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Choose a dedicated monitor storage to reduce the risk of recessive

Choose a dedicated monitor storage to reduce the risk of recessive

2014-06-24 12:45:04

With the popularization and application security monitoring for monitoring began more people are concerned about is the high-definition camera and intelligence, and gradually the monitoring of storage is also an issue of concern to everyone. Security monitoring surveillance storage is an important part of it can be said data storage is the core of the monitoring system. Dating in large storage systems account for more than 30% of the overall construction costs, and in some high-definition network projects and even the proportion accounted for 40% or even more than half. Thus, the importance of monitoring the store.
Should the province storage costs?
  Although with the requirements of storage products, intelligent video surveillance, high-definition technology is constantly changing, but for its reliability has been a constant. Therefore, security monitoring store, choose a dedicated hard disk inevitable requirement. But in reality, some of the engineering and construction side integrators often because of cost considerations, choose an ordinary hard disk storage drives as security monitoring. So, these should not be the province of the money in the end it? Our dedicated ordinary hard disk drives and do a comparison.
Commonly used in video surveillance hard drive, we can single out three kinds of the most common hard disk, that ordinary PC hard drives, enterprise-class storage hard drive, and a dedicated video surveillance storage drives. Familiar friends may monitor computer hard drives are clear, common market and now we work hard PC design time are basically in accordance with our weekly working hours to design, namely 5X8 working hours. The demand for this kind of work restrictions for video surveillance, it is obviously not a small burden. Therefore, if we use this home monitoring programs to be stored, then the consumption of the computer aside, the burden is on the hard disk has been very difficult to make the system work.
   Well, since we used the PC hard disk is difficult to meet our needs, it is not the strength of a larger enterprise-class hard drives will be able to meet the needs of our monitoring it? Answer is still no.
   It is understood that although the enterprise-class hard drive a more robust resistance to fatigue at work, but due to differences in work on the kind of hard drive it is difficult to meet the needs of video surveillance around the clock. For dedicated video surveillance hard, it will not only need to focus on the performance of the close degree rendered smooth video, and data stored on the degree, while ensuring even improve the image quality of the video camera and the time, need to have a more distinct focus. For enterprise-class hard drives generally speaking, it is now more of a focus on large-capacity information for a hold, and has the ability to seek faster, but compared to a dedicated video recorder for video surveillance storage and protection aspects, apparently Or there is a clear disagreement.
Therefore, do not ask, or working hours is not long for the monitoring requirements, we can use the other to replace the hard disk storage devices. But for higher video quality requirements, or working time required strong continuity applications. Dedicated monitoring the hard drive is still our choice.
Monitoring special emphasis DVR
    Perhaps you want to ask a professional storage device in the end what the focus of control, making it the best choice? First of all we want to say is the hard life. For working around the clock monitoring system, the loss of the equipment is the biggest challenge for DVR. Thus, unlike the moment when the hard drive itself open to the impact of monitoring the state of the hard work will be a lot slower, and this is an essential protection for the hard disk itself. In addition, the hard drive is to highlight the kind of stability on literacy and on the cooling capacity. In order to ensure that the hard drive is not working under continuous monitoring burned, monitor hard disk volume control his heat in a very low level. So you can make the hard to get to the next job more moderate in their work environment, to avoid additional damage to the hard disk.
The reason special monitoring storage utilization is not high
   First proposed video surveillance private storage in the market, also known as direct-write memory (also recently started calling NVR). The so-called direct write, digital coding device is a front-end digital video data is written directly after the IP-SAN devices. Using direct writing technology can do to keep the existing system architecture major changes, and can effectively reduce the number of devices, reducing overall system difficult to manage, maintain strength, and energy consumption.
Although the monitoring system, using special monitoring is required is the best choice, however, there is no reason for using a dedicated storage in addition to considering the cost factor, but also there are others. In-depth inquiry found the following main points:
(1) does not resolve the problem of disk fragmentation
   Direct writing method using the apparatus are generally simple storage function of transplanted original platform module stored in the read mode and the possible strategies for effective optimization. So disk fragmentation issues that exist in traditional systems, will still exist in the direct-write storage device.
(2) equipment decreased stability
   This write-way server tantamount ten hard way, will increase the burden on the storage device. Would often lead to storage devices such as RAID group crash problem. More deadly, when RAID restructuring, once there are video data is written. Will result in the complete collapse of the server architecture storage devices.
When the system finds data, the overall performance of the device is a more substantial decline.
(3) increasing rather than reducing system cost
   Also because of its front end from the function module to monitor the storage platforms, platform dependent its very serious. The monitoring platform and the lack of uniform standards, resulting in the use of write-once storage devices, which are required to support a set of equipment purchases. At the same time due to the decrease storage stability, but also led to significantly improved post-maintenance costs.
Dedicated storage to reduce the risk of recessive
    Authoritative research agency data show that more than 70% of customers do not know the importance of choosing the hard drive, do not know to choose the right hard disk can be reduced by more than 20% of data loss; greater than 40% of the monitoring system integrators or contractors encountered loss of hard disk failure or file corruption caused by far more than expected.
    Once the hard drive will be very troublesome problem for the construction side, it means that the service costs, but also means lower profits. Moreover, this will also affect customers' confidence in the project, collateral damage brand image construction side, we can say, the negative impact is difficult to measure. In addition, hard disk failure is not just a problem of maintenance, valuable data loss, this loss may be difficult to measure, imagine looking at the need to transfer some key surveillance video Shique not find the data, how it will produce serious consequences .
Monitoring dedicated hard drive would not be bad right? Of course not, but taking into account the need to monitor, dedicated hard drive has been done to optimize the design within the range of the best technology licensing, and its safety and reliability far more than an ordinary hard drive. In addition, the biggest feature is the requirement to monitor the hard drive with continuous transfer mode, which is the other common hard drives do not have the feature.

Summary:For security monitoring, the reliability and stability is the most important indicator, is not only the problem of data security, but also to builders and construction side in the long-term cost considerations. Who can say reliable, no (or less a) failure of the project is also an excellent asset!