry. In this regard, in particular, said Xiao Gang:
"Success Stories of Bank of Beijing, from one side dark blue interstellar implementation strategy is in line with the development of the industry. Believe that as more businesses by strengthening the professional capacity building and networking systems, there will be more Chinese companies will step security Blue Ocean into the era of China's security industry will also create a more powerful global competitiveness! "